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TNA Impact Results - 10/7/2010

Written by Kendra Bunyon on Oct 7, 2010 - 11:12:03 PM

Thank you for joining us for this live Thursday Impact. I'll be bringing you the play-by-play the way I normally do for Monday night RAW. My TNA Impact Zone will be posted tomorrow afternoon with all my thoughts and reactions.

Show Starts

Abyss pulls Dixie through the back. He's holding Janice in one hand, Dixie's wrist in the other. He talks about being there when her children were there and called her a glutton. She's screaming for him to stop and for others to call somebody. He dragged her through the back, both screaming the whole way. He pulls her out through the crowd. He has a chained cuff on her wrist. He sniffed her and asked if he smelled it. It's the smell of power. He's prophesized about them coming and they will be here on 10/10/10 and will take control of TNA. "Dixie, you are gone. All your power, gone. All your control, gone! The silver spoon in your mouth is gone!" Abyss said they wanted him to ask her one last thing before Sunday, does she prefer Janice or Bob?

Eric Bischoff came running as well as Serge and security. Abyss threatened them with Janice. He told Bischoff he'll cut her. Bischoff said if they have a grievance, they'll figure it out. Dixie screams and cries the whole time. D'Lo and Snow hold the fans back. Abyss finally unlocks Dixie and she flies into Snow's arms. Bischoff told Abyss it's over and to get out of there. Bischoff screamed at the camera to cut it, go to break. He calms a few fans on his way by, then he gets in the ring. He talks to one of the ringside producers. She gives him a head set as Sting and Nash come out to the ring.

- Commercial

The Pope says maybe it's time he retracts his statement from last week. Last week Pope looked the world in the eyes and said he's a no good son of a Bischoff. Maybe he's not. Maybe he can't be a no good son of a Bischoff the way he's running things out there. The black hats, the white hats are going to be revealed soon. Abyss might not be the smartest monster under the bed, but he's right that at 10/10/10 the walls will come crashing down and they will fall on Bischoff.

Bischoff says he respects the hell out of him and has for a long time, but he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Pope says they're not three hungry lions, they're three calculating wolves. Bischoff has made it clear that it's bigger than Pope. Bischoff says it's much bigger, but Pope doesn't have a clue. He's following these two like their his savior. They're leading him like a dog, but he's a dog chasing his tail and he's going in the wrong direction. Bischoff says this is about Sting and Hogan, that's what it's about.

Sting gets in Bischoff's face and says Bischoff is dead on. It started 20 years ago and will come down at Bound For Glory. But it would be all better if Hogan would just step in the ring. But this is about more than wrestling at this point. It's about two men who took two different roads, two different paths. Hogan took his and Sting took his, but here they are. Is Hogan ready to put all he is, everything he's about on the line. At BFG when Hogan's true character, his very soul is revealed, will he be ready to walk away? Sting wanted an answer, but Sting said he has nothing to say to Sting.

Joe and JJ ran to the ring, but Bischoff stopped them. He said he can handle it. Bischoff says they want to talk about character? All they want to do is fill that big black void of their egos. They want to challenge Hogan? They don't know something that the world does. They're challenging a guy who is in intensive care right now. He sees the doubt in Sting's eyes. So look at this. Video of Hogan in the hospital. He doesn't care about how bad Hogan is, they just want the notch on their belts. Can they handle it? They've believed in the BS for so long that event hey can't see the truth. The video shows Hogan going under, then his back opened up. Yes, into Hogan's back on the tron, bigger than life! Between the three of them, think they can handle it? That's what he thought. More video of them trying to get Hogan walking. The doctor says it's six week of very little because he can't be hit. Bischoff says if they want to kick his ass, go ahead. But at BFG they can face these two guys. Make it a Handicap Match, the three of them against JJ and Joe. Man up fellas, maybe you'll feel good enough about themselves then.

Mickie James gets out of a car. She's asked what she's doing there. She tells him to wait and find out.

- Commercial


The same video about Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle where they talk about their match that ended in a draw. How great each other are. Anderson talks about how great they both are. Then the double pin, so they're both going to BFG for the TNA WHC.


Team 3D in Times Square. Brother Ray talking about how great they are. They were born and bred there. At BFG they'll make the biggest announcement of their career. It will change Tag Team wrestling forever. Devon said to testify!

Madison Rayne & Tara Vs. Velvet Sky & Angelina Love

Tara and Rayne ride in on the bike, both in black, but Tara a full bodysuit, Rayne more sparkly and more skin. Rayne is sporting her new brown hair to make her look different from the other two. Love and Sky out to the ring in coordinating pink outfits.

Rayne and Tara attack Velvet and Love as they're climbing in. Rayne chokes Love in the heel corner, then flips her to her back and pins. Tara tags in the they double leg sweep Love. Tara pins for two. Rayne and Sky argue over a corner while Love has Tara rolled up.

Sky tags in and works Tara back and forth over the ring until Rayne knees her in the back from outside. Tessmacher out on the stage making notes. Tara slams Sky into the heel corner and chokes her. Rayne tags in and gets whipped and tries to float over, but is slammed to the mat. Love tags in. a couple clotheslines and then a back kick to Rayne. Tara in and Love takes her down. Sky on Rayne, then they double team Tara. Love gets the three on Tara.

Winners - Velvet Sky & Angelina Love

The Beautiful People pose in the ring while Rayne yells at Tara outside the ring.

Tessmacher stops them and says in three days the four of them at BFG for the Knockout championship. This won't be a tag match. All four of them battle it out for the TNA gold. This is no damn BBF club, play dress up or Barbie dolls. This is a competition. To make sure the skanks play by the rules, she's signing a Special Guest Ref. Mickie comes out to great pop. She smiles and says hello. She says they're pleasantly surprised. No warm welcome for the newest TNA Knockout. Everyone knew she'd make an Impact at TNA, but she's Bound For Glory. She's gladly crown the Champion, but as she holds your hand high in the air, she has her eye on one thing and one thing only. If there's one thing Mickie James does is make history. It will be her pleasure to take that championship from her and be the only woman to hold every prestigious Title known to woman kind. Mickie and Tessmacher hug.


Foley in Boston on his Countdown To Lockdown book tour, but he's going to Orlando to take on Flair and make sure he's the last man standing. He expects Flair to kiss his big ass when Foley wins.

- Commercial

Bischoff with Dixie backstage. Dixie wants Abyss fired tonight. She tells him he should have done this before. He asks for time to solve this. She asks solve what? She says RVD, her? No, get it done. Do it in the ring. Humiliate him like he did her. Humiliate him and do it tonight. Please! Bischoff says he'll do it.

Last Man Standing - Ric Flair Vs. Mick Foley

Flair out to his normal pomp and circumstance. Foley out in his old tights with leopard down the sides, sleeveless red and black flannel and a cruddy t-shirt. He looks very Cactus. "Foley" chants.

They lock up and Flair back Foley into a corner, they come out with Flair punching and kicking at Foley. Punches to Foley's head in a corner. The bandage comes off and the blood is gushing from Foley's self inflicted wound. Foley rolls out and Flair out after him. Foley nails Flair with a low blow! Flair rolled in and Foley flips the stairs to show Barbie!

Foley into the ring with Barbie in hand. Foley nailed Flair in the head with Barbie. Flair up and Foley nailed him in the head with Barbie again. Flair's bleeding. Flair rolls out and he's got a good crimson mask started. Flair up the ramp with Foley behind him, up to announce. Tenay freaks as Foley slams Flair's head down on announce. Foley rips at Flair face with Barbie. Flair gets free, then throws Foley off the stage and through a table covered with something. The chants are partial bleeped out, but Foley's name is in it. Foley's sporting a half of a crimson mask.

- Commercial

Flair with elbows to the top of Foley's head in the ring. Flair beating Foley over the head with his book. Flair has a full crimson mask, Foley with even more blood, but on one side. Dueling, "Let's go Flair!" and "Let's go Foley!" chants.

Flair outside and comes back with a black bag full of tacks. Flair spreads them across the mat. Foley starts fighting back. His t-shirt ripped to show it is really his old one piece wrestling gear. Back body drop on Flair into the tacks!

Foley outside, under the ring and brings out the barbed wire board. He pushes it in, then back in himself. Punches on Flair's head in a corner, many, very quickly. The dueling chants start again. Foley picks up the board and runs it into Flair who's sitting in the corner.

"Foley" chant as Earl counts. Flair up at five. Foley and Flair exchange punches and chops. Flair falls to his bum again. Foley out, under the ring and comes out with a table. Foley slides the table into the ring. Foley in and sets up the table in the ring. Flair shakes his head no, but then low blows Foley when he gets too close. Flair slides Foley onto the table, then punches on Foley. Flair grabs the board and slams it down barbed side first on Foley. Flair climbs, then basically belly flops onto Foley. They both go through the table.

Earl counts to seven when they both get up. Flair then does a Flair flop, face first into the pile of tacks! Earl counts and Flair can't answer the count, but Foley's eye looks worse than anything on Flair.

Winner - Foley

Flair's pitching a fit in the ropes about the loss. Foley raises his arm high in victory. Video of Foley through the table, Flair ripping up Foley's book, Flair back body dropped into the tacks, then the ending.

Foley gets a mic and tells Flair not so fast. Flair's the on who added the stipulation. He'd have been happy just to shake Flair's hand, but a deal is a deal is a deal. Now get in the ring and kiss his ass. Flair looks to be in shock. Foley screams at Flair to kiss it. "Kiss his ass!" chants. Foley told Flair to get in this ring and kiss his ass. Flair's pulling tacks out of his body on his way to the ring. Foley says the fighting is over, but the kissing's just begun. Foley talks about pulling his pants down, but he's wearing a one piece outfit.

Before Flair can do anything Fortune rushes the ring and attacks Foley. They stomp him down, but EV2.0 runs out to stop him. Flair on mic says that's kiss his ass and on Sunday, they're going to kiss all their asses. There is a tack stuck in Flair's shoulder as he yells at Foley and EV2.0. "Foley" chants.

Backstage Bischoff is heading into the Zone. Bischoff passes EV2.0 as they're heading backstage. Video of Abyss holding Dixie hostage earlier in the night. Bischoff walks around the broken table and looks at the carnage in the ring. Bischoff says he's seen wrecks. This is one hell of a train wreck right here. He leans out and talks to a producer. He says they don't have much time here, so Abyss to the ring. He tells Abyss to get down to the ring. Tenay says next, Bischoff fires Abyss!

- Commercial

Bischoff is still waiting for Abyss in the ring. He tells Abyss to get out there. RVD's music plays and out he comes. He says there's no way he's getting screwed out of his match on Sunday. He's fighting Abyss or he doesn't want to be here. They have a code in the back. When there's issues between them, they handle it, not management. He asks him to go to Dixie and tell her either Abyss wrestles through Sunday or she loses the Whole F'In' Show. RVD leaves the ring as Bischoff says RVD has it.


Tommy and Rhino in Philly walking along, pumping themselves up for this Sunday. They must have been outside one of their house shows this past week.

- Commercial


Orlando Jordan and EY at a fair throwing baseballs. EY talks up their tagging. EY's talking about their arch enemies, Ink Inc. Orlando hugs EY close and EY looks decidedly nervous.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) Vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young

Ink Inc. in the ring. EY and Jordan to the ring. EY has a bunch of fake tattoos on his arms and back. One a unicorn!

Jordan and Neal circle each other. EY tags in by touching Neal and tries to lock up with Jordan! They get it straightened out and Neal takes Jordan down, then drop kicks Jordan. Jordan backs Neal into a corner, then wiggles all over him. Neal pushes Jordan off, but then eats a clothesline. Shoulder buster to Neal. "We want Eric!" chants. Wrist lock, kick to the gut then slam down from Jordan. Jordan back on that wrist lock and in control. Neal tries to fight back, but gets a spine buster for it. Jordan then lays down on Neal and wiggles all over.

EY rushes in, then out as he wasn't tagged. Neal tags out. Moore in with a spin kick, then head scissors from Moore. Moore back kicks Jordan, then a moonsault off the corner for two. EY rushes in, tells Moore to go up. They duck Jordan's clothesline. EY then spins Moore sending him into Jordan in the corner! Jordan pins Moore with his feet up on the corner, but EY shows the ref who stops the count! The ref is upset with EY. Low blow from Jordan onto Moore while EY's talking to the ref. Jordan pins Moore for three.

Winners - Jordan & EY

EY rushes in and tackles the ref. then he motions no and acts as if he's the ref saying no. he goes out and grabs a mic and says it's for Jordan's own good. The ref tries to stop EY. EY puts his hand on the ref's mouth and pushes him back! EY says that as he's the leader of this tag team, a card carrying member of the Worldwide Tag Team Coalition, it's official. They'd like to forfeit this match. It would not stand up in a court of law. Lots of misdemeanors, fines and levies handed out, but listen Ink Inc., this is what he can do for them. He can make some calls, pull some strings, he's kind of a big deal around here. EY says they have a show this Sunday, maybe they've heard of it, Bound For Glory. This is what they do. They head to Daytona, get matching anchor tattoos, they work in their Six Man Tags and do it all over again. EY wants to high ten everyone. The ref did reluctantly, as did Ink Inc., but Jordan wouldn't.


Jay Lethal in his hometown of Elizabeth, NJ. He says this is where he grow up, the home of the Lethals. The lawn he built up the courage to attempt his first backflip. His grandfather freaked that he'd break his neck.

One of the reasons he moved to Florida was this. He shows this really long driveway. His father would park in the back. It would snow and he'd be out there with his brothers and sisters shoveling it out. Then he showed the Lethal-mobile. It went everywhere. He had to go to Ohio. The promoter said he'd fly Lethal out. His father said no, they'll make a road trip out of it, so they all piled in and went.

Lethal then showed this great tree and said it was his hiding spot. This is New Jersey, where he grew up. He lives in Tampa, but this will always be home. He asked if they should go inside and see his family.

Hardy, Anderson, Angle, all backstage readying for the Battle Royal.

- Commercial

Backstage Dixie says she understands about this code thing, but RVD has to know something. After BFG, win, lose or draw, Abyss is out of here. RVD agrees. Bischoff in and says he just spoke to Dixie's attorney, Guy Blake. Termination agreement is all set. Dixie asks for when. Bischoff says 12:01am on the 11th, all she has to do is sign here and they're done. Dixie signs. Bischoff says he'll send it back. Dixie says for her, win! RVD says he has it. Dixie says she knows, her voice shaking.

Music and out comes the Shore - Cookie and Robbie E. They head to the ring. She sure looks like Snookie and he has a The Situation vibe. Mostly heat from the fans for these two. Robbie says Robbie E. and Cookie, the Shore, are finally here. Before he fist pumps the roster, himself and Cookie - "You suck!" chants. Himself and Cookie want to let all the Orlando, Florida hamsters know, there's zero hot girls in Florida dude. When he looks around Cookie, all he sees is grenades. Cookie freaks and tries to cover them both. He tells her to watch his hair.

Cookie says she hasn't seen one filthy gorilla since she's been here. Not one of them has a tan! Do they leave their houses? Robbie says they live in their basements of their mothers, like the posers on MTV. He says next week - She says Jersey's in the house, bitches! He says the party is here! The fans are chanting, "Boring!"


Angle says he promised his fans, TNA, himself that if he loses, he will retire. Nash says he knows Nash and Sting will be in the ring in Daytona Beach and they'll give the fans the answers. RVD says at BFG, TNA's biggest PPV it really raises the stakes, when the most people tune in. It represents what TNA is all about. When he came to TNA, he changed what it's all about. The Pope says BFG comes along once in a year, but 10/10/10 is once a century, you understand? It's about the events that defines, the one event that defines professional wrestling. It's going to be off the charts, you know what I'm sayin'? Anderson says in this match on the biggest PPV of the year for a company he loves, believes in, that he gives every ounce of his passion to in this business. That's why he's here. JJ says all the work, the effort behind the scenes and in front of the camera, eventually is geared toward BFG. Flair said TNA's the company to watch. As TNA grows, the audience increases, awareness increases, the greatest wrestlers in the business. A lot of great skilled professional wrestling. Foley says 10/10/10 sounds like the day for the perfect storm. They think it's a sign that big things are expected and will be delivered. He knows what it's like to work in a big money atmosphere and that's what this is. Samoa Joe says there's times that the focus is put on the greatness of athletes. There's times when wrestlers go out and transcend what's expected of them. every time there's a BFG, that's happened and he'll guarantee this will be no different. Dixie says it's there biggest PPV of the year and she predicts this will be the biggest PPV in TNA's history.

$100,000 Gauntlet Battle Royal

Mr. Anderson is first out to the ring. He bounces out, then stomps around the apron a bit showing off for the fans. Angle comes up through the stage, then out to join Anderson.

They circle each other, then lock up. Angle backed into a corner. Anderson gives a clean break. They lock up, then Anderson is slammed to the mat. Jeff Hardy is out to the ring, Anderson and Angle stop and wait for him.

The three look around at each other. "Hardy" chants. Both Anderson and Angle on Hardy. AJ's music, as he comes out Hardy double clotheslines Angle and Anderson.

- Commercial

Max, Sabu, AJ, Williams and Sabin in the ring with Anderson, Angle and Hardy. Tommy Dreamer comes out and joins the fray. Angle stomps Anderson. Tommy on AJ with punches. Anderson almost eliminated by Angle, but hangs on. Dreamer with his foot in Sabin's face as Jay Lethal comes out to join the match. Dreamer tries to push Anderson out as Lethal hits tilt-a-whirl head scissors on AJ in the center of the ring!

Williams on Angle with head butts. Max sent out, but hangs on for dear life. JJ out to the ring and sends Williams out, but he doesn't hit the floor. JJ on AJ up and almost over, but with head scissors on JJ. Williams trying to throw Lethal out until Sabu walks over and kicks Williams low in the slats. JJ really working to send Anderson over the top. Sabin over the top but skins the cat as The Pope comes out to the party.

Pope with kicks on JJ. JJ over the top, but bounces in off the bottom rope. Sabin sends Hardy over, but not out. Sabu almost out in one corner. Roode out. Sabu steps around the outside of the ring post, then back in. JJ sent Angle over the top, but onto the apron. Lethal also hit’s the apron, but not out.

As Sting comes out, Lethal sends Max over the top, but of course he's not eliminated! AJ punches on Anderson in the center of the ring. Max was almost all the way out, but pulls back in. Hardy's feet hanging, but neither touching the floor.

- Commercial

Jeremy, Kaz, Raven, Stevie and possibly more into this match. Abyss' music and he stomps to the ring. Abyss rolls into the ring ungainfully, but then double clotheslines Sabu and Williams from the ring. Then Abyss sends Lethal out from the other side. Then Abyss sends Stevie out of the match. Abyss sends Sabin out, then quickly followed by Raven!

Eliminated - Sabu & Williams & Lethal & Sabin & Raven

Abyss looks around and AJ jumps on him. Then the rest of the boys jumps on Abyss. Pope is sitting on the corner above Abyss, then Sting jumps on top of the pile. Suddenly they all surge back as we've seen happen when Big Show pushes every wrestler off him, but Abyss didn't seem to do anything. For some reason they just all flopped and fell back.

The Pope is still on the apron and on Abyss from behind when Sting splashes Abyss and is sent out of the ring and to the floor. Raven is sitting on the floor outside in his, 'What about me? What about Raven?' famous pose.

Eliminated - Sting

Nash walks out to the ring and the camera zooms in on Abyss who looks winded. Nash in, wearing jeans and sneakers, steps over the top and attacks Abyss. Morgan comes out as Nash seems to have herniated himself trying to lift Abyss. Morgan clotheslines Max, then Jeremy, then Abyss! Morgan looks to Nash, Nash looks back. Morgan talks smack to Nash, Nash steps in and they exchange blows.

Samoa Joe is next into the ring. Morgan is trying to send Nash over the top. Abyss gets involved and Morgan's eliminated with Nash right after him. In Nash being sent from the ring we see that he's wearing a red thong sticking out of the top of his jeans! Who does he think he is, Lita?

Eliminated - Morgan & Nash

Joe on Roode with punches, then Dreamer, then Hardy. Dreamer goes after Abyss as Storm comes sauntering down the ramp with a beer. Dreamer sends Abyss over the top, but then walks away without making sure he's out! Angle over and he continues to work on Abyss to try to get him out of the match. Angle stomps on Abyss' arm. Max and Jeremy go to work on Abyss, they rush him, but Abyss grabs them both by their throats and pulls them out over the top while maintaining his balance on the apron!

Eliminated - Max & Jeremy

Dreamer and Angle still on Abyss as Shelley runs down and slides in. Kaz joins the battle on Abyss. Hardy over the top, but stays in. Angle eliminates Kaz as Rhino comes to the ring.

Eliminated - Kaz

Rhino on Abyss hard. AJ gets away from Anderson who's left flopped in a corner. AJ over the top, but rolls back in. AJ on Dreamer, Dreamer to the apron and holds on. Rhino is eliminated, I think by Abyss.

Eliminated - Rhino

Angle teetering on the top rope, then to the apron and holds on tight until he can slide back in. JJ is tossed out by Abyss and looks completely shocked by it.

Eliminated - JJ

Pope with blows to Abyss. Pope runs at Abyss who side steps him, so Pope flies out.

Eliminated - The Pope

Impact Ends - ReAction Begins

Abyss sends Shelley flying out of the ring.

Eliminated - Shelley

BMI on Anderson and Angle. Joe goes after Abyss as Dreamer scoops AJ. AJ reverses into a sleeper as he piggy-backs on Dreamer. Joe rushes Abyss who pulls the top rope down and Joe flies out.

Eliminated - Joe

Abyss lolls on the mat after this, so Roode rushes over and stomps him. Dreamer slams Roode face first in a corner, but then BMI double suplex Dreamer. BMI then double suplex Abyss and call for Beer Money! But then Roode throws Storm over the top. Storm holds on and skins the cat! Roode holds his hands up to Storm in defense. Storm's pissed and they get into a pushing contest, but then hug. Abyss rushes them, but Storm ducks out of the way. Roode is clotheslined out of the ring. Storm rushes Abyss and is lifted over the top and flies out, taking Roode down in the process!

Eliminated -Roode & Storm

AJ on Dreamer with punches, until Abyss grabs AJ from behind. AJ gets free and nails Abyss with pele! Abyss ends up flopped in a corner. Dreamer grabs AJ up onto his shoulders and nails a Dreamer driver. Abyss then grabs Dreamer by the back of the head and sends him out over the top.

Eliminated - Dreamer

Abyss grabs AJ, scoops him up, then up over his head and throws AJ out over the top from all the way up there.

Eliminated - AJ

Tenay is shocked by how dominant Abyss has been in this match and says he hasn't seen anything like this since Andre The Giant. Taz says he was just thinking the same thing. Twist of fate on Angle, then Hardy climbs and hits his swanton. Hardy grabs Angle, but Abyss grabs Hardy and tosses him from the ring.

Eliminated - Hardy

Anderson on Abyss as Angle's laid out on the floor recuperating. Abyss telegraphs and is kicked in the chest for it, but it doesn't get Anderson anywhere. Abyss just straightens up and grabs Anderson around the throat. Choke slam to Anderson. RVD's music hits and he comes out. He's participating, even at this late time. RVD limps out. Onto the apron, then a shoulder block on Abyss through the ropes. RVD up and takes Abyss down with a flying kick. RVD up, gets pop from the fans, then runs at Abyss. RVD hits Abyss with a cross body against the ropes. RVD flies out over the top and Abyss seems to hang on that top rope, laying on his back, almost stuck in time, then over the top and out.

Eliminated - RVD & Abyss

Anderson and Angle are the only two left in this match - the same two who started this match. RVD looks like he can barely move out there. "Angle" chants. Both Angle and Anderson down and slow to get up. They both get to their knees and see each other. The punches start while both are still on their knees! Tenay says RVD and Abyss are fighting their way to the back. Anderson and Angle exchange blows, then Anderson hit’s a shoulder block dropping Angle. They run the ropes and Anderson grabs Angle across his shoulders, Angle reverses out. They keep reversing moves back and forth, neither getting an upper hand. Angle gets Anderson up and Angle slams him from the ring.

Winner - Kurt Angle

Angle poses in the ring with two fists full of money and a huge, mouth guarded smile. Anderson gets to his feet and staggers around the ring while staring up at Angle. Anderson limps to the back while Angle keeps celebrating in the ring.

Biggest pop
Hogan (on the tron and in name only)

Biggest heat

Biggest reaction - good & bad

Flair, in the Fortune locker room, asked about his match with Foley. Flair blew off the Foley question and went on and on about going to Daytona to party until Sunday. He finally says he respects Foley, but Foley's going to kiss his ass, a nice ass. He asked a female off camera about his ass and continues on about how great it is.

AJ is asked about being eliminated and AJ says that the EV2.0 boys were eliminated first. BMI get in on it about how wild they're going to get. Kaz stepped in about EV2.0 kissing ass as that's all EV2.0 has done since joining TNA, kiss Dixie's ass.

Like a group of frat boys who are half drunk talking over each other. They then go on about Serge. Flair says Foley's on a stretcher, but he's going to party. Foley's best selling days and wrestling days are over. Flair's questioned about bringing the best out in Foley. Flair says they're finely tuned to bring the best out in guys in the ring. Flair went strutting and the younger guys step together and talk about icing Flair (making him drinking whatever it is on one knee) again and no one knew who was supposed to do it this time.

- Commercial

Mickie is asked what she came to TNA to accomplish. She says she's there to make history. She's accomplished every goal she's set for herself, the next is becoming TNA Knockout Champion. The camera pans down her body and then back up as she speaks. Who does she have her sights set on first, to make an Impact? She said she's going for the top.

Mickie was cut off a bit as the show went to Taz and Tenay. Taz talks about how Mickie hasn't even had a match in TNA. Years ago she was in TNA, but not recently. She's a multi-time Champion, so the locker room should look out.

Back to Mickie and she's asked about who she wants to send a message to. Mickie says she has her sights set on the top and right now that's Madison. (Oops! Madison isn't Champion! Angelina Love is Champion. Did Mickie leak the winner of BFG?) Whoever that Champion may be, she's coming for them. Mickie is asked about her style of wrestling. She says you learn to adapt your style and change it by who you're wrestling. She has a style all her own, been wrestling 11, but can change to mesh with who she's wrestling, or kick their ass a little better. She's pretty fast anyway, so you know. She's asked about her singing career. She said it came out of nowhere, but she's always loved to sing. She started writing while on the road. She's gone after everything she's wanted, so why not. It started with her going to Nashville by herself and recording a couple songs by herself that she'd written. She met with her producer and it magically unfolded into this beautiful opportunity for her. She's always wrestled and worked her way up, but she started from the bottom on this and it's fun. Asked about shooting her video. She says it was great. Really long days, but they got a lot and hopefully it will be great. She then says she's honored to be in TNA.

Taz and Tenay talk about Angle going into BFG and he's $100,000. But right now let's hear from Anderson.

Anderson is asked how he's feeling. Anderson says you know how there's no such thing as a dumb question? Next question. What does Anderson think Angle should do with the money. Anderson says Angle should purchase some integrity. He's not getting into the details of what happened out there, everyone saw it. It's alright, all good. What goes around, comes around. We'll just see. Right now he's focused on 10/10/10 and they'll see what happens there.

- Commercial

Foley in a chair, EV2.0 standing all around and behind him. Foley's face is mopped up and stitched, but there's still a thin coating of dried blood all over his face. He's asked if he felt alive in the ring again. Foley says he has a room in his house dedicated to Christmas 12 months a year. What he attempts to relive in that room is the wonderful innocence of Christmases gone by. The truth is, when the big day rolls around, it almost always falls short of his expectations. The same thing with wrestling. No matter how much he loves it, no matter how good the memories, when he gets in the ring it always falls short of those years gone by - except for tonight! Tonight was the night that he relived all those memories. It was perfect. But then it was like the perfect Christmas was spoiled by Fortune stomping on his toys. By your uncle you can't stand peeing in the eggnog. That's what Fortune has done, ruined his Christmas, peed in their eggnog and they have one night to settle the score.

The next question was asking Dreamer what happened to his wrist? Dreamer has an ice pack draped over the inside and thumb area of his left wrist. Dreamer says it was him and AJ in the Battle Royal. It's not supposed to look like this, but it will be fine in three days at 10/10/10. Raven, off camera tells Dreamer to suck it up. Dreamer thanks him. A cage full of weapon. Anything to do with tables, he invented it. Dreamer pointed to Sabu next to him. Everything you see with these guys, commonplace in wrestling, all because of him (Sabu). Sabu stood there in a maroon button down shirt looking rather ordinary. Dreamer went on to Rhino, someone who's nonstop. Stevie who trains harder than anyone, got his mouth busted up. This guy (Raven), they don't really like each other, but he respects him. They lost more blood because of each other. If they have to go into a war, he wants them to go in together.

Stevie is asked about his mouth. Stevie says Kaz punched him in the mouth when he came in for the Battle Royal. No big deal, it's warm up for Sunday. They're going to give Mick a second Christmas this year, the destruction of Fortune.

Raven says he and Foley have talked about this. Foley has the Christmas room, he has a room dedicated to the pain and anguish of his childhood. It works for him. He loves the pain and anguish he can cause others. He likes to chop their legs off because it makes him feel taller.

Rhino asks what happened out there. Rhino says they were beaten and survived. Foley went through a table and lost blood. They've made each other bleed in the past, but they're going into this together. On 10/10/10 they will be victorious and will make Fortune bleed!

Back to Foley about Flair not being a fan of the book. Foley shook his head and says there was a lot of bad blood, but a lot of good blood spilled. Raven with his childhood. Your talking about some dangerous grown men with serious issues. Foley says he had his victory. He could have walked away, but they ruined it for him, then the Battle Royal, they ruined that. So they're going to ruin Sunday for them.

Raven says you'd be hard pressed to find an insane asylum with broken individual who can work together to get things done like them.

If Foley can tell him in 30 seconds why it's not over with Flair. Nothing is over, you just can't turn it off. If anything, the bad blood just boiled over. Foley then gave a great Santa laugh.

- Commercial


From yesterday, Hogan in the hospital. It's minimally invasive. He puts a permanent paddle on the spine with electrodes that tricks the brain into thinking there's much less pain. He has a severe scoliosis pain and injury pain. This way he can live his active lifestyle without always being doped up and sleepy. Six weeks with minimal bend, stretching and no getting hit.

Tenay and Taz talk about how much he's gone through, 8 surgeries in a year. After that, it's a shock how The Pope and Sting responded.

Backstage to Angle where he's asked how it feels to win the money. He says it feels really good. Good momentum going into BFG. Who was he most nervous about. Anderson and Hardy, but mostly Abyss who dominated. Jesse Neal steps up to Angle and asks if he head what Anderson said earlier about how Angle should take that money and buy some integrity. Neal says he's just giving him the heads up. Angle over to a monitor, asked for headphones and demanded the Anderson video pulled up. Angle watches what Anderson said earlier. Angle's pissed and stomps off.

- Commercial

Angle is backstage hunting down Anderson. Into the locker room and demands Anderson says it to his face. Anderson acts shocked. Angle's confused. Anderson says Angle took cheap shots out there. Angle is confused. Anderson brings up going after AJ, but then taking out Anderson. Angle starts stomping out, but goes back because he heard Anderson say something.

Angle demanded to know what Anderson said. Anderson says he called him a dick. Angle says he hasn't trusted Anderson since he came into TNA. Angle says he's not going to apologize for anything and starts to leave again. Anderson says he'll see Angle at BFG, for the last time. Of course this brings Angle right back in ranting about the last time comment. Anderson has to say something smart every time he leaves, not to his face. Anderson then says it slowly and basically, right in Angle's face, then throws water in Angle's face.

This starts the brawl. Anderson got the upper hand and stomped the heck out of Angle. Angle up, but that arm wasn't moving. Anderson says Angle couldn't leave well enough alone. Angle fights back and with every punch tells Anderson to shut up. Back and forth. Both up and Angle asked if he wants to wait or do it now. Angle is slammed into a lock a couple times, but Angle comes back with a low blow. Angle keeps beating on Anderson, then says he'll see him at BFG, asshole. Angle leaves and Anderson says he'll show Angle who's the asshole. OMG, oh my nuts! Anderson then throws a chair out of frustration.

ReAction ends.

Make sure you check in tomorrow to read my thoughts and reactions in my TNA Blog Zone.
- KB


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