TNA Impact Wrestling's Project In India Named

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TNA Impact Wrestling's new promotion in India is called Ring Ka King. Fifty-two weekly episodes will begin in either January or February next year on Colors in India.

  • hurrigame

    Should’ve called it LAME.

    • Dufus

      I thought most of India are without electricity or running water so who will watch this?

      • Matt Scott

        Wow. How racist is that!? Just wow.

  • Tal Gill

    Ring Ka King means King of the Ring

    • eurosario

      Can’t they get sued for that since WWE has a international trademark on it

    • Dufus

      @ Tal Gill – it actually translates to " Ring of King". Oh well, a lot of translations wind up backwards when translated to english. lol

  • Louis

    No because the king of the ring is called a common term used in movie and sporting events such as Boxing and UFC now if they try to name a ppv or a impact wrestling show then they can b sued

  • Louis

    They can’t b sued cause its use as a common terms in movies and boxing and even UFC events now if used a a special ppv or as in saying the Impacts king of the Ring then yes