TNA Grants Shannon Moore His Release

Shannon Moore, who originally said he was stepping away from wrestling then announced he wouldn't be returning to TNA, has finally been released. Moore wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Hitman310

    They are dropping like flies

    • samantha_reichle

      Shannon Moore has said he wanted to start a family with his wife. I guess he wants to take some time off and heal his injuries and get rested and start having kids. I think he still has his ink store so he may concentrate on that. He will probably go back to wrestling, but as far as I know he wants kids.

  • H.M.

    It seems like such a bummer to see TNA let go of so many stars over the past few years despite it being a mediocre company at best.

  • Kevin

    Shannon Moore started in WWE. At least, that's where I first saw him. But didn't he switch between WWE and TNA a couple of times?

    • cody

      he started in wcw as a part of 3-count with shane helms and even karagious or how ever you spell his name lol

      • kbunyon

        Evan Karagas, Helms and Moore were 3 Count in WCW. Actually, Tank Abbott was part of the group toward the end. I thought they had an interesting gimmick, those dang green circles, and a solid little run, though it was good that they didn't get the chance to sing much.

        Beyond 3 Count and trying to be Matt Hardy V.2, Moore has struggled more than succeeded. While I adore the man for who he is, that he is his own man, his wrestling skills haven't been up to the level they need to be to really make it to the top level.

        Oh, the other thing about Moore that impresses the heck out of me is how he stands by his friends. If you remember that Matt Hardy's middle name is Moore. Their fathers are close, and they've known each other since before they were born. They grew up together, but Moore has kept the issues of both Hardy boys under wraps when it comes to Twitter. I give Moore huge props for the friend he's been in the face of social media.


  • stoney

    Another X-Division worker bites the dust