TNA Interest In John Morrison, Sorensen Coming To ROH, ECIII Bound For Glory

- John Morrison brought up TNA Wrestling's interest in him in a recent media interview. This is a story we've visited before and nothing came out of it. There have been talks between Morrison and TNA and Morrison and WWE but no deal has been reached with either organization. That's not to say it won't happen, it's just to reiterate it hasn't happened yet.

- ROH Wrestling announced on Friday here on their official website that Jessy Sorensen is coming to the company. According to the release, Sorensen will face Tomasso Ciampa at Glory by Honor on October 26th in Chicago, Illinois.

- Ethan Carter III is coming to TNA Bound for Glory this Sunday. You can watch the vignette at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Xavier

    Another example of why TNA is, was, and will always be joke of a promotion that should never be taken serious. Instead of building up in home talent they go out and get WWE rejects and try to build the company around them. People always blame Hogan/Bischoff for all of TNA’s problems but the truth is that TNA has been a slowly sinking ship since 2006. Hogan showing up there only highlighted and brought more attention to the sinking ship so naturally people point the finger at him & Bischoff.

    • Nostaljack

      A-M-E-N. Glad you said it and not me. Every word of this is truth. Preach!

    • Ricky

      Agreed, TNA likes to bring in WWE wash outs like Batman, Anderson, Hardy. Instead of focusing on their own talents. TNA needs to clean house get rid of those only in it for their own good and bring in people who care about the product instead of keeping their name fresh (Hogan!)

    • Stephen

      Normally I would agree with you whole heartily but this time I think it’s a great sign by TNA. WWE never really gave Bateman a full chance. Yes he was on the first run of NXT but I think we can all agree how horrible that show turned out. Bateman is great in the ring and deserves to be in it. Also he’s still young. I am not going to bash TNA for this one.

      • Xavier

        My bad bro, I was actually referring to TNA trying to sign John Morrison. I have no problem with them signing Bateman. He’s still not well known and it’s very early in his career so TNA can claim him as their own.

    • smark calloway

      you have to think with your business head not your mark head though. now, i havent liked tna since 07 either and think it has been on the downside ever since. so i agree with you there. however i can see why they would bring in any former wwe stars . first it is because they are already well known and have a fanbase already , they are established and have name value ( they dont need to build them from scratch to get them over as people already know who they are ) so the fans they have from wwe would hopefully tune in to see them each week . secondly it is good for the talent as they know that being a former wwe superstar they are generally going to be put into a good spot , and are going to get a good money contract ..but as a mark as well,i cant stand it and wish that the likes of anderson, hulk etc that have just came into tna and helped ruin it by stinking up the screen each week , would just go away . then they can make tna an alternative to wwe like it used to be

      • Xavier

        I don’t see how Morrison does anything to help TNA. He’s pretty average on the mic, he’s great at doing the flashy spots in all but overall he’s not that great of a worker nor was he draw of any sorts. His DVD that WWE did about him didn’t sale well at all. Morrison is a good upper midcard talent guy but that’s really as high as his ceiling is.

        • smark calloway

          no i know . me and you know that ,but to tna he is a ” star ” and will draw because he has been in wwe..thats their logic i think

  • michael

    Is ECIII going to be Dixies son? Play up the rich angle?

    • code