TNA House Show Results (1/24/12) – Brussels, Belgium

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Wrestling News World reader Ghaghamashibaba sent in the following report from yesterday's TNA house show in Brussels, Belgium:

* X Division Championship: Austin Aries b. Alex Shelley & Mark Haskins

* Gunner b. Doug Williams

* Crimson b. Samoa Joe

* Tara & Mickie James b. Gail Kim & Madison Rayne

* AJ Styles b. Bully Ray

* TNA World Championship: Bobby Roode b. Kurt Angle & James Storm

Biggest Pop:
*AJ Styles

Biggest Heat:
*Bully Ray

Best Match:
*Either the opening match or AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray

I also attended the Smackdown Live Tour in Brussels and I must say TNA rocked the building, whereas WWE Smackdown disappointed with the lack of wrestling and too much talking & trying to play to the crowd.

  • eurosario

    So Crimson is no longer undefeated in TNA in singles matches

  • Zakurwiacz

    Gunner b. Crimson? Undefeated no more?

  • Cpt Carisma

    Im watching TNA in Nottingham on 26/01/2012 and we have Sting and Hogan at the event but I bet our matches are very similar to yours

  • Giu

    I was at the show and there is a mistake! Crimson’s match was against Samoa Joe and Crimson wins. He’s still undefeated.

  • wnwdotcom2

    Yeah, the reader made a mistake. Crimson went over Joe and Gunner went over Doug Williams. I fixed the results. I took one look at that and knew not even TNA could book that bad. Crimson's "their" guy!

  • Mark

    Just here'd a smashing live radio interview with Hulk Hogan on Talk Sport UK. Hogan said he thinks Macho Man Randy Savave should be in the wwe Hall of fame and that Randy was the best wresler in his eyes. Also stated that Jeff Hardy would not be over this time but would be on the next tour. :-(! Also laghed about how serious TMZ took him after they cought him on the way out from his surgery and asked him whats next, Hogan said back im shaving my hair off and beered and going back to acting in Hollywood. People from the Angel beered confentions in America called him and said please don't shave it off. LOL …
    He then said he would'nt be leaving TNA for a long time as wrestlings in his blood and that he's happiest when hes around wrestling…. Good to here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ghaghamashibaba

    Sorry my mistake crimson is still undefeated