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WWE Raw Results - 4/11/2011

Written by Kendra Bunyon on Apr 11, 2011 - 8:39:30 PM

This weeks RAW starts with Justin announce Cole as a broadcast journalist and the only undefeated Superstar in the WWE. Cole comes out to huge heat as Josh gets verbally pissy. King to his feet, but then Cole hides in his Mine, very quickly.

Cena out to the ring as King says this is the way to start RAW, not with Michael Cole! Cena says to look around! He knows we at home can hear this! What a great time to be in the WWE Universe. It's chaos, excitement and energy, because last week an announcement was made. For the first time an announcement was made that it will take a year to digest. "Rocky" chants. A match was made for WM28. Icon versus icon, a match that clashes generation against generation. A match that will be the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment. 1/ 4/12 Cena goes face to face with the Rock! A match that can electrify a crowd like this can't just be two competitors going face to face. It's going to be for the WWE Championship. If it's going to be the biggest match, it needs to be for the biggest prize. If it's going to be for the WWE Championship to be up, then the one who fights every week has to capture it. Cena asks Miz to come out so Cena can challenge him.

Orton cuts Cena off and comes out to the ring. Orton says with all due respect, any business from WM has been settled. He can blame Rock, make as many matches for next year, but it doesn't change the fact that Cena lost. Cena should step aside for someone who actually won his match at WM. Cena says that the way Orton's talking -

JoMo's music cuts Cena off. JoMo to the ring and tells them that he can see where this is going. The two of them arguing about who should be Champion. We've ALL seen this show before, and it's a good show, it's just not as good as it's going to be with JoMo involved. EXCUSE ME! If they're going to have this discussion, they need to involve JoMo.

EXCUSE ME!! This time she gets everyone's attention. Vickie tells JoMo that somebody new should have a Championship opportunity. But didn't Vickie pin JoMo a couple weeks ago? The person who should be next in line is Vickie! Okay, if it's not her, it should be Dolph Ziggler. Dolph says he's not on RAW to face Snooki. Look at him, he's the most talented in the ring right now! He's never faced Miz for the Title, so the line forms here. Once he's champ, they can all have a chance!

R-Truth's music hits and he comes out to the ring, gets the fans chanting 'what's up?' R-Truth gives a cheap pop to the fans and they love it. He says what's up is the gospel truth. He's never gotten a number one Championship match on any show. It's the truth and is 'what's up?'

Ding-Ding! He's in his mine and the email is on his iPad. And I quote, "You all make compelling arguments as to who gets the next WWE Championship Match against the Miz. So to end all arguments, I'm giving you all a chance to earn that opportunity. I've come up with a new concept in the form of a five man gauntlet match. Two Superstars chosen at random start this match. The winner will face the next random Superstar. This continues until all five have been in the match. The man that goes the distance is number one contender and faces Miz at Extreme Rules."

- Commercial

Shadowy image rubbing a blonde doll's hair. Then she pings the doll's head off and laughs loudly. It was Kong, I'd know her shape and hair anywhere!

WWE Divas Championship Match - Eve (c) vs. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

The Bellas in the ring in matching sparkly pinstriped outfits. Eve out in blue and gold. Eve pulls out a marker and wants an 'X' on the hand of one of the Bellas. They unhappily complied.

Brie on Eve hard, slams her into the corner then kicks at her as Cole rips down Eve's looks. Snap mare to Eve, then her face slammed down on the mat between Eve's own legs. Side chinlock on Eve. Eve up and free hitting a bulldog on Brie. Dropkick to Brie. A high kick to Brie's face, then a clothesline. Eve hits her standing moonsault, but Brie kicks out. Eve after Brie in a corner, but eats turnbuckle. Brie hung upside-down in a corner, then Eve hit’s a dropkick to Brie.
The twins swap out behind the refs back. Eve attacks her, but the ref throws her out. Brie back into the ring behind Eve, then slams Eve to the mat for three.

Winner & new Divas Champion - Brie Bella

The Bellas celebrate in the ring. Video of the switching up in the ring.

Backstage we see Sin Cara's mask, then he puts it on, but we don't see any face.

- Commercial

Backstage Eve is fuming. Gail Kim comes in and tells Eve that she gets the short end of the stick. Kim doesn't know how this locker room works, it's all about the Title. Eve cut Natalya down on her way by. Natalya and Kim don't think they're like that, but when Tamina comes over, there are some looks between them.

Sin Cara vs. Primo

Sin Cara comes running out, then flies over the top, rolling into the ring. Primo's already, there, but I didn't see him before the bell rings.

Primo diving and rolling an SC, but doesn’t' get far. They finally lock hands and Primo gets sent flying fast. Primo looks shocked. "Sin Cara" chants. Kicks to Primo, then kicks and elbows back to SC. SC runs the ropes, then somehow lands with his feet on Primo's upper chest and flips backward through the air to land on his feet. Beautiful monkey flip, then a drop kick to Primo, sending him from the ring. SC comes over the top, lands on Primo's shoulders and hits a hurricanrana as if it was nothing. Primo rolled back into the ring. Dropkick to SC through the ropes. Primo sends SC back into the ring. Kick, then blows to a kneeling SC, then a drop kick to SC. Primo pins for all of one.

Chinlock on SC in the center of the ring. SC slammed back onto the mat. SC backed into a corner and gets a chop. SC whipped, but moves and Primo eats the corner. Chops to Primo. SC runs the ropes, spiringboards off the second rope into a hurricanrana on Primo, then is somehow back up on his feet again! SC ducks a clothesline and his head scissors on Primo. Primo slugs SC in the gut and sets SC up for a power bomb, but SC somehow rolls down Primo into a sunset flip type thing. Primo into a corner and gets his feet up into SC's face. Primo stands on the corner, but SC runs up and kicks Primo in the back of the head. SC up top with Primo, both standing up there as if it was solid ground. Primo drops down with SC's head in hand and sends SC flying from the ring.

SC fairly quickly up and into the ring, Primo still lolling up top. Another kick to the back of Primo's head. SC back up, both standing up there. SC hits this backflip, takes Primo flying with him and plants Primo on the mat for three.

Winner - Sin Cara

(Sorry I'm so far behind, I can't keep up with Sin Cara! He's sick!) Video of the high points as Josh says people are rewinding their DVR to see this all over again, just to take it all in.

- Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week - Rock and Cena in the ring together, but then the Corre came out and surrounded them. Cena and Rock hit finishing moves back and forth, Five Knuckle Shuffle, people's elbow, AA, Rock bottom, then they shook hands.

The Corre is in the ring. Wade says last week Cena and Rock made WWE history when they agreed to a match at WM28. The Corre decided to attack them to no avail. That was through no fault of Wade's he used to see them as equals, but if they can't hold up their end, then they shouldn't go any further.

Gabriel takes the mic and tells Wade that it's his 450 that takes the most out. He's the most talented in that ring and a three time Tag Team Champion. Slater takes the mic and says THEY are three time Tag Team Champions and no one's taking it from them. Zeke takes the mic and says Wade can't be talking to him! He slammed the 500lbs giant. He's the most dominant person Wade's ever met!

Santino's music cuts them off. He comes out with Bryan, Henry and Evan. Santino says if they're the Corre, then let him present the Apple! That's right!
Powered (by)

Their team's self implosion will continue tonight because Team Apple, in the name of Vladimir Kozlov challenge them to a fight. Unlike an apple, this won't keep the doctors away. Santino puts his fist in and says, "Apple powers unite!" Evan and Bryan put their hands in Henry looks baffled, but puts his hand in while not looking at them.

- Commercial

Corre (Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel) vs. Team Apple (Santino & Evan Bourne & Daniel Bryan & Mark Henry)

Bryan in the heel corner choked from outside. Slater on Bryan with kicks. Gabriel tags in and hit’s a drop kick to Bryan as Slater held him, then another to a seated Bryan. Big Zeke tags in and slams Bryan to the mat. Zeke drops an elbow for two. Bryan head by his head as Wade tags in. Blows to Bryan in the corner. Slater tags in and slams Bryan. Gabriel tags in coming over the top with a leg drop for two. Slater tags back in and puts a chinlock on Bryan. Bryan works to his feet, throws so punches but is hit in the back. Bryan face first into a corner. Bryan whipped, but gets a foot up into Slater's face. Bryan runs out and kicks Slater in the face. Both down. Slater grabs Bryan's foot, but he tags out.

Santino in works Slater over, then knocks Gabriel from the apron. Hip toss on Slater, then a head drop on Slater. Santino pins, Wade breaks it up and bodies fly in all directions. Evan flies. Bryan flies out through the ropes onto Wade. Santino sets up the cobra, but from the apron Gabriel kicks Santino in the back of the head. Slater hits his finisher and pins Santino for three.

Winner - Corre

The bad apple jokes fly all around. Tonight King faces Swagger. If King wins he faces Cole and makes the stipulation. If Swagger wins, Cole retires undefeated. JR is in King's corner.

JR comes out and attacks JR verbally in quite the nasty way. JR is pisses and attacks the Mine. He shakes the box, trying to get in. JR hits Cole over the top with his hat. Special Guest Ref comes and tries a cheap shot on King, but he's ready and they fight. A bunch of refs out to try to peel JR off the Mine and separate King and Swagger.

- Commercial

Jack Swagger w/ Cole vs. Jerry 'The King' Lawler w/ JR

They lock up. King to the ropes. Swagger with a punch, then a back body drop on King. Cole screeches. Swagger runs around the ring. JR tells King he'll go for the ankle, then yelled at Swagger to shut up. Upper cut to Swagger, then he mimics Swagger running around the ring. Swagger on King with blows in a corner. Side headlock on King as Cole crows. JR yells at King to counter. Back drop to Swagger.

Swagger grabs King's ankle and locks in. King gets to the rope, but Swagger holds for the whole five, then lets go. Swagger stomps on King as Cole yells at King to stay down, then attacks JR verbally. Swagger pins for two. Wristlock on King as JR tells Cole that Swagger's stupid. King up to his feet, but into a corner. Back elbow to King in a corner. Huge heat for Swagger's showboating. King eats another corner, then the next as Cole taunts him and King gets revved up.

The strap comes down and King on Swagger with huge blows. Kick to King's knee, then Swagger picks King up. King slides off, then hit’s a drop kick to send Swagger to eat a corner. Cole on the apron yelling to Swagger. "Jerry" chants from the fans. Cole on the apron distracts King. Swagger up and clotheslines King. Cole claps for Swagger, still up on the apron. JR comes around and pulls Cole's feet out from under him. Cole hits the apron, then the floor. Swagger reaches out and grabs at JR's head and shoulders through the ropes. King grabs Swagger from behind and rolls him up in a schoolboy for three.

Winner - King w/ JR!

JR is all pep, raises King's arm at announce as Cole starts to look green, really ill. King celebrates as Josh says King will get to set the stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules. Cole in and yells at Swagger. Cole calls Swagger an idiot. He goes off about paying Swagger good money. Cole then bitch slapped Swagger. Cole flees the ring yelling that Swagger deserves it. King grabs a mic and says that he gets to decide the match and the stipulation. He has a real good idea for the match. King wants to make it a Tag Team Match. King and JR against Cole and his former friend Swagger. Swagger, that's the guy who slapped the taste out of your mouth. How do you feel about that Swagger? Cole is back peddling on stage, looking down at Swagger in the ring.

Josh talks about the WMXXVII match between Triple H and Taker. A video starts that shows a lot of pretty shots of Trip and Taker. Christian says it's not that Taker thinks or knows he can win, he expects to win. Austin says they're both competitors, warriors and take this very seriously. Stills from the match. Big Show says they're the most respected in the industry two of the biggest today. Zeus and Hades battling is out on Mt. Olympus. More stills. JR, from the match when Trip hit a pedigree and Taker kicked out. Punk says he's been in the ring with Taker, knows what it takes to put him down, doesn't know what it takes to keep him down. JR yells that it's too much! Edge says the tombstone was the moment that he thought the streak was done. Orton says Trip covered Taker's arms over his chest, the tongue and everything, 1-2. Pat Patterson says that when you think you're winning and the guy kicks out and you wonder what to do next. Punk says Taker beats you with his bare hands and will, Trip likes sledges. Austin says Trip didn't want to do it, but felt he had to do it. Edge says Trip has you believing it will end. Big Show says when Trip was locked in hell's gate, he knew it was over. Cena says Trip was right, the streak is everything, but Taker will do whatever it takes to win that day. Rock says it was an example of just how incredible those guys are. Cena says to have a match this brutal, one didn't walk away and it was the guy who won. Trip says they left everything in that match and when Taker comes back, Trip will be waiting.

Backstage Cena and Edge are talking off mic. They shake and Edge heads for the ring.

- Commercial

Justin announces Edge who comes out through his smoke, to his music in jeans, a t-shirt and fine black leather jacket. He says we might have to bear with him. He might ramble and not make much sense. A lot of people think what they do doesn't hurt, that it's smoke and mirrors and he wishes it's not true, but it is. Anyone who's ever been in the ring, laced up the boots knows. Eight years ago he broke his neck. Spinal fusion surgery. They open you up, move your throat over, plates and screws and all that, really in depth. Because of that he knew he was wrestling on borrow time from that point on. The last little while he's been in a lot of pain. Losing feeling in his arm. He's had strength tests and made it through WM. WWE wanted him to go for more tests and luckily he did because the MRI showed he has to retire. Trust him, it's not his choice. The doctors told him that he has no choice. Thankfully they told him because he's not going to end up in a wheelchair now.

He stops here, scratches his head, looks lost as the fans cheer him. Tears in his eyes, he's welling up. "Thank you Edge!" chants. So, you know, thank you guys. "Thank you Edge!" fills the arena. This has been an emotional roller coaster of a week. He felt sorry for himself until he talked to Christian. For those of you who don't know, Christian has been his best friend for 27 years. See, he was angry at himself and his body as there's a lot in this company depending on him and he feels like he's letting them down. Letting the fans down. He was upset because he didn't feel he was ending on his terms, but Christian reminded him that Edge has competed his whole career on his own terms.

He's still like all of them, a huge WWE fan. Every month he and Christian would go to Maple Leaf Gardens and watch all the big names. They watched LOD, Demolition, Hogan, all of them and be enthralled, then he went to WM6 and watched Hogan against Warrior and said, "I'm doing this one day." Fast forwarding a bunch of years and he's main eventing WM against Taker. There's no way he'd have dreamed that. No way if you'd told him when he was 11 years old you'd told him he'd win more championships than anyone in the history of the company, he'd have never believed that.

If he's been told his last match would be at WM and he'd go out being WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he couldn't dream of a better way to go out. You know, he started in the WWE when he was 23, doing this 19 years, 14 with the WWE. His first match. His first match was May 10, 1996 in the Hamilton Copps Coliseum. He was 23 and feels like he grew up in front of us. He's made a lot of mistakes in front of us and learned from them. He feels he became a man in front of us.

He's gone from being the silent guy running around the streets of New York in a trench that was way too small for him, to a pseudo vampire in the Brood, to the goofy guy posing for 5 seconds with Christian, for those of you with benefit of flash photography. He became one of the most despised guys in the WWE. Been thrown in the Long Island Sound. He had a live sex celebration with luckily Lita and not Vickie. Edge gives a wry smile that breaks wide to show he really is poking fun at Vickie for this.

And he would hope that through it all he's earned the respect of everyone in the locker room and all of us fans' respect. No matter what he tried to give us as much as he could every night. In return the fans gave it back. So, he's going to miss all of this. All of it. He'll miss his music and coming out here. It's like a shot of adrenaline to the heart and it's amazing. But, that being said he doesn't have to wear tights tomorrow and he's eating a whole lot of ice cream tonight. If you asked him if he'd do it all again - all the way back to getting hired by JR (Edge points over at JR who has to be at announce). If you ask if he'd travel all the roads, log all the miles, hop on all the flights, all the sleepless nights, go through all the surgeries, the injuries, the metal rods in his teeth, all of it. Ask him if he'd do it again - in a heartbeat.

So, thank you. Thank you very much. Edge drops the mic, lets out a deep breath and looks around, soaking it all up as the fans get louder and louder. He gets half way out of the ring, pauses, then leaves, slapping some hands on his way by. Up on the stage he poses, fingers pointing high. (I'm in tears.)

- Commercial

Backstage, gorilla and back, the big names are all lined up, there for Edge with hugs and handshakes. Hugs from Ziggler, Goldust, Henry, Evan, Eve, Kidd, Natalya, Kim. Fist bump with Khali, bow to Yoshi, hugs to the twins.

Out to announce where King, JR and Josh talk about Edge. JR says it's the last thing he thought he'd see coming to RAW tonight.

Miz out to announce, A-Ri in tow. Miz sits next to JR and shakes Miz's hand. A-Ri stands behind Miz holding his strap for him.

Five Man Number 1 Contender Gauntlet Match - John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie

Our out first to the ring. Orton poses on a corner for the shell shocked fans. Dolph out to the ring with Vickie in tow.

They lock up, Dolph takes Orton over his shoulders to the mat easily. Orton looks up at Dolph, then nails Dolph with an upper cut for two. Dolph drop kicks Orton's leg, then slams Orton down, leg on the back of his head for two. Chinlock on Orton who's struggling for the ropes. King and Miz argue about mix beating all but Dolph previously. Orton up to his feet, but not free. Miz says none of them deserve to face Miz. Orton finally rolls Dolph off, nails a couple clotheslines, then that sick slam. Dolph on the apron and eats that sick DDT! Orton pounds the mat, gets ready as Dolph struggles around. Nexus on the apron and distract Orton. Dolph rolls Orton up with a schoolboy, holding tights, for three.

Winner - Dolph

Otunga, McGillicutty and Ryan all in and attack Orton. He works over Otunga and McGillicutty, but then Ryan nails Orton with a big boot. They all yell smack down at Orton. They pull Orton up and Ryan nails Orton with a power bomb.

- Commercial

R-Truth is in the ring. Dolph attacks R-Truth after Vickie distracts. More blows on R-Truth. R-Truth whipped hard and lands on the floor for a one count. Elbow to the back of R-Truth's head, then nails an elbow for two. A chin/arm lock on R-Truth on the mat. Miz's mouth runs non-stop. R-Truth finally elbows free, but is slammed to the mat. Dolph pins for two.

Back drop to R-Truth as Miz thinks Rock should have challenged him, not Cena. Chinlock on R-Truth on the mat as Vickie screeches outside. R-Truth elbows out, but is then whipped. Dolph flies at R-Truth in the corner, but R-Truth moves and Dolph eats corner. They exchange blows, then Dolph slammed face first to the mat. Neck breaker to R-Truth for two. Miz gets into genetics and God, King isn't impressed. R-Truth slams Dolph face first to the mat and pins for three.

Winner - R-Truth

JoMo out to the ring as R-Truth stands waiting. Miz to his feet and they yell smack back and forth over the ring.

- Commercial

Kick to JoMo's gut. Then a sunset flip roll through and they counter back and forth as the Divas used to commonly do. JoMo rolls R-Truth up for two. Flapjack to R-Truth. JoMo nails a hand spinning leg drop to R-Truth for two. Miz says he carried JoMo on his back for two years. He wouldn't listen to Miz who told him to stop that high flying stuff, but JoMo wouldn't listen. Chinlock on R-Truth. R-Truth elbows out, then JoMo slams R-Truth back with a leg sweep for two. Jaw breaker on JoMo, but then JoMo clotheslines R-Truth from the ring. R-Truth pulls JoMo from the ring. They both clothesline outside and both are down. JR asks about what happens if they're both counted out?

They both get back in at nine. R-Truth on JoMo with blows, but then eats a couple clotheslines and a back kick for two. R-Truth hit a strange slam/stunner on JoMo for two. R-Truth runs into a back elbow then a slingshot kick from JoMo. JoMo takes too much time and misses starship pain. R-Truth slams JoMo to the mat for three.

Winner - R-Truth

Cena's music hits and Miz says this is a little unfair, don't you think? JR says it's the luck of the draw and Cena got it. Miz glares at Cena from announce.

- Commercial

Very loud dueling chants of, "let's go Cena!" and "Cena sucks!" fills the arena. Gut wrench slam to R-Truth on the mat. Miz tells them to listen to the chants. 'Let's go Cena' from the five year olds and girls and 'Cena sucks' from everyone else! Drop kick on R-Truth for two. Hard release suplex on R-Truth for two. Cena looks shocked that R-Truth managed to kick out again. Back suplex on R-Truth for another two! Cena looks concerned, confused. Cena picks R-Truth up, puts him on his shoulder, then uses R-Truth's belt as a handle to slam R-Truth down for two. Cena is very confused. R-Truth pounds the mat in frustration. Another suplex on R-Truth for two. Cena half smiles.

Cena to the apron and climbs. Cena flies and sort of nails R-Truth with a leg drop that almost completely misses R-Truth, but R-Truth sells well! Cena again pins for two. This time he laughs. Miz is watching closely, looking pissed. R-Truth fights back with a huge right hand from R-Truth. The dueling chants get louder than ever. Clotheslines from R-Truth! Hip toss from R-Truth. R-Truth nails Cena with a spinning kick and pins Cena for two.

R-Truth lines Cena up and flies at him, but is pushed off. Shoulder blocks, then a clam to R-Truth. Cena, over the top rope to Miz, waves his hand in front of his face, then goes and nails R-Truth with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. R-Truth up for the AA, but Miz slides in. A-Ri on R-Truth and Miz on Cena. The ref calls for the bell, but what's the ending?

Winner - Double DQ

Justin announces the ending. Miz says double DQ, so they're both losers. They can go to the back of the line because there is no number one contender.

Ding-Ding! King gets up and goes to the laptop. "You're right Miz, there is no number on contender for the WWE Title. That's because there's now two number one contenders! The WWE Championship Match at Extreme Rules will be a Triple Threat Match between Miz, R-Truth and Cena."

Cena and R-Truth are now back to healthy and attack Miz and A-Ri. Cena gets A-Ri up and nails an AA on A-Ri. Then Cena and R-Truth look at each other. Cena extends his hand. They shake, then slap each other on the back. The slaps get harder and harder between them until Cena shoves R-Truth who bounces off the ropes. R-Truth glares, then carefully leaves the ring. They both talk smack as R-Truth back up the ramp.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Most mixed


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