TNA Facing Major Problem With Slammiversary Main Event

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TNA could possibly have a major problem on their hands with MVP. As previously reported here on, he suffered a knee injury last Friday night while working in the United Kingdom. X-rays proved inconclusive and he was scheduled to undergo an MRI to fully evaluate the extent of the damage.

Other than some cryptic comments, MVP hasn't said much about the injury on social media. The initial prognosis doesn't seem good as he has been forced to make overseas bookings on crutches and noted that Chris Masters was pushing him around an airport in a wheelchair.

The next two weeks of Impact Wrestling, that features heavy promotion to MVP vs. Eric Young for the TNA Championship at Slammiversary, is already in the can. Obviously if MVP is unable to work, something will have to be inserted in post-production to address it.

TNA Slammiversary will take place Sunday, June 15, 2014 from College Park Center in Arlington, Texas.

For those that have asked, the MVP interview we posted on Thursday was taped before he suffered the knee injury.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Nah, this is TNA – they’ll continue to sell the show on that terrible main event until the show actually begins.

    • dean

      tna will do a lousy buy rate anyway. the nba finals game will be on tv and it will take away any interest in a tna ppv.

      • Bob’s Diner

        TNA will take interest away from the PPV.

        • jason witten 82

          lol that was good

    • dean

      tna should just cancel the ppv and save itself the embarrassment of a ppv buyrate below 20,000

    • John

      In what way is it a terrible main event? It’s better than Daniel Bryan vs. Kane that’s for sure.

      • Bob’s Diner

        WWE don’t have to put on a great main event anymore – they already have their fans subscribed to the network.

        I’m curious, John – are you actually entertained by MVP vs Dixie Carter?
        I mean that as a serious question.

        • John

          I’m not a fan of Dixie Carter. She is a good heel but she can’t act which makes it awkward. As for MVP, i think he has been excellent since he came to TNA. I wasn’t actually thrilled about the prospect of MVP being in TNA, but he has been great. His promos are miles ahead of anyone else on the roster.