TNA Live Results (1/17/14) - Mobile AL; Photo Of Low Attendance

Below are quick results from Friday's TNA live event in Mobile, Alabam:

* TNA X Division Champion Chris Sabin b. Austin Aries

* TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne b. Gail Kim

* Gunner b. Bobby Roode

* Ethan Carter III b. Eric Young

* TNA Champion Magnus b. James Storm

* Samoa Joe b. Bully Ray in a Steel Cage match.

The story was not in the ring, however, but the low attendance. There were very few people there as I posted a photo on Twitter that you can view below:

  • Patrick

    it’s no more then your average indy show and I’ve been to many indy shows.

    • josh

      Their house shows usually draw a lot more than this.

  • Chris

    Looks like a typical NXT house show attendance, pretty bad for the “second biggest wrestling organization.”

  • Nostaljack

    This speaks *directly* to their inability to promote themselves. The talent in TNA doesn’t deserve this.

  • Guille20008

    Hulk Hogan killed Impact Wrestling!!! AJ Styles, Alex Shelly, Sting, Mr.Anderson, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Bully Ray, Jeff Jarrett… The list goes on and on. These are (in exeption to a few) that are TNA Originals, and could all be compared to any of the talent in WWE. I look at Hogan as a joint for TNA. WhenTNA smoked joint Hogan they thought that they were their… That the had reached the stars. NOT TRUE!!! The real case was that it was a huge investment which as all drugs do take you to a great high, though long-term you find yourself swimming in misery. I looked forward to Monday Night Wars 2.0 and they were gonna happen! In 10 years!!! After TNA had mas a name for themselves internationally, and were worth millions of dollars. We can officially declare TNA a nobody in this business and pray for a Ted Turner to purchase it, or a Vince McMahon to honor their memory. Thank you Jeff Jarrett, you are a Paul Heymen. Hogan. You are the TV deals.

    • Nostaljack

      Hulk didn’t kill TNA. He did a bunch of stupid things that didn’t improve their lot but Jarrett and company were hardly going gangbusters. Their ratings weren’t great and no one knew who they were. That remains the case.

  • Jim Evans

    The way the picture was taken doesn’t mean anything. Look at how many people are sitting in where the lights are really not shining on. Great Try.

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Was this picture taken during or after the show? If it was taken after the show, then the person is an idiot for posting that photo. If the the picture was taken during the show, then this shows how Dixie Carter and management are not able to run a wrestling company. Whoever decides to buy TNA from Panda Enegy has more knowledge about wrestling and the proper use of money.

  • jonathon

    someone who was at the show said this was the 1st match of the night and it filled up a lot more after this..

    you would think all the wrestling “journalists ” around the internet would actually confirm something like this before posting it , but i guess with all the anit-tna propaganda why bother stating facts as long as it can smear tna right ?

    • Mike Farris

      From looking at this photo. the guy in the trunks standing up looks like Ethan Carter 3. and that was the 4th match on the card

      Because neither of those guys are Chris Sabin or Austin Aries and those 2 were the first match

  • Jason

    What’s surprising. The talent is a direct reflection of the attendance. Leave everything the same, and put Cena or Bryan there, the house is full. So the talent needs to step up, and take responsibility.

  • GOR

    TNA post AJ styles !

  • Pauluk

    We had more people at a local wrestling show here in Swindon, United Kingdom and it was in a tiny theatre. Shelter Benjamin headlined that show.
    I’ll be surprised if tna is still around in 5 years.

    • Pauluk

      Spelt his name wrong

  • 1molly23

    That’s just beyond sad – it’s pathetic!

  • Mike Stover

    the Alabama sports commission has things all screwed up for people and there killing local company’s

  • BamaLou17

    I was at the show and purchased front row seats. It was really sad seeing such a low turnout, however, there was 0 promotion locally for the show. Show started at 7:30 and we were leaving the arena at 9:30 (including taking photo with Samoa Joe post house show ringside)