TNA Issues Press Release On Creation Of Their Own Hall Of Fame

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- TNA issued the following press release in regards to the launch of their official Hall of Fame:


TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced the beginning of a “TNA Hall of Fame” with the first inductee to be announced at this year’s 10th Anniversary celebration, “Slammiversary” in Arlington, Texas.

TNA President Dixie Carter announced the news as part of the first live IMPACT WRESTLING event of the summer from Universal Studios.

This is TNA’s chance to recognize the great contributions of the people who gave so much to make this 10-year anniversary possible.

“This 10 year milestone is an incredible achievement for TNA,” stated TNA President Dixie Carter. “In honor of that, we felt it was time to begin recognizing the contributions of those who have made the greatest impact on our success."

TNA Wrestling was founded in Nashville in the summer of 2002 and this June marks the 10th year anniversary. The internationally televised “Slammiversary” pay-per-view event will be one of the biggest nights in TNA’s history.

The annual live, anniversary pay-per-view extravaganza is scheduled for Sunday night, June 10, at The College Park Center in Arlington. Limited tickets for “Slammiversary” are still available at and The College Park Arena box office.

  • Aldin94

    Ken Shamrock First NWA-TNA Champion.

  • Dave Barton

    Jarrett family, Dixie, AJ & Daniels…the top 4 imho (no particular order).

  • kevin

    Scott steiner is looking more and more right they have list there minds at TNA

  • Norman

    first hall of famer, hulk hogan! for creating TNA! >.>

  • chef

    how is this gunna work?

  • XKonn247

    This is the worst idea they’ve ever had. Ten years? Didn’t WWE wait about 50? It’s rediculous.

  • JFetch

    Calling someone a hall of famer means their career is basically over. The problem is all the people good enough to be in the TNA HOF is still wrestling with the company.

  • Craigscool88

    The first one will probably be sting coz he is at legendary status or it will be jarret

  • James M>>>

    If imitation is the purest form of flattery, TNA surely is flattering the hell out of wwe’s nuts. Can’t they come up with anything that’s original or makes you think, wow-thats cool.

  • Howard Stern

    Just what TNA needs, something else to drain significant amounts of money and make no profit in return.

  • Robert olley

    The tna hof is just Yet another hogan attempt to get on par with vince

  • mr shwo

    oh my have they lost their ever loving minds, what a slap to the face this is, they've been around 10 years of which they've over pushed wwe mid-carders and held down their own. and i thought the wwe hall of fame joke…

  • Freebleeder

    Hahahahaha. What a joke

  • iamjohnnymcb

    the first inductee: pacman jones….

  • Mr.Love

    First inductee, hulk hogan….. Introduced by none other than hulk hogan, with a way too long acceptance speech by hulk hogan and don’t forget 10 minutes of poseing to milk every last drop of absolute stupidity and a waste of resources on some thing that will gain no profit at all. The women’s, better yet my nephews tee ball team with have more people at his next game than tna will have visit there so called “hof” in the next 5 years

  • Chris

    I hope this Hall of Fame pushes those who feel “loyal” to TNA out of the goddamn door when those who HAVE contributed to making TNA what it is are overlooked in favour of those who are just a flash in the pan.

    I can see them putting in Hogan so that he too is a two-time Hall of Famer. Not this year, that’s way too on-the-nose, but certainly next year.

  • Slayermalti:I don’t give two s***s if Christian is a heel or face. I’ve always liked chris since the times of E C the cool dudes. I wish he could be given some optiptunories. Got fed up of having orton and cena ALWAYS on top of everyone else. GO CHRIS!!!