TNA Live Results (8/15/14) - Indiana, PA; Davey Richards Injured?

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Alex Barie from TNANews.com attended Friday's TNA Wrestling live event in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He sent in the following results:

* Sanada beat DJ Zema Ion with a bridging tiger suplex

* Madison Rayne b. Angelina Love via roll-up

* James Storm b. Gunner with Last Call

* Bobby Roode b. Magnus with the Roode Bomb

* Eddie Edwards & Abyss b. Devon & Mr. Anderson. Davey Richards started the match but appeared to suffer some sort of injury. He was replaced by Abyss, who ended up getting attacked by Ethan Carter III, who had handcuffs. The finish saw Edwards pin Devon to win the match.

Attendance was estimated at 300-400.

  • David Gilbert

    erm..think it was Davey that actually broke his leg.

    • Allen Massey

      and ermmm people are allowed to make mistakes right.

      am i correct on that. or are you Mr Pefect and have never made a mistake in your life. never got below 100% on any class Assignment in Elementary, Middle, and High School and College. never Been Arrested or charged with a Crime. never mad a mistake at Work or ever committed a Sin in the eyes of the lord

      if you arent Mr Perfect. then you have no right to bitch at Mr Barie for mistaking one of the Wolves then

  • Vincenzo Russo