TNA Live Event Results (2/22/13) - Indy Quality Show Bombs

Below are quick results from Friday night's TNA Wrestling live event in Detroit, Michigan:

* Joseph Park b. Robbie E

* Devon b. Magnus with interference from an Aces & Eights member (which was actually TNA road agent D-Lo Brown under the hood)

* James Storm b. Austin Aries

Kurt Angle b. Mr. Anderson. Aces and Eights were involved in the match.

* Jeff Hardy b. Bobby Roode in a steel cage match to retain the TNA Championship

We're told attendance was only around 400 and the show was of indy quality. The steel cage took nearly 20 minutes to setup but the actual bout was only 8 minutes.

Because the Fillmore Theater is a concert venue and the crowd was 10 feet lower than the ring, energy was hard to generate.

NFL free agent Kyle Vanden Bosch was in attendance.

  • doubleb1076

    lmao. i feel sorry for the idiots who paid to see 5 matches. come on and tna expects to hit the road and gain more main stream attention, and this the best they can do. what a joke.

  • PainOfDemise

    Sounds like it was a horrible show to attend.

  • lbp365

    Well I hate to say I told u so but……. that’s why I said they mayve do a tv on the road for two shows and back in Orlando for two shows this give them a chance or if the venue is too empty to have a back up plan don’t think for the moment think for the future storylines and all your monday nite would have work if u keep thursday and done a 1hr. 9pm central time show that was set up to answer storylines from thursday I would even say know a monday late night show will work.

  • phenix2032


  • lbp365

    My keys was working good but what I was trying to say I told u so they should have mixed it up two shows on the road two shows tape so if the venue was empty they had time to correct it and empty venue hurts worst then the bad storylines. Think for not just the moment but to set up weeks the monday nite idea would have work if u keep the thursday nite show and use a 1 hr. Monday nite show to answer things from Thursday think TNA u say u listen to your fans do u?