TNA Final Resolution 2012 PPV Poster Revealed

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The websites and released TNA Turning Point 2012's pay-per-view poster several weeks ago, but they also released the TNA Final Resolution 2012 poster. In case you were wondering, that is why the sites are across the poster. The pay-per-view poster can be seen below:

  • Matthew

    Lame! TNA gives us an awesome poster for the upcoming ppv in November and then they give us this garbage?!

    • Ken

      It was probably designed by Jeff himself. I hear he's an artist.

  • jdl

    Seriously? I know Jeff Hardy is a "free spirit" and all that, but his face paint looks like it was done by a color blind twelve year old. If they're going to feature him on a poster like that, the least they could do is have a professional makeup artist do it for him.

  • MadHatterJimmy

    Looks horrible… Seems like a 3 year old has done it

  • Jesus my eyes.

    From a professional designer standpoint, this is one of the most painful things iv'e ever had the displeasure of viewing. There are more design flaws in here than there are people in the impact zone every week.

  • that_one_guy

    I like it its unique

  • Dc23

    It looks like a spoiler cuz it says redemption so it looks like Jeff is gonna lose the championship on championshipthursday or turning point but either way great poster

  • nemo

    its looks cool