TNA Executive Dismisses TMZ Report, Reiterates Spike TV Negotiations Ongoing

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TNA Wrestling executive Bob Ryder says reports stating that Spike TV has canceled Impact are not true. The following is from his verified Twitter account:

Reports are not true. Negotiations with @SpikeTV are ongoing.

You can read the Tweet in its original format embedded below:

TNA President Dixie Carter issued a similar comment but stopped short of calling TMZ's report that Spike TV had canceled Impact false by saying that negotiations with Spike TV are ongoing.

We have complete details on the Spike TV/TNA situation, with how much money TNA is currently making and dollar amounts in proposed new deals. We also have details on the stumbling block that resulted in the cancelation report. You can read that report in its entirety at this link.

  • Venom

    Hey Richard, there is a spelling mistake in the title. It says ungoing when it should he ongoing.

    • Struck the wrong key, it’s fixed. Never made it on social media with the wrong title.

      • Venom

        I thought maybe subconsciously you thought negotiations wern’t really going anywhere so you put ungoing.

  • Zack

    I’m sure they are technically ongoing until they’re time is up in October, but of course TNA would say that. It puts them in a poor negotiating position with other companies.

  • sam

    Of couse they would dismiss the claim. TNA wouldn’t want a full scale panic on their hands and havr workers looking to jump ship

  • jdl

    Until someone from TNA or Spike TV come right out and state that the show is no longer going to be aired on Spike TV, the show is not canceled. There has been no official word and any statements to the contrary are premature.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I actually agree with you; at this point, people are just going with a lot of hearsay. I don’t trust anyone from TNA to be honest (especially not Dixie Carter) but if Spike aren’t going to continue airing it, they will make an announcement of some kind. It could be we have to wait a few weeks to see what is going to happen.

      WWE are probably very happy about this distraction, since they are announcing their network subscription numbers in a few days