TNA Gut Check, Hall Of Fame Benefits, The Rock & CM Punk Stale?, John Cena's Off Night

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Are the TNA Gut Check judging segments legitimate, a work or both?

Those that have participated in TNA Gut Check, namely Christian York, claim the segment is 100% legitimate. I haven't heard/asked so I guess we can take it for it's worth.

What does the WWE Hall of Fame mean to an inductee and what benefits do they get?

In addition to monetary compensation for appearing, WWE Hall of Fame inductees get a Hall of Fame ring and of course the immortalization of being inducted into the Hall of Fame of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. While critics will rightly point out the WWE Hall of Fame is more of the Vince McMahon Hall of Fame than an actual Hall of Fame (with no formal voting process), it's still a huge honor.

Are you as sick of The Rock as I am? CM Punk's character is stale but still better than Rock. Your thoughts on the Royal Rumble main event?

If you haven't enjoyed the mic work of The Rock and CM Punk, especially on the January 7th episode of WWE Raw, you are probably going to impossible to please. When I get questions like this I don't want to say you can't have an opinion because obviously everyone has one and is entitled to espouse it, but what exactly are your expectations? Which workers do you feel are doing a better job on the mic currently? Please explain below because there's no other way I can address this.

What happened to John Cena on Monday? I understand he's the face of WWE (whether he wants to admit it or not) but it was a very "interesting" attempt at trying to sell Royal Rumble.

John Cena clearly had a bad night on Monday, delivering a horrible promo to close this week's Raw. I've agreed with many of you in that Cena's character is often over-the-top at times, but this was a promo that had many talking about how he got lost in the middle of it. The feeling is Royal Rumble will still sell because of The Rock working CM Punk on Sunday.

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  • Illdecide

    I think I expect the Rock to actually fight in matches on Raw, not just be a promo machine.

    • This is a good point and something I’ve advocated as well. Rocky will need to wrestle before Wrestlemania to hold interest.

      • Especially if he does win the title, he needs to wrestle on free tv, otherwise they will risk alienating fans.

      • Maze

        As a worker myself I dont think you have to have a full match to add validity to the storyline. All Rock needs to do is give and take bumps to show that he is human as they did with the shield and it will work out.

      • Pluto

        I don’t think the promo on Jan. 7th was nowhere near as good as you and other’s within the IWC make it out too be. I think people see that it’s Punk & Rock on the mic and overhype it. If any other superstars had cut the exact same promo I don’t think people would be praising it. It was a solid promo but nothing groundbreaking IMO. The mic work between Rock/Cena from last year or the mic work between Jericho/Punk from last year was light year’s ahead of what Punk/Rock are doing right now.

  • Brad

    I have to honest… and probably a little unpopular in saying that the Rock is stale, belting out what is basically the same promo week after week making fun of people’s look or way they talk. (Is Be A Star even still around btw) the good thing about the Rock being back however is that he is bringing out the best in Punk, and I am enjoying his promos immensely!

    • Cody Zeller

      Be a star is an initiative to get kids to stop bullying, not an initiative to stop pro wrestlers from cutting each other down in the interest of creating but rates for a match.

      • Brad

        Pulling Vicki out in front of a crowd, just to single her out and call her ugly, is a prime example of bullying. My point was that WWE should practice what they preach on screen. I get cutting eachother on promos is part of the business, but Rock goes above and beyond with cheap insults for cheap pops.

  • Boogie

    CM Punk is not stale. that is ridiculous to say. sorry they decided to have him be champion for over a year and you cant handle that

    • Win

      CM Punk is stale…Same stale, monotone, I’m the best in the world crap every week…Thats exactly y his fans want him to go over great stars from the past. The Rock, Stone Cold, I even read the comment of some genius yesterday that felt the Undertaker should “Give CM Punk respect at Wrestlemania,” because its the only way he could maintain interest. Management won’t even put him over anyone clean in a PPV Main Event, not even Ryback, that’s how much faith they have in him. Punk is being forced-fed to the fans of WWE more than Ryback. He’s a the title for over a year and not 1 memorable match. LOL. Not 1! Dolph Ziggler has better in-ring work over the past year and A.J.’s promos have been 10 times more entertaining. You people should be thanking The Rock in advance for taking the title back and making WWE TV more interesting.

      • Chalon

        Maybe you shouldn’t post if you are going to be so ignorant. You don’t know how to appreciate good wrestling that’s for sure.

        • Win

          May be you shouldn’t be so sensitive about an intellectual point of view kiddo!

          • Chalon

            Nah, my poin of view to yours, didn’t call you names or anything did I… boy? And lokking at the post ratings I think you are alone in your view anyway.

          • LeftyTosser

            Chalon, at this point I’m not sure Punk can spell memorable match let along perform one. His character is so stale which is why they are having Rock build him up. They didn’t bring back one of the greatest mic workers from the past to carry someone that can carry on their own.

      • Pluto

        Too be honest here, the majority of what is going on in the WWE at the moment IMO is grown kind of stale. Punk, Rock, Cena, Orton, Sheamus etc. But let’s not get carried away here, too say that the WWE has no faith in Punk is way off. That’s not too say that the product has been bad I’m just saying that a lot of what’s going on has been predictable. But there have been a few bright spots for example. Ziggler has been very impressive in the ring lately, Shandow continues too entertain me on the mic, Kane/Bryan is still produce real funny segments and I’m actually loving the face runs of ADR & Miz at the moment.

        • LeftyTosser

          Pluto, you are correct in saying that the entire product is stale right now. Ratings are the reason guys like Rock are being brought in. If Austin could still do it for a longer period of time, then I have no doubt that he would be brought in as well. Unfortunately right now the “stars” have very limited appeal. Are they good at what they do? Yes. But they can’t do everything. It’s like in baseball. There are players that are “5 tool” players and are can’t miss stars. Then there are the guys that are “3 or 4 tool” players that are very good, but not star power players. The WWE right now is full of 3 or 4 tool players and it shows every single week in ratings. It wasn’t the “Attitude Era” that tuned viewers in. It was the characters and the way the performers got into their characters.

      • Alex P

        If you think Punk is stale…then what’s your opinion on Cena? I mean the man has had the exact same character since 2005…

        • Win

          Cena’s character has been so stale for so long that talking about it is becoming stale. I don’t believe a heel turn would do him any good though. He has more heat from the crowd now than he could would ever get as a heel. It’s impossible to hate his in-ring peronality anymore than it’s hated by fans now. Ironically, he’d would probably get cheered with a heel turn, which in turn is counterproductive. Their aren’t even any big enough babyfaces to sell a heel turn from Cena. That ship has sailed. He could’ve turned on DX, cheated The Rock in his hometown, or teamed with John Lauranitus and screwed CM Punk out of the title that night in Chicago. But nothing. Put him in a “I quit” match with Taker at Wrestlemania, have him lose and bloody Taker after the match, in addition to, turn on the fans in a promo outrage for their lack of support very similar to the way Hulkamania to to Randy Savage. That’s the best I got.

      • Boogie

        Huh? Jericho, Bryan, cena, dolph, those wernt good matches?

        • Win

          Memorable. I used the word, memorable. Focus! Just because you can recite off a list of the WWE Stars he feuded with, doesn’t make those matches “Memorable.”

          • Boggie

            Wrong. Completely memorable

          • Ace Vivid

            Win and lefty tosser obviously don’t understand wrestling. All wrestlers say the same thing week in and week out. That’s what they do. That’s how they get a following. It always been like that. If cm punk is monotone and stale then by your expectations every wrestler in the history of ever is stale and monotone. You guys obviously don’t like wrestling.

        • LeftyTosser


      • What you said is just a joke !

      • Willy Loman

        I found the Jericho match memorable for myself, but all his other matches, I struggle to remember who he even faced. I forgot he faced Ziggler and I was there. Though that match seemed like it was all Punk and Ziggler didn’t have much to shine from. As for all the others, I needed a little help from others mentioning who they were. I don’t find him necessarily stale. There are a lot of guys from the past who did the same quotes a lot, especially as a heel, which were just ways to cause them a lot of heat. Maybe he’s ‘purposely’ sounding annoying and stale with ‘best of the world’ every week just to annoy the fans. The “Excuse Me’s”, “Olympic Gold Medalist,” anytime a heel would want “Respect,” those got old, but heels seem to find a way to make it work for him. Overall, I think I agree with about a few parts of what you said

  • Winnipeg

    If anyone was like myself on Monday cringing in hope that Raw would not end where Cena’s promo ended, thank f*** that didn’t happen.

  • Mike Gilreath

    I think they asked Cena to stretch the time. They put him on the spot. The show wrapped early and I think he was trying to work the crowd and fill time but it just didn’t work

    • Guy in Best in the World shirt

      That is exactly what happened. I was there and I heard the ring announcer whisper it to Jerry Lawler.

      • Kris Mystery

        You must have some good hearing to be able to hear someone whisper to someone else….in a noisy building yet.Unless you are Michael Cole how did you get close enough to hear a whisper?

  • sexypugsynn

    Gut check is a work id say,look at the first loser joey ryan after he lost he was on tv more then any of the winners till recently,york being the big exception. There also brissco that was so planed with him and d low brown angle setting up more ace and eight stuff later

  • Dangerous Lee

    The fat guy in the front row of Raw with the Paul Heyman shirt > Cena

    • Pluto

      The dust on top of my ceiling fan > Dangerous Lee

      • Dangerous Lee

        I was going to reply with a smarta$$ insult but I realized you’ve already insulted yourself by defending John Cena.

        • Pluto

          Worst comeback EVER

          • Dangerous Lee

            …..says the Cena fan.

          • Kris Mystery

            Second worse comeback ever!!

  • Adam “Swipe”

    Rocks promos are terrible and stale. The only interesting thing he’s done is bag on Vik G.

    I like the gut check idea, I just feel like it could be pulled off better.

  • eskymi

    I feel the Rock/CM Punk storyline is spectacular. Well done promos, lots of truth behind their words. You almost can feel that they truly dislike each other.

    ONly complaint I have with Rock now-a-days is his repeating, his repeating, things when he does a promo. I feel he should just say, should just say what he has to say and not repeat the last three or four words of his sentence.

    • Kris Mystery

      Totally agree. The repeating was particularly noticeable this past Monday and gets right on my last nerve.

  • Kleck

    My fear is that Rocky has a high chance of becoming stale quickly with his current run in WWE. Last year and WrestleMania 27, it was a large nostalgia factor that kept him fresh. His old catchphrases were great and exciting used against Cena. This year, he’s facing a different type of opponent with Punk. He has great charisma ala Rocky with a mouth and attitude to back it up. He NEEDS to wrestle. I’m a huge Rock fan and love his promos but can understand fans who find it the usual name calling cheap pop chanting material. His promos needs to evolve with the man.

    Sorry for the long winded opinions but I have concerns.

  • The Breaker

    It’s funny how quickly wrestling fabs have latched on to using the word “stale” to describe anything they are displeased with. Instead of using words like that just so you sound like a harsh critic, try to actually explain your opinion in detail. Maybe then people will have less insulting ways to reply.

  • Richard burling

    Cm punk has become stale. His promos have become self indulgent. That jan 7th promo went way off course and it took the rock to come out and take control of the wheel and guide it home. Appreciate the rock

    • I agree 100% about Punk’s first promo on January 7th, in my opinion it was just as bad if not worse than Cena’s promo on Raw.

  • Boots to …….

    The reason fans think CM Punk is seemingly stale is because fans expect him to do something out of the ordinary every time he is on the mic or in a match. Give the guy a break…..internet fans were crying out for him to be given a title run and now because it is over a year old (nice to see a long title reign can still happen) we hear “CM Punk is stale”! Make your mind up kids!!!!

  • RobUK

    There really is just no pleasing some in this day and age. Rocky is stale. Punk is stale. Cena is stale. So I guess The Miz is stale? I’m awesome? Or ‘that damn good’ Ziggler? How about YES, NO, YES, NO..?What…? What…? What…? Characters are just that, they have sayings and moves and most of the time that’s what gets them over. Not wrestling ability. Not in WWE anyway. So just enjoy the characters, or don’t. But don’t complain about people being stale because we as fans in the end make them what they are. Buy the shirts, eat the ice cream.

  • IcKeY

    Its kind of funny how people in this websites says that Rock and Punk are stale while the millions of fans around the world are buying their stuff and tunning in to watchthem…I guess that WWE is booking their programing to the fans that not “know” the bussiness instead of you guys…And if you ask me they are doing just fine…

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, one thing to point out for your tech guys. With the new software system you are working with I have to sign in on every single item in order to post. I cannot just login to the site and then post from there, I have to actually login with every item. Also, just as an FYI, I cannot use the dislike at all on comments. I don’t know if this is a me issue, or if this happens to others, but it is really annoying.

  • Raul Menendez

    You wrestling fans are so damn hard to please. Don’t like the programming? Then don’t watch. Or better yet, how bout you create a better wrestling federation and tell us how that goes. Suckas!

  • stivoshi

    some of the points a few rational folks are making are really good. its true that characters are characters. all wrestlers have catch phrases moves and they do it all the time doesn’t mean they are stale. if thats the fact then everything in this world including those who are complaining of staleness are actually stale because there are so many things you do and probably say daily at work and at home doesn’t make you stale. goodness. people these days just want something new every single damn day. Richard is right, promo on January 7th was amazing. The rock did an awesome job in swinging it the other way just as punk did swinging it the other. so people come on be rational and stop complaining about everything. if its so damn bad then stop watching . look for something positive instead of always negative. because fact is you are not always funny entertaining and creative every single day so stop complaining. geez. smh.

  • SoulFool

    Honestly , People…I am amazed @ how everybody gets a boner about The Rock , CM Punk , John Cena , WWE , TNA , Jeff Hardy , yada , yada !?! Yes…Rock comes and goes in McMahonland cause “HE CAN” being that VKM uses him to enliven “better rating” since his company is stuck in a turd pile right now , and Punk is STALE due to the reason that the guy has become redundant w/ his outlandish claims of being best in the world , which the fans know he is not !!! LMAO…Cena is SUPER STALE…just as much like Hogan was in the 90’s and beyond !!! Maybe a Heel turn would help…maybe not , but We all know that’s a fat chance of WWE ever making him into one !!!

  • SoulFool

    Having a character play a certain role for a prolonged periods of time can tend to stereotype them !!! Then You got all the crying and bitching about WWE being better than TNA and vice versa…and all the insensitive , ignorant comments about both companies and how TNA is just a rehab for drugged out , past their prime wrestlers , and so forth !!! Both shows are a train-wreck these days due to lack of sufficient talent , great storylines/angles and booking , not to mention the fact that both companies seem to relay more on utilizing older stars over their younger talent !!! Get a life already and just enjoy whatever show you watch…it’s all entertainment !!!