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Impact Results July 3, 2014
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Impact Starts


Recap of MVP's bad attitude, but he was removed and Angle put in his place. Angle will try to make things right by EY and Roode, and the rest.

Angle to the ring in dark blue pants, a clashing dark blue jacket, and a lighter blue t-shirt. He's all smiles. The fans are loving him.

Angle – Thank you.

"Angle!" He smiles.

Angle – Tomorrow we celebrate our country's independence, and tonight we celebrate TNA's freedom. No more BS, or backstabbing. Tonight's Angle's Red, White, and Blue Throwdown! We got a great show tonight, some incredible matches. But first I have a very important announcement. Earl Habner, get your butt out here.

Earl runs to the ring better than men half his age, wearing jeans and a black and gray striped t-shirt, but luckily they're horizontal, not wearing the ref look while not working.

Angle – Everybody knows who this guy is, right. MVP fired you a few weeks, as you new boss, I'm reinstating you.

Angle hand Earl his ref shirt. Earl is all smiles.

Angle – Give it up for the greatest ref who ever lived Earl Hebner. You have matches to ref, let's go. They're thrilled with the matches backstage, and I spent all day putting these matches together. (Angle pulls papers out of an inner pocket.) First match, and I love this match! The man who tore my ACL, Mr. EC3, he's taking on Bully Ray, I'm not done yet, in a Tables Match! Next up we have a Triple Threat Match for the TTC The Wolves will face Jessie and DJ Z, as well as Knux and The Freak of The Menagerie. (rhyming a bit here) The Knockouts will be busy tonight, especially the Champion. Love will take on Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title. Last but not least, my favorite, EY will get his rematch against Bobby Lashley.

Joe's music and he comes stomping out.

Joe – Let us all get together and rejoice as Kurt Angle has come to save us with his righteousness and his fair ruling over TNA. Unfortunately Kurt, that's a big chunk of BS. Everything you come out and claim for these people, someone who's here for them, somebody will give them the best TNA experience possible. You are no different from your predecessors, and you know it. (heat) Kurt, I know you better than anyone else in this company, and I know you covet the TNA WHC more than anything else in the world. So I know one thing for sure, how long before you book yourself in a Championship Match, because I'm sure it's as soon as that knee is healed.

Angle – You know what Joe, I'm not going to entertain these accusations. You know that for the past 8 years, I put up with the same BS that you did!

Joe – Let's be real clear about something, you have not walked the same path I have. When you came to TNA, you were bought, and you were brought here. I kicked my way in here, beat up everybody I could. I used my fists as justification for being here Kurt! That is where we will always be different.

Angle – You know Joe, you act like you never had opportunities. You've had plenty of opportunities. You know what you problem is? One night you come in and kick everybody's ass, then the next night you come in half assed! (heat) Not once in my career did I come in half assed. This ring is sacred to me. Let me tell you something, do you feel the same?

Joe – Kurt, there's a lot of things you can say to me, but questioning my dedication to pro wrestling isn't one of them. Let me point a picture for you. When you were doing dojos, trying to get your ass in the door, I was working the northeast, in Penn, rebuilding pro wrestling. When you were going around the country in Lear jets and limos, I was fighting right down the street for $40 a night. I'm Samoa Joe, they call me the Samoan Submission Machine, and if you haven't heard, I am pro wrestling.

They are right up, almost nose to nose, then Angle turns away quickly, almost smiling.

Angle – You know what? That is exactly the Samoa Joe I want to see! That's the Joe everyone wants to see, am I right?

Joe – Kurt, be careful what you wish for.

Joe drops the mic and leaves the ring. Angle has that almost lost look in his eyes, and almost smirk on his mouth.

Backstage Segment

MVP is on his cell, asking something on his cell. Roode is there and MVP asks if he wants to fight, Roode is ready, even though MVP is on crutches. Of course Kenny King attacks Roode as he steps toward MVP. After Roode was slammed around, MVP used the top of his crutch to choke Roode, talk smack, then left. King with one more cheap shot on Roode while he's down.


Backstage Segment

Roode getting iced and Angle comes in to find out what happened. Roode says he was jumped by MVP and King.

Angle – I'm sorry man, that's BS.

Roode – You don't owe me an apology. I wouldn't be here if not for you. I'd be sitting at home if not for you. After our history, what I've done to you, you don't own me anything.

Angle – We haven't always gotten alone, beat the hell out of each other for six months. I don't always like you, but I respect you. (to the trainer) Does he have to go to the hospital?

Roode – No. I'm not going to the hospital. I'm back for a reason. I want to fight. I want a mathc tonight, and I want a match with MVP.

Angle – Is he alright?

Roode – I'm all right!

Angle – Come with me, we're going to find Kenny.

Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match – The Wolves (c) vs Jessie Godderz vs Knux & The Freak

The Wolves to the ring. Both other teams already in there.

Jessie and DJ Z on The Wolves at the bell, then they turn to get flattened by Knux and The Freak. Knux and The Freak toss DJ Z out of the ring onto the rest. Rebel is ringside, but so are a couple of 'Uncle Sam' looking guys on stilts (very strange). The Freak with a double takeover on The Wolves. Jessie tags in and stomps away on Edwards then DJ Z attacks from the outside. Jessie gets the two on Edwards. DJ Z tags in and stomps Edwards in the face. Right from DJ Z. Jessie tags in and they are double teamed with a hurricanranna. Richards tags in and lands a handstand slingshot kick on Jessie. Knux and The Freak in, but The Freak clotheslines Knux out by accident. The Wolves on Jessie for three.

Winners – The Wolves (4:13)

Backstage Segment

Behind a semi-closed door is an argument. Roode is yelling at King and MVP. MVP taunts Roode for running to the boss. Angle says that the only fighting will be in the ring. Angle says MVP will face Roode. MVP says he has a doctor's note, and Angle knows how bad knee injuries an be. King goes off about already beating Roode's ass once tonight. King right up in Roode's face, saying he doesn't even need to change. Angle sets up a Street fight. Angle and Roode leave. MVP is still going on about a grown man snitching on another.


Street Fight – Kenny King vs Bobby Roode

Roode to the ring, still seething, but trying to sell a left shoulder issue.

Roode – Well thanks to Angle, Bobby Roode is back in TNA. I'm not wasting any time, Kenny King, get your ass out here.

King to the stage, mic in hand.

King – Bobby, you really want this? The King of the fight? We already injured your shoulder, so Boss, let's go break Roode's neck.

King starts for the ring, but then Angle comes out and motions to MVP. He's sending MVP backstage. King is pissed, still arguing with Angle and attacked from behind by Roode. King off the ramp, and Roode pulls him over and slams a trash can across his back. Brian tries to tell them to go to the ring, but Roode is all over King out there. Roode tossed into a wall, then tosses something on him. King dumps trash all over Roode – looks more like empty soda bottles. King yelling more smack, then raking Roode's eyes. "Bobby!" chants from the fans. Roode with an elbow to King's gut, then blows to the face. Roode lifts King over the rail, and Taz tweaks with Tenay about how far it is. After King's feet hang down, he falls the two feet to the floor.

The fight over to the guard rail. Roode lands a HUGE body drop on King, landing him beside the ring. Roode with a chair, but King kicks the hair into Roode's face! King on Roode with blows, then rolls him into the ring and the starting bell sounds. Roode in head scissors, taking blows to the head for two.

King on Roode, then heads out and grabs the chair. He makes a big deal of showing off the chair before getting into the ring. Roode choked in the ropes, takes forearms to the face. King gets Roode up, but Roode reverses and drops King on the chair for three.

Winner – Roode (5:28 – total, 3:42 was before the start of the match)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

EC3 is asked about his match with Bully.

EC3 – How many times must I thwart him? How many of his old friends from the past does he need to bring in to assault me. How many tables does Bully need to go through before he realizes that he will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER, put me or Aunt D through a table? Why? Why? Because I'm EC3 and I am the Hardcore American Icon.

Backstage Segment

Brittany heading for the ring.


Backstage Segment

Roode – I was at home for almost two months, first night back I get jumped walking through the door and injured my shoulder. Angle and I have history, not good history, but he did the right thing, he brought me back and gave me what I wanted. He brought me back, gave me a street fight, exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game. King, he was the first. Next is MVP, then ultimately Lashley. I was destined, put on this planet to be WHC. You can be dang sure I'm going to get it.

Backstage Segment

Angle is sitting there, papers on an anvil case, his elbow resting on it, chewing a nail in thought. Then Angle realizes that A Double is there.

Angle – Can I help you Austin?

AA – Now that you asked, yeah, I think you can. I call myself the Constant Denominator of Greatness, not because it's a cute catchphrase, because I think it's 100% true. Some people say it's arrogance, I say it's absolute confidence in my abilities. I go out there and help make other people bring out the greatness in that ring.

Angle – Okay, well, I don't have a problem with the confidence.

AA – Of course not. You call yourself the greatest wrestler alive. I may beg to differ, but getting off track here.

Angle – I'm sure you will.

AA – I need your help. During MVP's power play, he was trying to keep me down, sit me on the sidelines.

Angle – Right.

AA – And one thing he never did for me was give me my rematch for the X Division Championship with Sanada, one on one, but you can do that for me.

Angle – I got ya. You're the guy who created Option C?

AA – You're right.

Angle – You think you can spin this around again, win the X Division Title, and win the WHC because of that. Am I right?

AA – I did it once before.

Angle – I hear ya. I'll tell you what. You got your Title Match, next week, you versus Sanada, how does that sound?

AA – Sounds great. What a difference a week makes.

Angle – I'm here to help you. (AA gets up to leave.) Oh, Austin, by the way, you and I need to have that match someday, to see who really is the greatest wrestler alive.

AA – Man, I'd love that, and the rest of the guys would love that too. I hope that happens.

Angle – I hope so too.

In Ring Segment

Britney (in red, white and blue) – So, there's something I just need to get off my chest. (cheers) Madison Rayne, please come out here.

Rayne to the ring in purple. Britney holds the ropes for Rayne.

Rayne – Britney, you know what, if fighting you is the only way to get through to you that this whole thing has gone way beyond out of control, get a ref out here, someone ring a bell, game on!

Britney – No, no, that's not why I brought you out here. I just wanted to say, you were right Madison, and I was wrong. (Rayne rolls her eyes.)

Rayne – I'm sorry? You brought me out here to tell me I was right.

Britney – Yeah. The Knockouts Division can be extremely difficult to navigate through. I was that naive new girl, that I could do anything and everything, and there'd be no consequences. You tried to warn me. (Rayne continues to roll her eyes.)

Rayne – I tried to keep you from making all the same mistakes I did.

Britney – I know, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Before I got here, I looked up to you. I wanted to be just like you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Madison. I've learned a very important less on from all of this. (Even more eye rolling from Rayne.)

Rayne – Britney, I appreciate all of that, and you're right the Knockouts locker room can be especially tricky to navigate when you're the new girl. If somehow in all of this, you've learned something, and you're genuinely sorry, I'm going to be there for you. Because I see all the potential in the world in you, and I want to see you succeed.

They hug, then raise arms, but then Britney doesn't let go of Rayne's wrist.

Britney – And the real lesson, never meet your hero!

Britney pulls Rayne into a short clothesline.

Britney - Because they only disappoint!

Britney kicks Rayne in the side as she's on her hands and knees. Britney then sends Rayne shoulder first into the post. Britney pulls Rayne up by her hair, then a solid neck breaker on the floor outside. Britney back into the ring, laying on the apron, looking down at Rayne coyly.

Britney (off mic) – I guess we're not friends anymore, huh?

Backstage Segment

All to be see are stairs.

Bully – Over my dead body! Over my dead body! Those are the words I heard going into Slammiversary. Ethan Carter, they say you have to be tough to be lucky, and you proved that you're pretty damn tough by hanging with me in a Texas Death Match, but you know damn well, in your heart, that you were even luckier. If it wasn't for Spud and your Aunt Dixie, you know damn well that in that Texas Death Match, you'd have never walked out alive. I have guaranteed the wrestling world that I will finally put your Aunt Dixie through a table, and I swear to God that I'm going to keep my promise, but tonight, you're going to go through first. Bully Ray, Ethan Carter, Tables Match, NEXT!


Backstage Segment

MVP – This is Lashley, 6'2", 365lbs, he is the TNA WHC, and I'll go on record to predict that he will be the most dominant Champion in TNA history. I have to give EY where it's due. He has tremendous heart, but all the heart in the world won't help him beat The Specimen. I just don't understand how many times Angle is going to throw the gazelle to the lion. It doesn't make any sense. Kurt, you did this. You're the one who made Lashley's first Title defense against EY, so I hope you don't hold Lashley responsible or me responsible for what happens in that ring.

Tables Match – EC3 vs Bully Ray

EC3 to the ring. Video of Spud saving Dixie and EC3 putting Bully through the tables at Slammiversary. Bully out slowly, pointing to the fans in the cheap seats, chain in hand. He walks around the ring, riling the fans like a pro, then slamming his hand down on the stairs before climing and pointing some more. Bully on EC3's back with blows. Chop to EC3 in a corner, whipping him back and forth from corner to corner, then a huge clothesline.

"We want tables!" chants.

Bully beats on EC3 some more, then tosses him from the ring. EC3 eats the top step forcefully, then Bully drives EC3's head to the stairs again. Then again to the next set of stairs. More chants for tables, the fans are really into it, not just TNA piping in the chants. EC3 sent back in. Bully rushes, but EC3 sidesteps and Bully into the corner. EC3 telegraphs and is kicked for it. Bully elbow to EC3's head. Bully counts, and helps the 'Get the tables!' chant from the fans.

Bully out to get a table from under the ring, then back in to set it up – legs down, but kitty-corner. EC3 with a clothesline on Bully. EC3 tries to rile the fans and gets nothing. Ec slams Bully face first to the mat a couple times, showing off each time. EC3 grabs Bully's chain, swings it over his head, wraps it around his fist, but Bully from his knees with chops on EC3, but finally EC3 with a blow to Bully with the chained fist. EC3 in Bully's face yelling, then on Bully with blows in a corner, but only gets three before lifted by Bully.

Bully heading for the table, but Spud in a red suit with white hearts. (I know he's from the UK, but he's really dressed for the wrong holiday!) Spud with a low blow to Bully and the two of them work him over.

"Gore! Gore! Gore!"

Rhyno runs to the ring, stops himself before goring Spud, but then turns and gores Bully! Serious heat for Rhyno who poses on a corner. Rhyno to another corner, with Spud on his back as EC3 chokeslams Bully through the table to win the match.

Winner – EC3 (6:59)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Roode – Being out there felt great. It's been too damn long. I took out King, now you get retribution over Lashley for the WHC. Tonight's your night EY.

EY – Yeah. I know.

Roode – You don't sound like a guy going to get you Title back, what's going on?

EY – The facts paint the picture, he's a beast. Collegiate Champion, fought in the Army, still fights in the MMA. I'm 0-3 against him. On paper I don't stand a chance.

Roode – Those might be the facts, but EY, give me the facts on you?

EY – Well, the fact is no one thought I was going to be Champion.

Roode – Right.

EY – The fact is no one thought I'd defend week in and week out against guys like you.

Roode – Exactly!

EY – No one believed at Slammiversary I was walking out Champion with the odds stacked against me. Tonight I take what I believe and make it true. What I believe is Lashley is bigger than me in every way possible, except here, in the heart. I'm taking this and I'm going to war. I'm going to prove the naysayers wrong again when I get my Title back.

Roode – That's what I like to hear EY. I want to be in your corner, because I want to make sure Kenny King or MVP won't be a factor tonight.



Replay of Spud, and Rhyno attacking Bully to cost him the match.

Backstage Segment

Rhyno – I don't owe anybody anything, sometimes I do things just because I want to. Just ask Bully, he knows better than anybody.

EC3 – This interview is over.

Spud – Cut that camera. Get out of here. (Yet they're the ones who turn and walk away.)


TNA to Japan.


Shaw in his padded cell, and flashes of video of Christy, Anderson, and even Gunner.


Earlier today, Gunner is with Shaw.

Gunner - You ready? You good? We got you out of the asylum, got the straight jacket off from you, you just need to gain some trust around here. How does it feel to be back here?

Shaw – It feels a little weird man.

Gunner – It's going to, you just gotta start building trust. You're different. We need to start with apologies, and need to start right now with you-know-who. You're back, it's all good. Every...

Anderson comes around the corner whistling. All three stop in their tracks.

Anderson – You've got to be friggen kidding me.

Gunner – Just give him a chance man. Just give him a chance.

Anderson – Just give him a chance? I spent months getting his ass out of here. (to Shaw) I don't like you! He's a creepy bastard.

Gunner – Lay off from him.

Anderson – Give me on good reason why I should lay off from him. Why I should give Mr. Samuel Shaw another chance.

Gunner – One reason? You out of all people travel with me, you know my stories. You know my friend. He got his leg blew off in the military, PTSD, ended up in padded cell like Shaw. Where would he be without me going in there and talking to him, my friend. Like Sam. Where would these guys be? Maybe they just needed a chance. You know, never leave a man behind, that's friend and family. I'd do the same for you.

Anderson – That's your friend?

Gunner – Absolutely. Give him a chance.

Anderson (to Gunner) – Alright, well, I appreciate your story, I really do. (to Sam) If you've changed so much, you wouldn't mind talking to a friend of mine. Okay?

Gunner – Let's do it.

They go around a corner, knock on a door and Christy answers, but you on hear her voice. Anderson asks if she minds if they come in. She agrees, at first.

Hemme – What's he doing here?

Anderson – I just, trust me, I got you.

Hemme – Come on Gunner.

Anderson – Trust me, trust Gunner, please.

Hemme – Okay.

Hemme is watching Anderson closely, hands on her hips. Anderson is all clenched fists, then relaxes.

Anderson – You already know each other, obviously, so, Gunner says Samuel has changed. Do you have anything you want to say to Christy?

Shaw – Christy, I know I've done some things to you, and ah, I've been in an institution for a while, trying to deal with the problems that I had, um, that stem from my childhood. I'm getting help from the institution, from Gunner, and um, I'm a different person now. I just want to move on, if you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I want to apologize. I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry.

Shaw turns and walks out, leaving Hemme confused. Gunner throws his arms out and follows Shaw.

Anderson (under his breath, with Hemme watching him) – I don't know. I don't know.

Backstage Segment

Love looking in the mirror. Behind her, Velvet is cuddled up on Stiffler, kissing his cheek and rubbing all over him.
Stiffler – Man, people are saying I went to far at Slammiversary.

Love – Too far, you were just doing your job. Velvet, who's the ref assigned to my Title Match?

Velvet – You are Brian. You looked so good doing it, and you did such an amazing job up there.

Love – There's judgment calls in every sport. How dare Earl Hebner treat you like it's your first night on the job.

Velvet – Nobody puts Stiffy in the corner.

Love - He's just jealous because you deserve to be head ref. For some reason Gail gets a rematch tonight. This is a very important match tonight, so we need our man calling it for us. So, are you going to be my man tonight Stiffy?

Stiffler – Yes, yes I am. I talked to the old man and demanded I have this match tonight.

Love – And?

Stiffler – He said it won't be a problem.

Velvet – I just want you to know, confidence is so sexy.

Love – And so is winning. You want to be around winners, don't you Stiffy?

Stiffler – Oh yeah.

Velvet – With that being said, (slaps him on the bum) see you out there buddy. (Stiffler leaves.)

Velvet – We got this, and we got him.

Love – Holler.

Velvet – Oh, Stiffler, Stiffler, Stiffler.


Backstage Segment

Angle – Stiffler, come here. You're not reffing this match. Every time you ref a TBP match they're making you look foolish, which in turn makes TNA look foolish. They're making you look like a rookie. Brian (Hebner), you get in there. (To Stiffler) Maybe you'll learn from this.

Backstage Segment

The Menagerie all together.

Knux – You're not getting this, this is the wrestling business, not the carnival business. To make money, we have to win. He's asking for his money. (The Freak poses to show off his muscles.) That's not going to make him money Freak. He needs his money. You understand me right?

Crazzy Steve – Honk, honk!

Knux – Great! Alright, let's take a quick five and we'll get back at her. (to Rebel) We got a lot of work to do.

Rebel – We sure as hell do.

Knockouts Championship Match – Angelina Love (c) vs Gail Kim

Kim to the ring. Video of Stiffler messing things up at Slammiversary. TBP out together, showing off their wares, then posing on the corners. Brian makes Velvet leave the ring, takes the strap from Love.

Brian calls for the bell and Love tries to get cuddly with him, but he wants none of it. Kim on Love, then out onto Love. Behind Brian's back, Velvet pushes Kim into the post face first. In the ring Love gets two for it.

Love wrenches Kim in the ropes, then a drop kick sends Kim back out. Brian yells at Velvet to stay away from Kim, but Love distracts and Velvet with a huge clothesline on Kim. Love out, rolls Kim back in for two.

Love shows off, gets heat for it, then hang Kim upside-down in a corner, then on her with kicks that obviously don't even touch Kim. Drop kick to Kim, she falls and Love gets two.

Love eats an elbow, but then Velvet grabs Kim's ankle. Kim pulls Velvet up, but Velvet free and hang Kim up top. Brian Hebner is done and kicks Velvet out, back to the locker room!. Kim rolls Love up for two.

Forearm to Love's face, then kicks, a shoulder block and a big clothesline from Kim! Love whipped, Kim across Love's gut. Kim up top with a missile drop kick, but slow covering and only gets two.

Love jacks Kim's jaw, but then Kim back. Botox injection on Kim knocking her out of the ring. Love stops the count and goes out to roll Kim in for two.

Love pitches a hissy. Kim blocks botox, lands eat defeat, and pins Love for three!

Winner & new Knockouts Champion – Gail Kim (6:02)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Kim poses as Love wails on the ramp in fury.


Showing how Lashley has used those around him to win and keep the TNA WHC.

Backstage Segment

Lashley heading for the ring. EY heading down a different hallway to the ring.


Backstage Segment

Angle asked how things are going so far.

Angle – It's been busy good. Look at the action tonight! Things are evolving. This summer we're taking the show to New York City. I'm excited.

(Can you let us in on the future at all?)

Angle – I'll give you a sneak peak. Next week, all titles are up for grabs, except the WHC. I have a 20 Man Battle Royal for the #1 Contender for the WHC, so next week's going to be huge.

TNA WHC – Bobby Lashley (c) vs Eric Young

EY out to the ring. Video recap of his three losses to Lashley. Lashley out to face him. MVP follows along on crutches. Roode out to the ring to even the odds.


Lashley behind EY, takes him down, but EY avoided the elbow. EY to the ropes and MVP trips EY. Roode tells Earl what he saw. Earl is tossing them both out of the ringside, sending them to the lockers. MVP calls Roode a big snitch. EY on Lashley with blows. EY whipped, gets a shoulder up. EY out slapping hands. EY leans back, baiting Lashley to come out. EY flees, around and into the ring, and on Lashley as he comes in.

Lashley on EY, and EY tries to fight back. EY up top, and Lashley knocks him to the floor. EY holds his ankle, Earl out to check on him, but Lashley on the ankle and slams it onto the apron. EY's ankle then into the post. Lashley again uses the post to slam EY's ankle against. Lashley jumps up on the apron, into the ring, but EY on him with blows. EY sells the ankle, so can't do much. Leg sweep on EY. Single leg Boston crab-type hold on EY in the center of the ring. EY can't get the ropes. Lashley pulls him back, then slams the ankle down. Lashley gets two.

EY off the corner with a missile drop kick. EY again climbs, but Lashley is there, up on the second ropes. They fight up there, punches back and forth. Lashley falls to the mat and EY lands his flying elbow for two.

EY calls for his piledriver, but he can't use that ankle. Lashley gets EY up and slams him to the mat to heat from the fans. EY slow to his feet, Lashley is stalking EY. Spear to EY and Lashley gets the three.

Winner – Lashley (6:56)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Lashley is pouring sweat as Earl raises one arm, Lashley holds the strap up with the other. Lashley up on a corner to pose with the strap over his shoulder.

Biggest pop
Bully Ray

Biggest Heat

Biggest Swerve

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            I just sent Sam off for her first overnight with Ellie, and it’s two nights. Not worried because my girls are together, but it’s strange sending her off with someone other that Stacy’s parents and not needing to worry!

          • Jesse Sherwood

            I understand that. I fear for the day I do it with Conner. And Sam has been asking when I am coming back! I’m making plans around the end of Sept-Oct 4th!

          • Oh! I didn’t know that! I told her that I didn’t think you were coming up this fall. lol Little I know!

          • Jesse Sherwood

            I won’t have the spending money I had last time, but it will be fun regardless!

  • CJ Blaze

    I’m here! Looks like I will only be watching Impact tonight as I was just informed my WWE Network account is being suspended until I fix a problem so no NXT for me tonight.

    • Why suspended? What did you do?

      • CJ Blaze

        Some kind of credit card problem or something. I don’t know why but it’s frustrating.

      • Jesse Sherwood

        He supported Emma despite the E!

        • CJ Blaze


  • Jesse Sherwood

    So tonight, we have the X, Tag, and World Titles on the line! It’s real, IT’S DAMN REAL!

    • Honestly, I should have read the spoilers to be prepared, but I didn’t. Hopefully I have the names all programed in, and don’t mess up on the names and moves too bad.

  • Jesse Sherwood


  • Jesse Sherwood

    Here we go!!!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    And Angle is starting us off! Looks like fun!

  • CJ Blaze

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on TNA today and pretty much all summer. There have been 15 TNA World title matches so far this year, while there have been 5 WWE title defenses.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      That shows how over exposed they are making the TNA title. That’s 2 1/2 times a month.

      • CJ Blaze

        I was surprised by the number. And that’s more than any of the other TNA titles this year as well.

        • Jesse Sherwood

          That’s probably more than any major company’s titles period.

  • CJ Blaze

    Push Joe!

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Joe is TNA’s most underrated star thanks to creative. He should always be in a top spot on the card, yet TNA treats him as midcard talent.

  • CJ Blaze

    First title match of the night! And it’s the 11th tag title defense on TV this year. But I do love The Wolves.

  • CJ Blaze

    What happened to The Freak teaming with Crazzy Steve?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Apparently it’s false advertisement. Or TNA is scared of Terry being in the ring again…

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Loving Roode’s new haircut and him going back to the lyrical version of his theme.

    • CJ Blaze

      I agree with both!

      • Jesse Sherwood

        The lyrics help ID him as a face, and aren’t as bad as I remember!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    “I’m off the chain… Never gonna be the same!!!”

  • Jesse Sherwood

    King isn’t too awful tonight!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Wait, didn’t they just say there were no falls? BAKA!!!

  • CJ Blaze

    EC3 baby!

  • CJ Blaze

    Aries trying to repeat 2012?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      I hope so!

      • CJ Blaze

        Me too!!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Aries and Sanada for the X Division title next week?! YES!!!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Brittany looks good in the red white and blue!

    • CJ Blaze

      I get to meet her next weekend!

      • Jesse Sherwood


        • CJ Blaze

          She’s appearing at an indy show and through a person knowing a person I got hooked up to talk to her before the show. Can’t wait!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Boring…. Boring….

    • CJ Blaze

      Not anymore

      • Jesse Sherwood

        Nope! She got some edge!!!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    EC3 vs Bully Ray will be the highlight of the night!!!

    • CJ Blaze

      Will the streak end? Will Dixie come close to going through a table again??

      • Jesse Sherwood

        I hope so! This is the tease that I won’t get tired of!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Lashley is a nice guy in real life, but I hate him in TNA. He just doesn’t fit for me.

  • CJ Blaze

    Here we go! Trouble, trouble, trouble

    • Jesse Sherwood

      I have that theme on my phone!

      • Jesse Sherwood

        And it’s set as my ex’s ring tone!

        • CJ Blaze


          • Jesse Sherwood

            Better than the old one. “I’m a b****…”

          • CJ Blaze

            This is making me laugh probably more than I should.

          • Jesse Sherwood

            If you knew my ex wife, you would know I’m being nice! Ask Kendra!

  • Jesse Sherwood


  • CJ Blaze


  • Jesse Sherwood


  • CJ Blaze

    And the streak continues!

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Unbeaten in singles matches!

      • CJ Blaze

        When and who do you think will end it?

        • David Jr.

          Who ever the booker is, he’ll book himself to end the streak.

          • CJ Blaze

            Hmm. I wonder if it will keep going to the point that he wins the World title and beats everyone that challenges him?

          • Jesse Sherwood

            I’m betting it ends at BFG.

          • CJ Blaze

            I think that’s a good guess.

          • David Jr.

            Yeah but instead of having him win the title on Pay-Per-View, they’ll have him win it on Impact to try to beat NXT in ratings despite NXT only being on WWE network.

          • flex brown

            Dawg its not wcw

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Rhyno still looks great!

  • Jesse Sherwood

    BFG is going to be fun.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Sam Shaw is easily one of the best gimmicks in TNA. We need a segment each week!

    • CJ Blaze

      haha and now he’s meeting Anderson in the hall. It just gets better and better.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    CREEPY B******!!!!

  • CJ Blaze

    “Will you be my referee tonight Stiffy?” oh brother

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Any man named Stiffler should be embarrassed by TNA.

      • flex brown

        Its suppose to be funny smh

  • CJ Blaze

    Can’t wait for Destination X. It will mark a year since I started watching TNA

  • CJ Blaze

    And Gail Kim is your NEW Knockouts Champion!

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Thank Freya!

  • CJ Blaze

    Main event time!

  • CJ Blaze

    Obviously not shocking Lashley retains. Next week all titles are on the line, except the World title, and #1 contenders battle royal takes place!