TNA Genesis PPV Poster Revealed; Kurt Angle Sold His House

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- The TNA Wrestling's January pay-per-view, Genesis, poster has been revealed.  The PPV will be live on Sunday January, 13, 2013 from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  The poster is above.  Click on the image to see it full screen.

- Kurt Angle's wife, Giovanna Angle, sent some tweets out the past couple of days on her official Twitter account.  The tweets mention that the couple sold their mansion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I asked her where they are going to relocate and she said that they will be staying in Pittsburgh.  Her tweets are embedded below:

  • Leo Devlin

    Man I’m so proud of Bully Ray, here’s a guy who two years ago was a fat waist of space and so irrelevant and today he is/was the best heel in the wrestling business today. I hope he turns out to be involved with A&8’s.

    • William Shatner

      I like the subtle humour in that comment. Fat waist and waste of space combined into one. Very good.

      What's that, you say? Not intentional? Worked out well regardless.

      • XKonn247

        I’ve tread three of your comments. All irritated me. I dunno why. Sorry dude. The attempts at humour just come across asinine.