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Impact Wrestling Results (6/16/11) - Mr. Anderson's Party Crashed

Written by Alex Barie on Jun 16, 2011 - 10:59:33 PM

Impact Wrestling Results - 6/16/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

The show starts off with a recap of this past Sunday's Slammiversary with Bully Ray talking about AJ Styles and his match with him. It then goes to the Kurt and Jeff match. Jeff is shown saying that it's not over until he says it's over. Kurt comes on and he says he will be the next World Champion! Lastly, Sting's match is shown. Anderson wins the title but not without the help with Eric Bischoff and the referee.
The video stops and Mr. Anderson's music plays. The camera shown the entire arena but then the lights went out. Anderson comes down with the world title around his waist.

He gets in the ring and there is a buffet lined up to celebrate his victory. No one came though. He says he doesn't need anyone in the back.....he doesn't need the fans. He doesn't need anyone. He says there are only five people who he really needs. His wife and niece.....and himself, him, and himself again.

Just then, Gunner's music hits and he comes in the ring. He goes to Anderson and said that Anderson asked him for help a couple weeks ago against Sting....and now he is saying he doesn't need help! Anderson owes Gunner. Anderson now remembers that but says he doesn't need Gunner anymore, but thanks. Gunner says he is asking for a title shot. Anderson says that there are others in front of him, so he should take a number and wait in line. Just then Anderson states he is thirsty. He gets a cup of beer and takes a sip. He does and then THROWS the beer right in his face. Anderson goes to walk away, but Gunner turns him around, lifts him up, and puts him right through the buffet table. The whole crowd pops.
Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera as they announce a Bound for Glory Tournament to lead up to their biggest PPV in October. They announce a knockout match and say that Kurt will talk later tonight.

The screen shows Mexican America as they are walking to the ring.


The show comes back with Mexican America coming to the ring. As they are in the ring, Devon makes his way down the ramp to do battle. The crowd chants "Devon" over and over. His family is in the crowd tonight.

Devon vs. Hernandez

The match starts and as soon as the bell sounds, Sarita comes on the apron and distracts the refere. Hernandez spears Devon down and does more offensive moves, but Devon comes back with a couple of his own. He picks up the first near fall but only gets a two. He does an irish whip but it's reversed. Hernandez goes for a big splash to Devon in the corner, but Devon comes out of the corner and spears Hernandez. Hernandez gets up in the corner as The Pope is shown walking down the ramp. Devon runs to Hernandez and does a huge splash. Devon sees Pope come down and asks what he is doing here. Hernandez comes over and does a roll-up but only gets a two. Hernandez does multiple punches. As he does that, just then Mexican America comes in and they all attack Devon. Pope now comes in and helps Devon as he tosses Mexican America out of the ring. Devon and Pope meet in the middle of the ring. They stare at each other. Devon gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Pope visists Devon's family and the one girl smiles at Pope.

Anderson is shown backstage in Eric Bischoff's office. He gets in the face of Eric and talks about Gunner and what happened earlier. Eric said he could have afforded this whole thing. If he would have joined Immortal, he would not have this problem. Eric states that him and Hulk have a great relationship with the network. He says the network would love to have a match with them two. That is exactly what he is going to do. Ken vs. Gunner tonight. It will be the main event for the World Title. Anderson and Eric stare eye to eye. Eric glares at Anderson as they have a stare down. Anderson grabs his title and walks away.

Kurt Angle is shown with his kids backstage as he is making his way to the ring next.


Kurt Angle music plays and here comes the olympic gold medalist to the ring. As he walks down the ramp, a small video is shown to recap his match with Jeff this past Sunday. The video stops and he is in the ring. He has a mic and begins to talk. He says he finally ended his feud with Jeff Jarrett. He then goes into the olympics and how he won a gold medal in 1996. He offered that medal to Jeff in that match if he lost. The reason why he did that is because he wanted that accomplishment again. Kurt announces on television that he is training for the olympic team in the 2010 Olympics. He said some people call him crazy as no one did it at 46 years old, but he wants to represent his country! Jeff Jarrett's music hits and here comes Jeff. He has a fast pace down the ramp and gets right in the ring and in Kurt's face.

Jeff begins to talk. He says it's not over until the owner says it's over. He says that this whole thing started in a parking lot in Pittsburgh. It's going to end in a parking lot....and it will end tonight. No kids, no Karen.....no one in their way. Jeff says TNA isn't big enough for the both of them. Jeff wants one more shot. Kurt walks back and forth and then begins to talk. He says that Jeff reminds him of a little bug that keeps flying around him. He then insults Jeff even more. After that, he says he talks about how Jeff is NOT honoring the business with how he is acting. He tells Jeff to be done with it. He says to deal with it and leave. Kurt states that Jeff said nothing is happening between him and Karen two years ago. Kurt says if he can get a legal document signed in the next hour and a half to move to Mexico without his kids.....he will see him in the parking lot. It's finally going to end tonight. They stare eye to eye as the camera switches.


The show returns and a video is introducing the Bound for Glory Series as 12 men will enter this series. These stars will battle it out and many different matches in a point system. The top four men will then battle to determine the winner.

Eric Young is backstage and is looking around for someone. He then turns and sees Matt Morgan. He tells Matt to get ready. Matt is wondering what he is talking about. Eric says he is battling himself (Eric) in a match for the Television Title tonight. Matt says he is in ther Bound for Glory Series. Eric can't believe his title is going to Bound for Glory. He then states that television stars fight for the title and Matt is a television star. Matt says he can't help Eric.....but....actually he can help. He says there is some executive producer that can help Eric as he was part of a television series years ago. Eric is now on the search!


The show comes back with Mike and Taz on the screen as they talk about Destination X and how it's going to be about X-Division wrestlers from the past. The winner of the tournament will get a TNA contract. Kid Kash makes his return and makes his way to the ring. Jimmy Rave makes his return also. He walks to the ring with his toy guitar. Austin Aries makes his return as well.

Kid Kash vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Austin Aries in a Triple Threat Match

The bell sounds and Jummy taunts quickly. After he is done, all three move around. Aries lifts his arm up to Kash. He then lifts his arm to Jimmy. He goes back and forth. Both Kid and Aries kick him in the gut and throw him out of the ring. Aries and Kid go at it in the ring as it's a back and forth battle. They get near the apron, which is a perfect place for Aries to pull Kash out of the ring. He gets on the apron and jumps over and on Jimmy. He does a jumping elbow, he gets by the side of the ring, which makes Kash drag Aries out of the ring. Kash comes in and attacks Jimmy. As they go at it, Aries come in and attacks Jimmy as Kash is recovering. Kash gets up and Aries throws him over the ropes. He then tosses Jimmy out. Aries does a suicide dive on both stars! The crowd is going crazy. Aries and Jimmy are outside battling it out as Kid gets back in to recover. As they battle it out on the outside, Kash goes to the top rope and jumps on both men! Kash gets Aries back back in and covers him, but Jimmy breaks the count. The battle it out now with back and forth moves. As Jimmy goes for a cover, Aries comes back alive and does a huge punt to Jimmy. Aries then lifts Jimmy up and hits him with a sick brain buster. He goes for a cover and gets the win as Kash almost broke the count.

Winner: Austin Aries

Ms. Tessmacher and Velvet Sky are backstage. Velvet Sky mocks ODB and how she doesn't have to deal with her anymore. They then talk about their upcoming knockout tag title match against Rosita and Sarita.


The show returns and Mexican America are in the ring. As they are standing in the ring, Earl Hebner tells Hernandez and Anarkia to leave the area. They get furious but they have to listen to him.

Sarita and Rostia, Champs, vs. Velvet Sky and Ms. Tessmacher for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles

The match begins and Velvet Sky and Sarita start the match off. Sky has total control. After Rostia can't get any offense, she tags in Rostia. She comes in and Sky grabs her by the head and tags in Tessmacher. She now has total control of Rosita as she works on the arm. Tessmacher now tags Sky back in. Rosita gets away though and tags in Sarita. She comes in but Sky does a hiptoss. She tags Tessmacher back in and they do a double team on Sarita. While Tessmacher whips Sarita in the ropes, Sarita comes back and does a huge closeline to Tessmacher. Rosita tags herself in while Sky is tagged in as well. Sky easily takes control of Rosita. She then tags in Tessmacher. Rosita comes in the ring and she gets thrown out. As Sky and Tessmacher are in the ring together, they decide to do a double team move. Sky goes to the corner. As she goes, she sees ODB in the fans. Sarita comes in and attacks Tessmacher. The referee doesn't see as he pays attention to Sky and ODB. Rosita covers
Tessmacher and gets the win. Winners and Still Champs: Sarita and Rosita

As Sky is in the ring, someone comes from behind and attacks Velvet Sky. ODB comes in helps with the attack. It's revealed that it's Jackie! As they attack Sky, guards come out to stop the fight. They aren't any match for them two as they beat down on the guards. The bell keeps sounding but they continue to attack Sky and the guards. The guards finally are able to get their focus and they break up the brawl.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage in Hogan's office as Jeff is signing a piece of paper. Hulk says the network loved what Jeff did. He then states that Jeff is 10X the man that Kurt is. As Jeff leaves, Sting comes in his office. Hulk tells Sting that on the 14th, Sting will get his rematch against Anderson. They then go into their history. Sting asks where the real Hogan is. Hulk says it's right here. There's only one Hogan. Sting takes a trip back to WCW and how Hogan came into that company. Sting asks Hogan if all of his phrases were just for the money and not really about others. Sting then brings up Hogan's children. He struck a nerve on Hogan and as Hogan flips out. He tells Sting to stop and go. Oh....Sting is not going anywhere. Sting isn't done yet. He then whips Hogan's desk clean from all of the objects. He then goes right up to Hogan and knocks him down into his chair. He starts rearranging his face as he smears red facepaint all over. Sting backs up and tells Hogan to make a choice.....OHHHH, make a choice Hogan! Sting leaves and Hogan is astonished on what just happened.


Impact Wrestling returns and it shows a recap of the Sting and hogan segment.

ODB and Jackie are walking backstage together. They are saying that wrestling matters to them.....not some looks. As Jackie is talking, Velvet Sky charges into ODB and rams her into the ground. ODB takes control with the help of Jackie. They get up and leave Sky on the floor.

Austin Aries is backstage talking about the new slogan of how wrestling matters. Eric Young then comes on the screen and begins to talking to someone beside Aries (I think it's the guy who asked Aries about wrestling matters.) Eric says he wants a match with a television star and this guy must be a television star. He pushes the guy against the lockers and he falls. Eric covers. He tells Aries to put on his referee vest to count. Aries has no idea what's going on, but he puts it on and counts. Eric still holds the title.

Christy Hemme introduces the next match. Samoa Joe's music hits and this is the first match for the Bound for Glory series. After Joe enters the ring, RVD's music plays and here comes the former World Champion!

Samoa Joe vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and it's off! They meet face to face and RVD says something. Joe then makes a face and starts punching Rob. Rob doesn't go down though. Joe goes into the ropes and tries to knock down RVD and he does! Rob gets back up though. Joe goes to pound Rob's face in the corner, but Rob blocks it. Rob then goes to the outside to regroup after Joe tried for a german suplex. Rob gets on the apron and jumps over the ropes, but Joe grabs him and brings him down to the mat. He goes for a cover but only gets a two. He gets Rob up and continues the assault. He attacks him in the corner. Joe walks away and then runs toward RVD, but Rob takes the leg out of Joe and he falls right in the corner. Rob goes for a monkey flip but he push back. Instead, he jumps over the top rope. While Joe goes down, Rob is pushed back and goes right into the steel guard rail. As Rob is standing outside, Joe does a huge suicide dive. He gets Rob back in and covers him, but only gets a two. Joe gets RVD up and pounds his face in the corner. He does some shots in the corner, but RVD puts Joe in the corner and does some punches of his own.

He then tries to whip Joe, but Joe comes back and rams RVD back in the corner. While he is in the corner, he does a huge kick to the head. You can hear the SMACK! Rob falls down and Joe covers, but doesn't get a three. As Rob's body is acting like jello, the crowd starts to clap to get Rob back into it. Joe does some knife edge chops to the chest of Rob and the crowd WOOOOs. He whips RVD into the corner, but RVD jumps to the second rope, jumps back to land on Joe, but Joe simply walks away and Rob hits the mat. Joe does some kicks to the back of Rob and then covers again, but the match still goes on. He now does a headlock and the crowd is chanting "RVD". He gets back to his feet and Rob elbows his way out of it. He runs into the ropes, but Joe hits an elbow and RVD falls right back to the mat. Joe does a crossface, but Rob gets back up and elbows his way out and then does a jaw breaker. He then does a super kick to Joe. Another kick and it knocks Joe down. He does rolling thunder and covers, but only gets a two. Joe quickly gets up and does some offensive moves, including a kick, but Rob blocks it and does his signature reversal kick. Joe goes into the corner and Rob runs to him, but Joe lifts Rob up and slams him down on the mat. He then gets Rob up and on the top corner. He goes for his finisher, but he can't get it locked in. He goes to the second rope, but Rob knocks him down. Rob jumps and hits the five star frog splash and gets the win! Winner: Rob Van Dam

Gunner is shown backstage as he is getting cared for by doctors with a cut over his left eye. He talks about Anderson and his match coming up.


Jeff Jarrett is shown in the locker room wrapping his hand and wrist up for his showdown tonight with Kurt Angle in the parking lot.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring to introduce the next match. Gunner comes on stage as Eric Bischoff is beside him. Eric gives him a little pep talk and then goes backstage. Gunner continues his way to the ring. Mr. Anderson's music hits and here comes the World Champion!

Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell sounds and they quickly lock-up. Gunner gets the upperhand as he pounds on the back of Anderson and then does an uppercut. Anderson goes into the corner and Gunner does a series of punches. He whips him into the opposing corner and Anderson hits it hard. He comes out and falls to the mat. Gunner tries for a cover, but only gets a two count. Gunner gets Anderson up and continues the assault. He whips Anderson in the ropes, but Anderson slides out and regroups. Gunner wants him now so he follows Anderson outside. Anderson slides back in. He turns around and attacks Gunner and now he has control. He continues his attack on the back of Gunner. He then does multiple punches to his face and Gunner goes into the corner. Ken brings him forward, but then pushes him right back into the corner and his head whips back. Gunner falls to the mat. He covers but gets a two count. Gunner is on his knees and Anderson does multiple punches to his head. Gunner gets to his feet and tries to fight back, but Anderson brings Gunner in the corner and brings his shoulder right into his gut. Ken gets him out and body slams him. He then climbs the top rope and jumps. He does a swanton bomb type move but Gunner moves out of the way. Both get up and Gunner runs right to him and knocks Anderson down. Gunner is now in total control. He stomps away on Anderson. He brings him up and works on the lower back. Anderson is in pain. Gunner puts Anderson in the corner and does a knee to the gut. He brings him out and does a back suplex. He goes for a cover, but another 2 count. Gunner gets him up and goes for an irish whip, but Anderson reverses it and gets Gunner on his shoulders. He does a summersault as it plants Gunner into the mat. Anderson gets on top of Gunner and puts fists right into the head of Gunner. He then stomps right in the gut. Anderson gets up and reaches up as the mic falls from the rafters. Anderson announces himself as STILL the TNA World Champion. He repeats his name. But, out of nowhere.....Gunner lifts Anderson up and hits an F-5! He pins and gets the win! Winner: Gunner

Gunner raises his arms as Eric Bischoff comes out from backstage. He claps as he gets in the ring. He goes up to Gunner and raises his arm in victory. Take notice of Gunner!

The camera is backstage and it shows Kurt Angle gearing up for his match against Jeff. It's coming up next!


The show returns and Mike Tenay announces that it's Bully Ray vs. Scott Steiner next week for the Bound for Glory series.

Scott Steiner is in the back. He is furious as he doesn't have a match tonight but has a match with Bully Ray who eats more donuts than anyone. He insults Ray even more.

Bully Ray is shown on camera and can't believe Scott is cracking jokes about him. He tells about how Scott needed surgery years ago because of what Bully did to him.

The camera changes to the parking lot where Jeff is walking into the circle. Bully chants him on as he enters. He meets Kurt face to face. They exchange words and then brawl it out. Kurt gets on top of Jeff as Jeff falls to the ground. Kurt locks on a headlock and then pounds his fists into the head of Jeff.. He then puts in an armlock. Jeff gets out of it and now gets on top of Angle. He chokes Angle as Kurt is trying to push him off. Kurt hits Jeff right in the eyes and Jeff gets off. Now Kurt is back on top of Jeff and pounds his head in. He gets off of him. Jeff looks up and he is bleeding from the forehead. They are on their feet, but not for long as Kurt takes him down to the concrete floor. Jeff gets back up though and gets back at Angle. He rams him face first into a car. He goes to walk away, but Bully Ray tells him not to stop the assault. Jeff goes right back at Kurt and rams him into another car. He hits Kurt with the stroke and he thought it was finished. Jeff walks away, but Kurt gets back up and calls Jeff's name as he is not finished yet. Jeff turns around. Kurt lifts him up and slams him right on the concrete floor. He then gets him back up and hits the angle slam on a car. Jeff falls down to the floor. Kurt takes off his shirt and chokes Jeff with it. Right then and there Jeff gives up. Kurt releases the choke and walks away. Bully Ray is heard in the background that he didn't say anything. Devon is on the other side saying he heard something. Jeff turns to be on his back as he couldn't take it anymore. The show fades.

Problem: Sorry for the problem with the coverage of Impact Wrestling. My computer is having trouble. Sorry for the reading trouble.


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