TNA Issues Statement Regarding Current Litigation Against WWE

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- TNA Wrestling issued the following press release:

TNA Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding Current Litigation

NASHVILLE, Tenn -- TNA Entertainment, LLC President Dixie Carter releases a statement in regard to the recent TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) the company filed against WWE in the Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville, Tennessee.

TNA President Dixie Carter states, "We were not surprised that the Court originally granted a swift temporary restraining order against WWE to prohibit interference with TNA's contracts and business relationships. I'm pleased that the Court has now replaced that temporary measure with the most recent judicial Order. The Judge's current Order sends a strong message about the importance of TNA protecting its trade secrets. Obviously, the accuracy of what WWE has represented remains important, so I look forward to the discovery process and what is revealed during litigation. As always, we will vigorously protect TNA and its brand from damage at the hands of any and all sources, no matter who is involved."

  • who?

    "we will vigorously protect TNA and its brand from damage at the hands of any and all sources, no matter who is involved"

    i LOL when read this part.

  • Wes

    Wwe lawyers will chew up tna’s legal team, I hope Vince buys tna and burns and destroys all evidence it ever existed

    • Dangerous Lee

      You mad bro? Did tna steal your girlfriend or something? Or are you just a wrestling nazi?

    • dddddd

      maybe wwe lawyers will chew up tnas…BUT,for the past month,tna tv and sundays ppv have eaten up wwe tv.
      last nites raw snoozefest made me Cut it off at 9:05 and i watched slammiversary AGAIN.

  • james

    i really think vince already owns tna

    • DJ S

      i think so also.

  • smithmiester

    Really? You are all the same boring ingrates that constantly put down TNA. Change the record! And why do you hope vince buys and destroys TNA? There are much better wrestlers then in wwe and besides that they are trying to make a living so I think it’s a bit stupid to say you hope people’s lively hood gets destroyed just because you have a IQ of a fish.

    • william cessna

      are you joking tna has better wrestlers!!!!!!!!! ……you smoking banana peels or what..i wish tna would put a better product out to wrestling fans.this would push wwe to get a little more serious with their wrestling product.i enjoy pro wrestling.have for over 50 years.but in todays market their is so much competion with other sports that's pushing viewers to watch more realistic sports products.dixie carter needs to stay off camera and tna needs to cut out the bs and wrestle..more wrestling more often.i want tna to succeed.maybe that would wake up wwe .

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I have to agree with "smithmiester" he made a good point… want to see a person's lively hood destroyed just because you don't like the product is being petty about it. boils down to if you can do better then prove it or keep quiet..

    TNA may not be perfect but least it's a place for wrestlers to work and do the best they can with what they have.

    • revname

      Did you catch the first match of slamaversary? Astin Aries was incerdable. You can" see that in the WWE. That was the begining match, not the main event. so what coolaide are the rest of you drinking? Not to mention the Knockouts. Wich for some reason wwe has sent their females packing? No wonder their jumping ship and going to TNA.

  • BigMattZ

    TNA is actually putting together a pretty good show right now. The Knockout Division blows away anything the WWE Divas are doing. Surprisingly the whole Abyss, Joesph Park and Bully Ray thing is actually being done well. Austin Aries is the most entertaining thing in both companies. Bobby Roode vs Sting is getting a little old. Overall, right now, TNA has the better show. Can't believe I just said that.

    • JamieSNZ

      The WWE Divas are actually doing something? Apart from AJ that is.

  • Thhefen

    I don't know anything about a lively hood but I'd hate for anyone to loose their livelihood! 😉

    • nefty131

      Yo, yo, yo! It’s Cryme Time!!!

    • christopher525

      A lively hood is a way for scared white people that want to look LESS racist to say "N-word quarters."

  • sam

    WWE…. will forever RULE TNA… It doesn't matter what talent TNA brings in… WWE is forever going to be the number 1 brand.

  • ZackPack

    TNA is getting much better at the moment and anyway, competition would be a good thing.

  • JIM

    GEEZ!! The only thing this lawsuit has done is reinforced Dixie's fantasy that TNA is on the same level as the WWE. I'm lead to think that just by reading her statement. You also have to love her quote "The Judge’s current Order sends a strong message about the importance of TNA protecting its trade secrets". What trade secrets? Is there really any trade secrets in the wrestling business? All she could possibly be referring to is the expiration date on talent contracts, and you can find that out just by asking the person under contract. So what's the big secret?

  • Hyn-zie

    I hate the fact that wwe is so predictable and PG rated, also their matches on a normal night barely lasts 10 minutes, with all their policies its getting a drag, haven said that the wellness policy is a good thing to have as you dont have strung out junkies the likes of Jeff H running about, at times the policy can be a bit extreme but its a good thing to have in place, TNA is entertaining and does what wwe havent done for years and that is entertain with that little bit of unpredicability! The only thing bad thing about TNA is it has the likes of Hogan ruining it! Also Competition is good and hopefully WWE will look at the COMPETITION and take a step back abolish their poxy pg rating and let the wrestlers start tearing sh!t up, i miss the atitude era BIGTIME