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TNA Impact Results (4/28/2011) - Worlds Are Colliding

Written by Alex Barie on Apr 28, 2011 - 11:00:54 PM

TNA Impact Results - 4/28/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to another week of TNA coverage!

The show kicks off with the opening of last week's show as Jeff and Karen Jarrett are in the carriage. It then shows Karen getting the crown later on in the night and then Kurt Angle coming out and ruining her moment. He then explains his mistress. It then goes into Sting and Hogan from last week. Not only does Hogan have something against Sting, but also something against Anderson.

The video ends and the show opens with Jeff Jarrett's music as Karen comes out with him. Karen has a see through umbrella as she holds it above her head. They get into the ring and there are tons of women in the ring. Jeff then takes the umbrella and uses it for himself. Karen then gets on the mic.

She tells everyone that she is the one who set this up as she brought knockouts out to the ring. It's because of Kurt and his mistress. Karen wants to find out who it is. Karen starts with an older lady as she announces that she is from catering. Karen says she has been wanting this lady for years. This lady was sucking up to Kurt every time he came into the lounge. The lady fights back and says she cooks for 50 other wrestlers. The lady then says she is going back to make her pot roast. Karen gets upset and says that she hates her taco Tuesdays! Karen then goes to a lady who measures the bodies of the wrestlers for their gears. Karen says that doesn't last long and she sends the lady away. Karen then goes to Ms. Tessmacher and questions her as she says she came into the building the exact same time as Kurt Angle did. Tessmacher says she came here to earn her paycheck and so did Kurt. Karen says she saw her and Kurt as the gym at the same time. Tessmacher says that there were 20 other wrestlers there. Karen says she has her eye on Tessmacher. Karen switches gears to Rosita and Sarita. Karen says that Kurt likes these kind of people and their provocative ways. Rosita tells Karen to shut up and she better watch iMPACT as they don't want anything to do with Americans as they are Mexicans. They could care less about Kurt. Karen now goes to Madison Rayne and Tara. Rayne states that Tara would lay down for an olympic gold medalist. Tara gets furious and leaves the ring. Rayne then states that Karen better watch out because Tara just may go after Jeff too. Karen can't believe that she just said that while Jeff says, "That won't happen." Karen finally ends with Velvet Sky. She states that Velvet is at the end of her road, but she would go on someone else's road just to get somewhere. Sky won't have any problem laying down for someone. Just then Sky tries to attack Karen but Jeff breaks it up and tells her not to do it. She then slaps Jeff and now a whole cat fight goes on between Sky and Karen. Just then, Winter and Angelina Love come out and Love throws Sky down to the mat. Winter goes to the bell official and tells her that she better ring the bell. She rings it multiple times and here goes Love on attack while Jeff and Karen leave the area. They need a referee down there!


Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky

The show comes back and the match is on. Love is attacking Sky in the corner as she is choking her with her (Love's) own foot. Love releases the move and puts Sky in another corner and does some chops and punches. Sky tries to fight back as she pushes Love back, but Love quickly comes back and puts Sky on the mat. Winter tells Love to get her, and she sure does as she smashes her forearm into the back of Sky, pulls her hair, and then pulls her head back. Sky gets up and Love goes for a closeline, but Sky misses. Sky then goes for kicks, punches, chops, but Love is like John Cena! She doesn't budge one single bit! Love then puts Sky to the mat again, pulls her hair and smashes her head into the mat. Love is just destroying Sky as the fans boo. The fans clap to try to get Sky back into it. Love goes for punches as she is on top of Sky, but Sky blocks the shots. Love gets up and stares at the referee. When I type stare, I really do mean stare. Sky gets up and goes for a closeline and it knocks Love down! She goes for another one and the same result occurs. Love rolls to side of the ring. Sky turns to Winter and says she is the cause of this. Sky sticks her head through the middle rope, but Winter grabs it and does a neckbreaker on the middle rope. Sky slowly gets up as Love gets back to her feet. Love does a huge big boot to the face and then gets on top of Sky as Sky is lying on her stomach, and does a submission choke hold. That move is Winter's own finisher. Sky is motionless and the referee calls for the bell. Winner: Angelina Love

Winter gets in the ring and has Love by her side. She then tells Love to come with her as Love follows Winter up the ramp.

Mr. Anderson is shown backstage getting out of his huge truck. The camera guy tells him nice ride. Anderson says he is fond of this and has something for it, but what he really is fond of and what he really likes is a TITLE SHOT!


Matt Morgan is shown backstage as she is fast walking backstage yelling for "Scotty" as he is referring to Scott Stiener. The camera guy asks him what he is going to say to Scott. Matt gets even more in a rage as he states he has been here for years and never got the title. He is going to finish this off.

Mexican Americans, Anarkia, Hernandez, Sarita, and Rosita come down to the ring as the fans boo.

Hernandez says to drop the colors and a huge Mexican flag drops down from the ceiling. Anarkia gets on the mic and tells everyone to salute the flag. The spanish commentators start to salute it. Anarkia then goes on to say that they are going to celebrate Cindo de Mayo next week! Chris Saben now comes out and is ready for battle.

Anarkia vs. Chris Sabin

Before the bell rings, Anarkia attacks Chris in the corner as Mexican Americans were still on the ring apron. Anarkia is in control in the beginning of the match, but Chris fights back with right hands to his head. Anarkia throws Chris into the ropes, but Chris comes back and knocks him down. Chris then throws him in the corner and attacks him. Chris goes to the apron. Hernandez goes after him, but he jumps over him. Chris then jumps on the ropes and does an impressive springboard move, but Chris holds his knee in pain. Anarkia gets him up and does a small package and gets the win. Anarkia

Chris Sabin is really hurting, but Mexican Americans come in the ring and go to punish Chris even more, but music plays and Alex Shelley is back and helps his partner out. Mexican Americans leave the ring as Motor City Machine Guns are family too.

Scott Steiner is shown backstage as he is playing a little game of golf. He goes to hit the ball, but the camera guy talks. Scott says not to talk while he is doing his shot. The camera guy then asks him about Matt Morgan and Scott gets furious. He kicks his ball and says that Matt is not the real DNA of TNA as Steiner is bigger and way more impressive. Matt is on his mind recently and he is starting to get annoyed by him. He then yells at the camera man to go.


Matt Morgan is backstage and is furious. He throws a chair and yells for Scott. Just then, Scott peaks his head out from a curtain and tells Matt that he is right here. Scott then throws some papers in the air. Matt goes through the curtain and here comes the fight! Scott goes after Matt as he knocks him to the ground and then throws a table right over him and then chokes him with some type of stick. Scott then brings a hose over and chokes Matt with it. Scott says he didn't have enough, so he gets him up. That's his downfall! Matt reverses the closeline and Scott is sent right into lockers. Matt then goes after Scott as he throws him around the backstage area and then chokes him with the bottom of a chair. Scott yells, "I'm sorry." Matt says he will be world champion.

Sting is walking outside and he goes to Mr. Anderson's truck. He takes off his robe, grabs his bat and starts swinging for the fences as he smashes Anderson's windows and lights. Side to side and front, everything is destroyed. Sting grabs his robe, takes a sip of water from his water bottle as he walks away, but then stops, turns around, and goes back on the offense. He climbs on the hood of the car and starts doing batting pracice as he hits the windshield many, many times. He puts a huge hole right in the middle of it. He then sets his bat right in the hole. He gets down and walks away from the scene.


Daniels vs. Gunner, Champ, for the Television Title

Fortune member, Daniels, comes to the ring first as he is the challenger. Next, Gunner comes out with the title over his shoulder. The fans boo him as he makes his way to the ring.

He gets in the ring and both are ready to swing their fists. Gunner poses with the title and then sets it down. The bell rings and they lock-up. Gunner takes control at the beginning as he nails Daniels in the corner. He smashes Daniel's head into the corner and then does a shot to his gut. He whips him in the ropes and it knocks Daniels right off his feet. Gunner goes back into the ropes for some speed, but Daniels kicks Gunner in the stomach and the momentum changes as Daniels takes control. He nails Gunner with several offensive moves. But as soon as Daniels does what Gunner does (running into the ropes), Gunner comes back with a knee to the gut. Gunner is now back and gets Daniels on his shoulders, but Daniels comes down and goes for a pin attempt, but he quickly kicks out. Gunner is still in control with a submission right around Daniel's torso. Daniels gets up and breaks the hold. Gunner still is in control as he gets Daniels up and drops him right on his head. He goes for a pin, but kicks out. Gunner watches Daniels closely in the corner and then goes for more pounding action as he gives Daniels shots to his stomach. Daniels fights back though as he pushes Gunner back, climbs the top rope, and jumps right on Gunner to knock him down. Daniels does some more moves and then gets Gunner up on the corner. He then flips Gunner over his head and he pins Gunner, but he kicks out from that impressive, hard hitting move. Gunner comes right back with a shot to Daniel's gut, but Daniels comes back and goes for the BME, but Gunner moves, but Daniels lands on his feet. It's a back and forth battle, but Gunner gets Daniels up and drops him on his head. He used that exact move to win the title. He gets the win. Winner and Still Champ: Gunner

Sting is walking backstage as he is going to come to the ring next!


TNA comes back and Sting's music hits and he comes out with the title. The crowd is going crazy. Sting gets on the mic and says sorry for whoever's truck that was. He said that the lights weren't on but the windows were down. He then tells Anderson that he wants Hogan and Bischoff out of here, but he has to deal with Anderson. Anderson's music plays and he rushes down to the ring with Sting's bat. Anderson goes to Sting and asks him if he smashed the windows in his truck? Sting says no. Anderson questions him even more. Finally, Sting says that he did it. Anderson says, "He'll get them replaced." He is not going to fall for Sting's games. Anderson says he can one up Sting every single time if he wants to play games. He brings up the network and says how he can pick his opponent and everything. Anderson says let's just do it tonight right here on iMPACT. Just then, RVD's music plays and here comes the #1 Contender for the World Title. RVD gets in the ring.

RVD says he finally gets a real shot for the title and it actually came from Sting. He thanks Sting. He then goes on to say that that he loves the title, but he can't stand Anderson. The network wants ratings, so Sting can just beat up Anderson now to shut him up. Anderson aks Sting if he wants to. Sting likes it and agrees. Now Hulk Hogan comes out and begins to talk as he stands on the stage.

Hogan is loving that Sting is just handing out titles every which way and tells Sting he is one of the best fighters out there. Even though Sting can pick his opponents, so can Hogan as he makes it a three way. Hogan says Immortal will get the title tonight as it will be Sting vs. Anderson vs. Bully Ray tonight. Bully Ray comes out and Hogan tells Sting, "Showtime."


Joe is in the back and the camera guy asks what he thinks of Crimson. He says he likes Crimson and what he has done. He said he is impressive on what he did to Abyss. The camera guy tells him that Crimson is undefeated. Joe says that no one will be able to do what he did as Joe was undefeated for 18 months. Joe is part of history and made this company. Crimson will have his undefeated streak ended tonight by the hands of Joe.

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe

Crimson comes out first and gets into the ring. Samoa Joe comes out next.

As soon as the bell rings, Crimson goes after Joe. Joe fights back though with some punches right to Crimson. Joe runs into the ropes, but when he comes back, Crimson does a big boot to him. Crimson is now in control. He whips Joe in the ropes, but Joe comes back and does a huge offensive move on Crimson. He gets Crimson up and puts him in the corner. He does several punches and then does his huge flying kick right to the head of Crimson. He goes for a cover but Crimson kicks out. They get up and Joe runs into the ropes, but Crimson stops him and does a suplex. He then goes after joe with more moves. He goes for a cover, but doesn't get two. They get up and Joe goes for a flying kick, but Crimson ducks. He does a suplex to Joe and then drops his knee down on Joe's head and chest. Joe comes back though when he was in the corner as he threw Crimson to the mat. Crimson leaves the ring and Joe follows. They fight outside as Joe is still in control. Just then, Abyss walks down the ramp and attacks Crimson. The bell rings. Joe can't believe it and just walks away from the action. Abyss continues the attack on Crimson as he throws him in the steel steps. The bell rings again to stop the action, but that's not going to work. He gets Crimson in the ring and hits the black hole slam. His music plays as Abyss is hovering above him.

Abyss is in his locker room as he is getting ready for his match tonight. He just wants an one on one match, but it has to be three. He doesn't care if it's three, four, five, or six though. He then tells the camera guy he is dismissed. The camera switches to Mickie James backstae as she is heading out to the ring.


The show is back and Kurt Angle is talking as he states that Karen is making a complete joke out of herself. He tells Karen that she is all wrong. He says that Karen doesn't even know this person and she could fight out as soon as next week. He says when she finds out, she is going to completely freak out. Oh, it's real!

The camera switches to the iMPACT Zone and Mickie James comes down to the ramp. A small video clip shows her win against Madison Rayne at Lockdown. She is in the ring and has a mic. She says when she came into the wrestling business, she wanted to be the best champion in history. She goes on to thank the fans from all over as they supported her and made her dreams come true. She thanks them one more time and her music plays again as the fans cheer.

Bully Ray is in the locker room as he is talking to Abyss. He says the wrestling world hates the sound of "Bully Ray- The World Champion." He would change all of his tag team titles to get the world champion. He had to suffer with his partner that long. But now it's just him and he's going to be the face of this company.

Mr. Anderson comes out on stage, grabs the mic that comes down from the ceiling, and introduces himself: Anderson.......Anderson! He then continues his march and gets in the ring.

Bully Ray's music hits next and he comes down to the ring with a lead pipe as the fans boo him incredibly.

Finally, Sting come out as he holds the World Title. The fans are going wild. He comes into the ring as the match is about to begin.

The bell rings 3 times and Jeremy Borash goes all out and gets in the ring and introduces the three superstars.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray vs. Sting, Champ, in a Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Title

The match begins and Sting goes right after Mr. Anderson with a kick to the gut. He then stomps on Mr. Anderson as he is lying on the mat. Bully Ray now gets involved and goes after Sting as he pounds his head into two corners. He then beats down Anderson as he was getting up. He goes after Sting more, and then hits Anderson as he was getting up. Bully hits a side walk slam to Sting and goes for a cover, but Anderson stops it and now goes after Sting. Anderson goes for a cover, but now Bully stops it. Bully pushes Anderson back, but Anderson comes back and now both are punching back and forth. Just then, Sting gets up and closelines both of them down. He then throws Anderson outside and pins Bully, but gets a two. Sting goes back into the ropes, but Anderson hits Sting in the back. Bully does a big boot to Sting. Anderson climbs the top rope, but Ray makes him fall and then flips him to the mat. Bully raises his arms as the fans boo with the show coming right back.


The match continues with Bully in control as he suplexes Anderson and then goes for a cover, but gets a two count. Sting comes back into the ring, but Ray stomps on him. He goes back to Anderson, but Anderson tries to fight back, but Ray won't allow him. He does another unsuccessful cover. He gets Anderson in the corner and does a huge chop to his chest. He then goes after Sting once more. He goes back to Anderson, but Anderson fights back with some wicked punches, but Bully does an elbow shot to Anderson's head and he walks back and falls down. Bully is in great control. He puts a front headlock on Anderson and then tries to smash his head into the corner, but Anderson blocks it. He gets whipped into the ropes by Ray though, but Anderson knocks him down with a closeline. He goes after Bully some more, goes for a cover, but gets two. Ken gets up, but Sting closelines him down. Now Anderson gets up in the corner and Sting goes for the stinger splash. Bully is in front of Anderson and Sting goes for the stinger splash again, but Bully grabs the referee and he gets hit by Sting. Bully grabs his lead pipe and beats Sting with it right in the gut and back. Just then, AJ Styles comes out and hits Bully with a pay lay. Sting grabs the pipe and hits Bully right in the head with it. He covers Bully. A new referee comes in and gives the three count! Winner and Still Champ: Sting

As Sting is getting up, Mr. Anderson is shown peaking above the ring with the lead pipe in his hand as he now has the deciding weapon.


Bully Ray is backstage with a towel on his head. He says that he should be addressed as Bully Ray- The World Champion. He had it won, but it was all because of AJ. AJ cost him the world title and now he's going to take it out on him.....he took it out on him before. He asks what he did to AJ. The camera guy tells him he put him through a table. Bully says so....that doesn't mean to cost me a world title. AJ should not show up next week in respect to him and his family. Bully has been through tougher guys than the boy AJ. He's going to get AJ next time.

AJ Styles is backstage with Fortune members. He says he has to put food on the table for his family and his kids. He has to do what he has to do.

Scott Steiner is backstage and is furious. He says he has Morgan next week on iMPACT as Morgan is a dead man.

Karen and Jeff are backstage. She is going crazy as she talks about Sky slapping her. She then says this has gone too far with the cage and then last week.

Velvet Sky is backstage and can't believe Karen and what she did and said. She then goes on to talk about Love and how she is being controlled by Winter. She is tired of being mad and needs time to think.

It goes back to Karen and Jeff. Jeff tells Karen that she is coming next week. Karen doesn't know who it could be as she doesn't have heat with anyone. Jeff can't believe this as it's full of Crap! He covers his face with his hands as the show fades as worlds collide.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Sting- Same as last week
2. Mr. Anderson- Same as last week
3. Bully Ray- New from last week
4. Jeff/Karen- New from last week
5. AJ Styles- New from last week

My Thoughts

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who reads my coverage and my thoughts. I got some compliments about this and I would like to thank everyone and....keep them coming! Anyway, TNA had another solid show, in my mind. What was so solid about it? Well these rivalries are certainly improving and are gaining heat and momentum like fire. It's great! I mean this whole Karen/Jeff/Kurt thing added a mistress.....who I cannot wait to see as I am certainly wondering about it.....so is Karen and Jeff! Other than that, Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner are gaining power for their feud as it really rose up from last week's confrontation. Next, Bully Ray cost Styles a couple weeks.....but now AJ cost Bully his title shot. Are they even? Not in Ray's mind. Love and Sky always cease to amaze me as I am really enjoying this storyline. Good storylines take a couple weeks. Great storylines take a couple months. This is a great storyline. Some may think that it's old and boring....oh, it's at its climax. It's going strong as it's personal and has emotion in it. Finally, Sting and Anderson just go back and forth. Anderson attacks Sting last week....now Sting attacks Anderson's car this week. Anderson still can't get an one on one title match, and more importantly, he can't even get the title. I personally love the ending of this week's show. It wrapped up all of the major storylines and feuds. In two hours, those feuds are built. When the show is over, it recaps everything so it gives that cliffhanger into next week's show. Want to hear more? Follow me on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/McMahon101


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