TNA Wrestling Still Pursuing Big Name Free Agent, Update On Big Indy Name To WWE

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TNA Still Pursuing Big Free Agent

We're told despite budget cuts that Bruce Prichard still insists that TNA Wrestling pursue a "big name" free agent. With Matt Morgan departing the company earlier this week, we're told Prichard is expected to push once again for the company to go after MVP. MVP has been very candid about not negotiating with TNA but not ruling it out either. Prichard has pushed to bring him in and feels with they could use his talent. He would not be able to use the MVP name.

Update on Big Indy Name to WWE

We're told Samuray Del Sol still doesn't know what the hold up is in the pre-screening process of his WWE contract. We're told he's just as clueless as anyone else but there has been no update on his status.

  • Nostaljack

    MVP? He’s good but…huh?

    • Yeah, I don’t understand it. Cutting talent to save money yet looking to add talent that’s not exactly groundbreaking. No disrespect to MVP but like you said… huh?

      • Nostaljack

        Totally agreed. He has never main-evented anything. He did the mid-card thing and he was good but he isn’t worth hunting down.

  • Robi

    Pics have suffarced today of both Sami Callihan & Samuray Del Sol at the WWE Performance Center. Callihan also made the trip to Florida with Del Sol

  • John

    Matt Morgan could’ve been something special in TNA. MVP is almost 40 years old.. What’s the point?

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Welcome to this week’s Impact Watch Party! I am your co-host Jesse Sherwood and there is a great show lined up tonight! Let’s Break it Down!

    1. Magnus was the latest member of the Main Event Mafia revealed last week! Who else will join their ranks?

    2. The BFG Series has had some fantastic matches already, with Magnus and Samoa Joe sitting atop the leaderboard! But tonight is a Vegas special: Joker’s Wild! Who will win and get a much needed 25 points?

    3. The #1 contender to Mickie James’ Knockouts Title will be decided in the first ever Knockouts Ladder match! The last time Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell were in the ring together, they tore the house down in a Last Knockout Standing match! What will we see from these ladies tonight?

    4. The A’s and 8’s will decide a new VP tonight! Will it be DOC or Mr. Anderson?

    5. Chris Sabin will have to turn over the X Division Title tonight if he wants to cash it in to face Bully Ray at Destination X! Will he have a change of heart from last week or will he face Bully Ray?

  • Winnipeg

    “Lets bring in MVP to replace Matt Morgan just so we don’t push him either” what a goof move.