TNA Genesis Main Event Set & Why It Shouldn't Surprise Any WNW Premium Members

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As expected, TNA Genesis will be headlined by Bobby Roode defending the TNA Championship against Jeff Hardy. TNA has already officially announced the match.

I reported early last month here on Premium that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff see Jeff Hardy as the babyface that should be carrying the company and the title should ultimately end up on him.

TNA Genesis will take place Sunday, January 8, 2012 from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • redertainment

    Does Hogan and Bischoff not remember Victory Road? Do they think wrestling fans have forgotten Victory Road? Sure, forgiveness is possible, but this soon? No.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I think it's political more than anything else. Bobby Roode wasn't their idea so turn him and give his babyface push to Jeff Hardy. I'm glad I don't work there.

      • redertainment

        Okay, but AJ Styles is still there, since the beginning of the company, and is a longtime babyface. There's also Matt Morgan, Mr. Anderson, and Rob Van Dam.

  • kbunyon

    Typical TNA crap! I'm so disgusted by everything that goes on there and how both Bisch and Hogan are using the company as their own playtime, for their own silly agenda without caring what's happening with the company and who they're screwing over in the process.

    So disappointing!


    • Alex

      The sad thing is that this honestly doesn't surprise me. I'm so use to TNA screwing up just so people will talk about them that I'm use to it. Now I haven't watched TNA since the infamous Victory Road ppv, but I do know that Roode is a great wrestler that should not be buried just to put over a guy that almost put your company out of business less than a year ago.

  • Mike L

    If Hardy wins, I’m not watching TNA anymore

  • Alex

    Hogan & Bischoff just never learn do they. To be honest, and this might sound like an unpopular opinion, but these have cause way more harm to TNA then Vince Russo ever did in all his years with the company.

  • Gesusoliver

    If TNA straps Hardy jan 8th I am done with the company. I cant believe the amount of shenanigans this company goes through. I cant support a company that believes that a wrestler should get teh gold after he showed up drugged out of his gourd. There are so many more deserving people. Just disgusting.

  • Rory

    Jeff Hardy keeps convincing whoever hes under contract with that hes clean, but every year its the same thing… Jeff needs to pull his act together.

  • D.Nyte

    The scariest thing in all of this is that, and it’s strictly my own opinion, Bischoff and Hogan are so delusional that they actually think they have a serious business acumen for wrestling.

    The only thing Hogan was ever great at was performing for the crowd and lobbying for himself behind the curtain. His biggest fault is when he tries to step out above and beyond that role.

    Eric on the other hand has always been a great salesman when acquiring talent, but let’s face it, all he did was spend money until the well ran dry. He sold the merits of WCW to Turner based on ratings, while smoke screening all the money he was spending until advisors lifted the veil and showed Turner that ratings and popularity aside, WCW was sinking fast.

    Now, take the two oblivious ding dongs and fast forward to TNA, still applying the same business philosophy in this kind of economic climate will only bury TNA at a much more accelerated pace than any company before. What’s worse, these two clowns believe that beyond the role they play in front of the camera, they can actually bring this fledgling promotion to the next level. That sad thing is, for two very financially stable guys, this is all ego because they can’t step away. They aren’t businessmen. They are over exposed characters that are slowly and painfully forcing yet another company into failure and don’t even stop to see all the people who are or will be losing their jobs because Hogan and Bischoff are ‘entitled’ to their positions.

    At this point, after all the damage they’ve caused in 2 years, I don’t think TNA is ‘fixable’. It’s such a confusing and illogical mess given the product they showcase.

    They need a person with a business background, knowledgeable enough of the product but not enough to overstep boundaries to come in and refocus everything from the ground up.

    – Only tour the East Coast for live events at no more than 4 shows a month.

    – Eliminate this India project and the extra talent and focus on exposure in Canada and Mexico.

    – Cancel any contract of a performer that has been inactive for over 30 days.

    – Eliminate the contracts of Hogan and Bischoff and strictly use them for consultative purposes.

    – Get Dixie Carter’s hands off the product and only have her give reports regarding progress or lackthereof.

    – Sit creative down with a list of all talent and think tank 2 years worth of story progression versus slapping things together in what seems like a last minute attempt.

    – Anyone not pulling their weight needs to be axed.

    – Remove Jarrett from performing and creative and let him collect off his ownership and only that.

    – New licenses for toy distributors, t-shirts(starting with the 4 most popular performers) and booking their talent out for meet and greets as well as sending champions out to Indy Shows to create a buzz to get people tuning in and buying PPV’s.

    It’s only a start, but those are very realistic things that could aid in getting them in the black.


    • HPK


  • jonathon212

    ive given tna chance after chance, but i swear if hardy wins im done especially when roode and storm are at the top of their games now

  • Abe

    I have said a few times about both companies, but this really is it for me. If Hardy wins I will never watch TNA again till hogan and bischoff leave.

  • Louis

    Okay the bottom line is this two good feuds Storm and Angle Hardy and Rhoode and face it it won’t change at the first but maybe in March right before Lockdown well, if they smart anyway they need now to make a building block to steal a touch of the Thunder from Wrestlemania. True it would be hard to do but to prove u r a company too u need to try.

  • TNAfan

    Way too soon for Hardy to even have a title shot in my opinion. That trust has to be earned back. Who's calling these shots?

    Agree with D.Nyte. Hogan was a great performer and his character was marketed very well. That's where it ends. He has no place in management. He is a performer and the torch has been passed to the next generation. Bischoff….why he was brought on board I have no idea….he is why I stopped watching WWE.

  • stoney

    The ignorance, arrogance, jealousy and egos of Bischoff and Hogan

  • matt

    If TNA does go under, Hulk and Bischoff like the scabs that they are, won't go away easily, they'll go crawling back to Vince (Hogan always does)

  • Chris H

    So many people said they’ll stop watching tna if this happens, or if that happens, and when it does…they keep on watching. It’s ridiculous.

    I stopped watching the week Jeff Hardy had his PPV screw up. I had begun to watch it intermittently for some time before then, but that was it. Done. And hearing they want him as champ? Didn’t I read on here that he can’t leave his home unless he’s working? What a GREAT face for your company. He sits right up there with John Cena and all the charity work he does, right?

    If more people stopped watching TNA rather than just talking about it (like reality shows) then they’d have to do something eventually.

  • HPK

    I hope Jeff Hardy loses to Bobby Rude…or another wrestler comes to the ring to screw Hardy over !!! He doesn't deserve a World Championship title run this early !!! He is STILL on a probationary-type role with TNA , and If He somehow did win , I hope They wouldn't get rid of the WHC title they have for another stupid looking Toy-like belt when "They" arrived !!!