TNA Lockdown Results (3/9/14) - Who Is In Control?

Taz and Tenay talk a bit, but they're interrupted by word of something going on in the back. Eric Young isn't happy about the developments with Abyss and Magnus. He's being held back by Al Snow while yelling at Magnus.

Dixie is shown talking on the phone with Spud next to her. Dixie says tonight will be her crowning moment, before she sends Spud off. Bobby Roode comes in, wondering about the secret that Dixie's got tonight. Dixie says some things are better off left unsaid. Roode needs to do his thing, and she'll do hers. Bobby talks about his 10%. He says he won't trust Dixie with her track record. Dixie says she's made this a handicap match for Roode, so he'd better go out and win. Plus she's got her insurance policy. Roode says Dixie doesn't want him as her enemy. Dixie says she's got her part covered. Roode says he'll see her in the morning, calls her partner, and walks out.

This leads into a video package for Lethal Lockdown.

JB gives a quick rundown of the rules of Lethal Lockdown before bringing out the first participant for Team Dixie. Austin Aries comes out to the ring, getting another non-reaction from the fans.

The lights go out, and MVP is the first man out for his team, getting some cheers from the fans, probably in part due to wearing a Hurricane's jersey in front of fans and students of the University of Miami.

Lethal Lockdown
Team Dixie vs. Team MVP

The bell rings and both men look each other up and down. MVP talks a bit of smack to Aries, and Aries talks smack right back. Aries hits a right hand, but MVP comes back with a series of rights. Aries runs into a huge big boot from MVP, but he avoids a Yakuza kick in the corner. Aries hits a bulldog, bringing MVP out of the corner before locking in a head and arm submission with a bridge. Ares breaks the hold and lays across the top rope, posing in the corner. Aries heads to the top rope, but misses with a missile dropkick. MVP hits a nice high collar suplex, tossing Aries across the ring. MVP drives Aries' face into his knee, poses, and runs right into a roaring elbow from Aries.

Aries tries for a dropkick in the corner, but runs into a big boot. MVP connects with the yakuza kick in the corner, dropping Aries to the mat. MVP picks Aries up and slams him down before dropping the knee. MVP mounts Aries and grinds his forearm across Aries' face. MVP traps Aries in a front face lock, but Aries is quick to fight out of it. The two trade holds for a little. Aries does a headstand, leaping up and hitting a dropkick to avoid a headscissors. The clock begins to count down as Aries misses an elbow drop.

The next participant is Robbie E.

Robbie gets into the ring and is flapjacked down before MVP hits a running boot to the face. MVP hits a running clothesline in the corner on both men, but Aries comes back with a single leg dropkick. Robbie stomps away at MVP before raining down with a series of right hands. Robbie holds MVP up for Aries to hit a single axe handle smash from the top rope. Robbie goes to the top, and Aries hits an elbow to MVP's back, setting him up for a middle rope splash from Robbie.

Robbie stomps and chokes MVP in the corner, as does Aries. The clock counts down again, and the next man in the ring is Eddie Edwards.

Edwards catches Robbie with a head butt on his way into the ring. An explosive series of offense from Edwards. Edwards connects with a series of nasty chops to Robbie's chest before he hits a nice suplex to take Aries over and to his stomach. Edwards tosses Robbie into the cage wall, knocking his DJ back down to the floor. MVP chokes Aries with his boot in the corner before choking him against the bottom rope. Edwards hits an elbow to the back of Robbie's neck before charging in with a huge back elbow. MVP and Edwards send Aries flying across the ring hard. The clock is going down and MVP and Edwards chuck Robbie across the ring.

The next participant is Jesse.

Jesse is tosses over by MVP on his way into the ring. MVP takes Robbie to the mat, but turns around into a dropkick from Jesse. Aries and Jesse team up on Edwards, scoring a couple of quick strikes. The BroMans send Edwards into the air and slamming down to the mat before hitting back to back spears in the corner, and knees to the sides of Edwards' head. BroMans work over Edwards in the corner while Aries stomps MVP repeatedly.

It's just a good bit of brawling with a bit of triple teaming against Edwards as the clock counts down and Davey Richards makes his way out to the ring.

Richards gets caught by the BroMans, but he fights both off, sending Jesse into Robbie, and dropkicking Robbie, causing Robbie to DDT Jesse. The Wolves double team Robbie, scoring with a drop toe hold, kick to the side of the head combination. All three men team up against Aries. Davey hits a kick, Eddie hits a back elbow, and the Wolves double team Aries, putting him down to the mat. BroMans are able to come back, turning things around. The Wolves turn things around, trapping both men in single leg crabs until it's broken up by Aries.

The final entrant for Team Dixie is Bobby Roode.

MVP waits in the ring for Roode to enter. They stare each other down and get right in each other's faces. Both men trade forearms, and MVP eats a spinebuster from Roode. Roode sends Edwards into the ropes and hits another spinebuster, then a third for Richards. Roode says this is his company. Roode rips at the shoulder wrapping on Richards' arm. Roode stomps Richards' shoulders, causing him to scream in pain. BroMans come in and work over Davey together. MVP is able to score a couple of right hands on Aries, but it's short lived. The clock counts down again, and Willow's music hits.

The lights go out, and when they come back on, Willow is standing on the top of the cage. Willow leaps off, and it looks like he's not caught very well by the men in the ring. The top of the cage begins to come down from the ceiling, and JB announces the beginning of the Lethal Lockdown.

The good guys are stomping the heels to kill some time while the ceiling of the cage lowers slowly from the rafters. Dixie Carter's music hits, and she's out with a mic. Carter says she'd like to introduce the special guest referee, and her insurance policy. Bully Ray makes his way out from the back.

Team MVP huddle up and discuss the situation with each other for a bit. Team MVP is waiting for Bully at the cage door when he makes his way in. Team MVP is attacked from behind, and Bully goes under the ring. Bully pulls out a table while the heels begin to pull down weapons from the top of the cage. Bully slides a table into the ring, and climbs in.

Robbie's got a kendo stick, and on the ramp, Spud sets out a chair for Dixie to watch the match. Ray just watches for a bit as Team Dixie stomp and hit their competitors with weapons. The BroMans hold a trash can lid in front of Richards, and Aries comes in with a huge corner dropkick. Roode locks Richards in the crossface, and Bully asks if he wants to give up. Everyone holds Richards' partners away, but Team MVP come up with simultaneous suplexes, and break Roode's hold. MVP drives Roode's face into his knee, then hits the ballin' elbow.

Jesse and Aries turn things around for their team. Aries tries to suplex Willow, but Willow fights him off, and flings Aries into the side of the cage. Roode whacks Willow with a hockey stick across the back. MVP retaliated with a trash can lid to Roode's face. The BroMans use a kendo stick to take MVP down to the mat, but Edwards breaks up the pin. BroMans send Edwards into the corner, but Edwards fights them both off, trapping Robbie in a tree of woe, and double teaming Jesse, hitting the alarm clock along with Richards.

The Wolves seat Jesse in front of an upside down Robbie, and stick a trash can on his head. Both the Wolves climb opposite corner, and hit dual coast-to-coast top rope dropkicks on Jesse. There's a pin, but Aries is able to break things up. Richards seats Aries in a chair in the middle of the ring, kicking him repeatedly. Aries ducks a kick to the head, and hits a brainbuster, dropping Richards on the chair. Willow breaks up the pin with a trash can lid. Willow goes for the twist of fate, but Aries blocks it and whacks him with a trash can. Aries lays Willow on the trash can, and he tries for the 450, but Willow moves and Aries crashes into the can. Willow hits the twist of fate, and he heads to the top, hitting the swanton on Aries. The pin is broken up by Roode.

Roode tosses Willow into the cage wall, then he goes for the table. Roode sets up the table toward the side of the ring. Roode turns around and waits for MVP. Roode shoulders MVP, but Bully gets in Roode's face and stares him down. Dixie doesn't look too happy. Roode screams at Bully, asking what's going on. Roode shoves Bully. Roode goes for a punch, but Bully counters with an urunage.

MVP looks shocked, but he hits a running kick to the side of Roode's head, and he pins Roode for the three count.

Winners: Team MVP

MVP and Bully stare each other down while Spud and Dixie look to be close to tears on the ramp. Ray holds the winners' hands high.

Team MVP celebrates their victory while Dixie and Spud express their anger and frustration. MVP walks up the ramp, stares at Dixie, and slides his hand across his throat, telling her she's cut off. Dixie walks down toward the ring with Spud following. Dixie screams at Bully, asking why he would do that to her. Dixie tells Bully she owns his ass, but Bully simply turns his back to Dixie. Spud pulls Dixie back up the ramp.

In the ring, Bully waits for Roode to stand, putting him through the table with a powerbomb. The show ends with Bully standing in the ring amidst destruction, staring directly into the camera.

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  1. Jesse Sherwood 9 March, 2014 at 19:55 Reply

    Looks like a fun night tonight! I’m really looking forward to seeing Muta again, Sam Shaw get creepy, and what is sure to be a KILLER main event!

  2. Andrew 9 March, 2014 at 20:07 Reply

    anyone here think something interesting or kinda surprising happens tonight? i say probably during the team mvp vs team dixie match

  3. Andrew 9 March, 2014 at 20:28 Reply

    did anyone else here liked mr anderson when he was in wwe? i know he had the issues but he was a pretty good heel in my opinion and could have been a world champion.

  4. Jesse Sherwood 9 March, 2014 at 20:31 Reply

    So, here’s a thought…

    What if Hardy no-shows on Team MVP tonight? Considering Willow debuts on Thursday…

  5. Jesse Sherwood 9 March, 2014 at 20:51 Reply

    So, EC3 issued an Open Challenge to anyone on the current roster… That means Abyss, Joseph, Bully, Garrett, Knux, Hernandez, King, Rob Terry, STING, and Ion.

  6. Jesse Sherwood 9 March, 2014 at 22:16 Reply

    Way to continue to book Magnus as the weakest champion in TNA history… Even FAIL SABIN looks better!

  7. Jesse Sherwood 9 March, 2014 at 22:18 Reply

    Even Tenay know this is crappy booking… I wonder if he is having flashbacks to WCW’s dying days?

    • David Jr. 9 March, 2014 at 22:56 Reply

      I know that makes the face team 10-0 at Lockdown but has a heel team ever won a Lethal Lockdown at say Bound For Glory or Slammiversary?

  8. Robert 9 March, 2014 at 23:14 Reply

    The Bully face(?) turn is surprising in the grand scheme of things, but it does actually make some historical sense. The A&8 storyline was mainly about Bully screwing over Hogan, but it was Dixie’s company that they were trying to take over. Plus at the end of the A&8 tenure, Dixie wasn’t really interested in doing business with Bully and giving him another shot at Styles. So as the storyline goes, Bully backstabbing Dixie makes sense.

    • Josh Melton 10 March, 2014 at 09:09 Reply

      Correct, Bully Ray was never a face during The A&8 storyline, simply because he was tricking peoples the whole time. just to gain the World Title, that’s why he screw Hogan and Brooke

  9. Michael 9 March, 2014 at 23:16 Reply

    I think it was pretty obvious MVP’s team was going over once Magnus retained the title. Actually it’s been pretty obvious for weeks, but the Magnus win sealed the deal.
    They wouldn’t bring in MVP and play up this investor angle that much just to have it die off before it even gets going. The only thing TNA knows how to do is invasion/faction storylines. This one just so happens to be 2014s version.

  10. jdl 10 March, 2014 at 00:05 Reply

    And Bully Ray is suddenly the center of another storyline he doesn’t belong in. Sad that TNA has fallen so far as to constantly feature a fat, over the hill slob like Bully Ray in every major storyline.

    • Josh Melton 10 March, 2014 at 09:12 Reply

      “After hearing #ChicagoRaw crowd tonight has helped me make an important career decision @IMPACTWRESTLING. Stay tuned.”

      Bully Ray career decision was betraying Dixie by handing the company over to MVP, He put one over the IWC once again, peoples think he was talking about WWE return.

      • Mysterion 10 March, 2014 at 10:14 Reply

        Bubba and HHH hate each other. It’d take a miracle for him to work for WWE again. Don’t think anyone thought that dude. No offence intended.

        • Josh Melton 10 March, 2014 at 12:36 Reply

          When, Bully Ray sent that tweet many wrestling sites ran with it and assume, he was hinting at a WWE return. I believe his tweet was for Lockdown,PPv where team with Mvp.

  11. PFA56 10 March, 2014 at 13:07 Reply

    I usually ignore TNA.
    Only reason I watched Lockdown was to see The Great Muta work in the U.S. for probably the last time.

  12. BigMike 10 March, 2014 at 15:02 Reply

    Muta is a god; simple as that. when asked I am sure Bully will say that he is and has always been onhis own side, noone else’s. When will the idiots at Impact/TNA realize how bad of a failure EC3 and Bromance are? they are botch- happy and only have a look without real mic ability or any ability in the ring

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