TNA Hyping The Start Of Impact's Summer, Big Free Agent Signing

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Dixie Carter is hyping the start of Impact Wrestling's summer series beginning with this week's episode in the new 9 PM/8 CT timeslot.

Carter Tweeted:

Dixie also says TNA has just signed a "big free agent" that will "rock Impact" this summer. The following is from her Twitter:

  • KevMen

    Free agent signing….. John Morrison???

    • Nostaljack

      Nah. Probably Jimmy Wang Yang.

  • jdl

    It’s probably RVD.

  • yea i think its RVD

  • Michael Bonney


  • Chris

    RVD wouldn’t “rock” anyone at this point. He’s been there, and hasn’t been THAT big a deal. MVP would get a tiny bit of attention, Morrison would be the bigger deal if you ask me. Another would be if Beth decided to work again and headed to TNA. The only other “big deal” I might think of would be if Shelton Benjamin decided to go to the company.

    • jdl

      Keep in mind who is hyping it. Dixie Carter is incompetent when it comes to hype.

  • Nostaljack

    Ladies and gentlemen: Chuck Palumbo!!!!!!!!

    • Swifty

      I love this comment lmao that is pure genius lol

  • Awesome Kong is pretty BIG. She’s said she wouldn’t go back to TNA though. I’d like to see MVP, John Morrison or Beth Phoenix.

  • And hey if all else fails there’s always Mordecai

  • Hardy

    Probably another member of the hogan family -.-

  • T-Zone

    Former WWE Superstars Batista & MVP have already “denied” being the free agent. The Animal said he’s a WWE guy & Mr. 305 said he’s enjoying fun time.

  • Sherman Tank

    Probably Christian seeing as the WWE has no plans for him. Except talent enhance losers like Cesaro or Curtis Axel…?! Lame…

  • Paul

    TNA is awful for these situations. Hogans “monster idea”, all the times they’ve made announcements that will “change the business”. This free agent hype could literally be Brian Knobs. Although the way TNA has worked it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Nick Hogan.

  • swifty

    Just recently found in the old WCW offices ladies and gentlemen……. Screaming Norman Smiley!!!!!!

  • Dave Barton

    He’s gonna “ROCK” ImpactLive…c’mon people! Its Buck “Rock N Roll” Zumhoffe!