TNA Follows Through With Storyline Plans, AJ Styles "Leaves" As Champion

TNA Wrestling followed through with the storyline plans we first reported on Premium on this week's episode of Impact. After beating Bully Ray in a rematch for the TNA title, AJ Styles turned down Dixie Carter's contract offer and "walked out as champion."

We ran the story prior to Bound for Glory (See also - Major Swerve In The Plans To End TNA Bound For Glory – Who It Involves & What The Company Wants You To Believe When The Show Has Ended), reporting the idea was to put Styles over Bully Ray at the pay-per-view and have him "leave" the company. It was described to me as an attempt to try and recreate what WWE did with CM Punk a couple of years ago.

The plan when we first uncovered it was for Styles to defend the TNA title outside of TNA. We heard Keiji Mutoh’s WRESTLE-1 promotion was interested in assisting but that TNA had also reached out to New Japan Pro Wrestling. It was clear then that TNA wanted the title to be defended in Japan.

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  • TCB

    Having the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to be defended in Japan is something I would love to see. Being a puroresu fan Mutoh’s promotion can benefit from it nicely if this is really going into motion. And hey NJPW can likely have a title defense happen…maybe at their Wrestle Kingdom event. It happened before in 2010 (although Hardy being champion then had to be carried by his challenger…)

  • thepowerserge

    Although I realize that a lot of things in pro wrestling have been done, I can’t help but wonder why the hell TNA couldn’t be more creative than this. This kind of crap is bush league at best.

    • Patrick

      TNA is being more creative then WWE.. CM Punk just left with the belt and returned two weeks later. Punk never defended the WWE Belt outside of WWE in another promotion……. because Vince would never allow that to happen.

      • Mysterion

        It’s still a stolen idea. It’s like plagiarising an entire novel to then go “but mines better because I wrote one line a bit differently than them”.

        • PFElton

          What about all the ideas WWE stole from TNA?

  • JXDubya

    Impact was great tonight, don’t like it here is a idea go watch the kiddie bore crap known as RAW/Smackdown or even worse ROHorrible.

    • Stephen

      Yup all 20 minutes of wrestling that happened last night….

  • Redertainment

    The license plate on the car AJ Styles drove off in read “110713”. 11/07/13 is a Thursday.

    • Razmos

      Yea and it has already been and gone, we are now in 10/13, unless you’re Marty McFly!!

      • GST

        What the hell are you talking about. 11/7 is in a few weeks. It might mean Styles might return, then.

        • Snap

          Depending on where you’re from or even your own preference, the date format can be day/month/year as opposed to month/day/year.

    • werf

      It actually says 11 9. It’s a Saturday.

      • Redertainment

        You’re right. My mistake.

  • Bhonest

    Probably the best idea they’ve done thus far…….If they go through with having the title defended in Japan, it can give it some legitimacy. I feel what’s lacking in major titles throughout the more known promotions like WWE, TNA and even ROH is that they never take their title outside of their company. Although TNA had help headline NJPW’s biggest show at one time, that hasn’t happened for a couple years and from what’s been said NJPW was against working with TNA anymore do to them not taking their product seriously. Because Hardy was about to fact jail time and the fact that TNA didn’t do much to help his addiction to whatever drugs he was on at the time, this also put a damper on their relationship but as time goes on even TNA can warrant some forgiveness. One of the few things I really liked I think it was in when Angle brought the IWGP title over to TNA 2007 and actually defended it. The situation gets a little complicated. Because NJPW stripped Lesnar of the belt the newly created Inoki Genome Federation recognized Lesnar as the true champion because of how the NJPW was treating him.

    Since the title was never held up after they stripped Lesnar and because he had the 3rd physical title, Inoki who helped make the IWGP title become established also was a launching pad to help build the IGF to what it is today. Although NJPW never recognized Angles reign, there were still recognized throughout the wrestling industry both here and over in Japan as two separate IWGP titles even though there were two different companies that had the physical titles.

    Eventually NJPW caved in a bit and had Angle actually defend the belt against some of their best but not before they held a tournament to help push their newest NJPW star Hiroshi Tanahashi to his first title in which they used the 2nd physical title since Inoki had the 3rd. Angle proved that he was more than worthy of being IWGP champion even though NJPW still doesn’t recognize him as being one and the fact that it was solely a Japanese base title. I was super excited to see a title I respected that’s been held by legends brought into TNA. At the same time Angle was TNA’s champion which is an accomplishment in itself.

    It wasn’t until a few years later that NJPW let outside talent come in and win their actual titles and even bring it over to the states like both the IWGP tag title and the IWGP Jr tag titles.

    Even though I’m all for bringing the TNA title again to one of the Japans biggest companies in NJPW and most likely defending it in some capacity, the company in general itself still needs alot of help from the all the bad publicity they gave themselves and the major debacles they’ve done over the course of this entire year alone. With the many setbacks do to not doing what’s right for the company and not someones ego. I don’t think AJ has ever had the opportunity to ever do this since he’s been with the company.

    TNA obviously has a major battle ahead and it’s only their fault for letting incompetence run amok in the company for so long. One of the first priorities is to gain alot of the fans they alienated because a bunch of idiotic politicians wanted to help their pockets get bigger while the company itself suffered.

    If Ditzy has any sense left, she’ll keep Hogan and his cronies away from TNA and worry about the talent that has been actually helping them become what they were suppose to be, a form of alternative.