TNA Issues Press Release On Changes For Impact Wrestling

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- TNA issued the following press release today:



NASHVILLE, TN (May 30, 2012)– TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced today that the highly-rated weekly series will be making changes to its programming to include a hybrid of reality and explosive action each Thursday, live on SPIKE TV at 8:00pm/ ET. The reality elements and production technique represent the most significant evolution in this genre in more than 15 years.

“We took a step back to look at our product with fresh eyes,” says TNA IMPACT WRESTLING President Dixie Carter. “People watch TV differently today than before, and the wrestling format itself has become stale. What happens backstage, in the office and on the road is so entertaining that we decided it was time to pull the curtain way back and give viewers a peek at that world as well. Over the next few weeks and months, viewers will continue to see our show evolve as we expose more real aspects of our business that have always been sacred,” she continued.

This announcement is a key component in the continued growth of the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING brand that is bringing game-changing programming to the world of professional wrestling. Cameras will be everywhere. Meetings will be shot in real time and unscripted as we capture moments; not produced segments. Access to conversations and vantage points that have never been seen before, such as production meetings, talent evaluations and post match critiques, will be revealed. Combined with an emphasis on story structure, long term character and story development, these changes will help IMPACT WRESTLING pioneer the next generation of wrestling entertainment programming.

Going live allows IMPACT WRESTLING a deeper connection with our audience via social media. Starting with the May 31st broadcast, IMPACT WRESTLING will be the most socially interactive television program in the history of professional wrestling. Viewers will have a variety of unique opportunities to participate and influence certain elements of the program through various social media platforms. Also, backstage will take center stage, as fans will have access to live interviews being conducted featured on

About IMPACT WRESTLING IMPACT WRESTLING is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling, airing in over 120 countries worldwide. Join Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Sting, Bobby Roode, Velvet Sky, Brooke Hogan, the lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts and the no-limits X-Division for “IMPACT WRESTLING” every Thursday night LIVE at 8:00 pm ET on SPIKE. For more information on IMPACT WRESTLING, visit TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.

  • Ben

    This is either going to save tan or (more likely) be one of the many nails in the coffin (joining flair hogan and bischoff)

  • Patrick_Peralta

    "TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced today that the highly-rated weekly series"

    Question: Since When?

    • British bulldog

      Depends. What is the average ratings of all the other weekly shows on American TV?? We all know TNA don’t compare to WWE ratings, but what about if compared to other shows?

      Also, TNA/IW is very popular here in the UK, mostly because it’s on a free channel, so most UK wrestling fans watch it.

      My point is, TNA ratings compared with ALL other shows on American TV maybe ‘highly rated’ (certainly not the highest)….. But of course, maybe not.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Until Hulk, Bishoffs and Brooke get released, no changes is going to get my attention. Sorry TNA

  • Brandon Ceielo

    The "behind the scenes" stuff sound interesting, but it's jarring to me seeing that they're going with WWE's social media interaction. They just keep reacting to what WWE are doing. I haven't seen TNA in months, but I'll have to check that out.

  • J-Dub

    "…TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced today that the highly-rated weekly series will be making changes…"

    I am a fan of TNA, but I would like to know what ratings they are looking at. I look at the rating each week on WNW and if you can consider your ratings as high. What do you consider WWE's ratings? Just a thought.

  • Karl

    Why would anyone take TNA serious when it is being run by someone with that name Dixie. Childish name.

    • British bulldog

      Karl with a K?

      So childish

      • Karl

        British Bulldog as your name?


  • MonstaHeel 450

    So which of these wrestlers will have their own "Pipers Pit", "Cutting Edge", or "Peep Show"? Oh wait…..

    Sigh. The more things change…..

  • Louis

    I think going live is good, but the behind the curtain can put u in a Conner u can’t get out of now a seperate show late nite that slow words and things to be said and seen may work. What u really need is the ability to draw wrestler and don’t have to pay a lot such as titles and tv show appearances.