TNA Gut Check Over?, Richard Reacts To #August1Warning

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TNA Gut Check Over?

It looks like the TNA Gut Check project is finished. Ohio Valley Wrestling's Danny Davis says he won't be appearing in the segments on TV anymore and with Bruce Prichard gone, the project will need to be revamped if they do bring it back.

Richard Reacts to #August1Warning

I've read a lot of the Tweets and reaction from Tito Ortiz being unveiled as the #August1Warning and I'm not surprised. The same people that criticize every move TNA makes are the same people acting informed here. Look, I don't care what opinion you have but make sure it's your own opinion. Just because a wrestler or a writer Tweets something, doesn't mean you have to agree. I feel like a lot of times people look to see what a certain name or personality says then adopt that opinion because it looks "smarky." Form your own opinion and don't fall into the trap of trolling just to look cool.

  • Jon Harris

    come on tichard u don;t think tna made a huge mistake with tito ortiz here

  • _JIM_

    I agree Richard. Everyone is saying Rampage and Tito are too old, but I guess they don’t know Jackson is younger than Brock Lesnar and Tito is only a year older than Brock. They’re all over 10 years younger than Triple H. With their the training they already have it shouldn’t take either of them long to pick up pro-wrestling. Anyone remember how good Ken Shamrock was? And he jumped right from UFC to the WWE with minimul training. So why can’t these two pull it off when they are way more interesting personalities than Shamrock ever was. All Ken could do was snap out and act crazed. At least Tito and Rampage can talk. I’m willing to see where this goes and I think more people should be on board with it also.

  • _JIM_

    God forbid there actually be some legit tough guys on a pro-wrestling show…

  • Wreckless discharge

    I dont think its that bad, its probly something spike set up with Bellator since hes fighting Rampage in November just a little cross promotion. It wasnt even hyped that much nobody really thought it was a huge wrestling name. I was a little let down but the rest of the show was so good particulalry in ring , it didnt really bother me. People are to eager to pile, on tna at every turn.

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, personally my problem with the “reveal” was that TNA is a wrestling company and the last two “major” signings were not wrestlers. If a person does not follow MMA they have no clue who Tito is and yet it was shouted that he is a “major” name that everyone would know. I have watched TNA since not long after the beginning at the fairgrounds and am really disappointed that the plan to grow has gone by the wayside. There are so many options to make it a much bigger and better organization, but the direction seems to change almost as often as WWE. Let’s face it, the overall product could be worlds better without a complete overhaul.

    The entertainment world has evolved tremendously over the years, but the one thing that still holds true is what the fans ultimately want to see. It’s good guys getting their butts kicked but coming back to win the big one after taking a beating. Black hats and white hats. It’s as simple as that and always has been. Stop worrying about what the IWC does and focus on building house shows, regular TV building to big PPV’s. The IWC is important, but it’s not what pays the bills. The picture is long term, not the A.D.D. part of the wrestling community. I would love to sit down with those in charge to find out exactly what it is that they are looking to do long term. No way would I move to Nashville or get back involved in the business, but I would love to know where their heads are right now!

  • John

    I would have no problem with the signings if these guys actually get into the ring and wrestle. But right now i’ll believe it when I see it.
    You mentioned Brock and Shamrock in WWE, the difference is that those guys were actual wrestlers that had matches every week. I have a feeling that Rampage and Tito are going to be a lot like Hulk and just show up every week, show there face, say a few lines and cash a paycheque without adding anything to the product. If it turns out that Tito actually wants to be a pro wrestler and take the time and effort to be a Brock or Shamrock, than the move could be great for TNA. So far though TNA hasn’t given me much faith that will be the case though.

  • Tom

    They just recently let go of a lot of WRESTLERS as well in a supposed “cost-cutting” endeavor and now they got this. I don’t buy it.. I was never a TNA fan but I gave some hope that they’d take a good direction for competition for the WWE. Poor decision making regarding money… sounds like WCW to me.

    Wrestling Matters, indeed. Seems like more of a joke than anything else.

    • D-Bag

      Spike pays the MMA guys not TNA.

      • Snap

        That’s all well and good, but why are these guys being promoted as TNA signings and being promoted ON TNA? You don’t see WWE claiming they have signed whatever name actor has been attached to a WWE Studios film.

        Well, that’s not entirely accurate, there WAS a time when they had King Leonidas and Nacho Libre (maybe even others I didn’t notice) on their SmackDown roster page on But, as far as I recall, they didn’t hype up a big signing and then devote time to it on TV.

        As I don’t follow MMA, the only time I have actually heard of Tito Ortiz was when he was on The Apprentice. For those who have only heard of him in passing like that, why are they supposed to care about this “major” signing which, apparently, isn’t even a TNA signing?

        The problem with stuff like this is you can’t even have your own opinion without people slinging insults like “troll” or “smark” at people they don’t agree with in order to look “cool” themselves.

        • D-Bag

          I never said you were a troll. I was just letting you know who is actually footing the bill for these MMA guys. I can see the point a TNA trying to draw the UFC fanbase and the wrestling crowd. Two fanbases watching one product makes great sense, but the problem is the MMA crowd will never take pro wrestling seriously and the IWC will not accept MMA guys.

  • D-Bag

    I’m just glad it wasn’t Bob Holly.

  • NeronWillRise

    Yeah these smarks really make themselves look like tools with this ridiculous bandwagon hate.

    TNA didn’t pay a dime for Tito Ortiz. Bellator and Spike did. So people are just sad and uninformed. They claim it was some big letdown, yet it they never expected much. It was only an online campaign for like a week, what are you let down about? It’s cooler than ever to bash TNA so that’s what they do.

  • Tamtartan

    I clicked on this because I genuinely wanted to know your opinion Richard as I respect it. Am I any wiser now after your rant on people opinions? No I’m not. Shoulda been called Richard reacts to TNA haters or Richard reacts to sheep. Then I wouldn’t have clicked on article. Too much of this going on now.