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TNA Impact Taping Results For Tonight's Show

Written by Richard Gray on Jul 8, 2010 - 10:13:03 AM

Below are full TNA Impact taping results for tonight's show written by our Orlando correspondent Tim Capture:

* Mr. Anderson is out with a chair. He asks if there's any creatures of the night here. He introduces the leader of the creatures of the night, Jeffrey Nero Hardy. Hardy comes out and is selling the chair shot a little from last week. Anderson says he hit him in the back last week with a folding chair. He asks Hardy to look him in the eye and know he didn't do it on purpose. He says you know he didn't do it on purpose because if he did he'd tell him and the world about it. You know why? Because he's an a--hole. He wishes the world was filled with a--holes. The Impact Zone is filled with a--holes. He says he'll bring the ring tonight. If he uses it, then Hardy has a problem. If Hardy decides to use it, but maybe he deserved it. Either way, they'll know for sure later.

* Kazarian vs. AJ Styles. A couple minutes into the match, Ric Flair comes out. No winner due to double count out after Kaz hit a springboard DDT on the apron. Afterwards, Flair is upset at both guys. They're two of the best in the world and they need to stick together. At Victory Road they're going to wrestle together and if they don't act as a team they won't win.

* Daffney vs. Angelina Love. Winner via jumping flatliner, Angelina Love. Angelina gets on the mic and says she knows Madison Rayne is watching this on TV because she doesn't have the balls to be here. She says at Victory Road she's to become the first four-time Knockouts champion and lay her out like she did Lacey and Velvet. Madison Rayne's music hits and she says Angelina underestimates her and she doesn't need Lacey or Velvet. That leaves her a question: if she's putting her title on the line, what is she putting on the line? Maybe those fake funbags? Maybe that ugly wig? How about her career? Angelina says she's got it. She knew Madison would ask that though so she talked to the championship committee and added a special stipulation. If Lacey or Velvet interfere, Madison is immediately disqualified and Angelina is handed the title.

* Team 3D's music hits and Devon comes out with Ink Inc. Devon says things have gotten out of control for the past few weeks so he asks for his brother to come out so they can straighten this out. Brother Ray stays on the ramp and won't get in the ring. Devon says when they trained Jesse they gave him everything they what he's supposed to do. While there, his ship was blown up by terrorists and Jesse's friend, the one who guided him in the Navy died. He was the first one there and the last to leave. He showed nothing but respect to them and the business. He's been through hell already in the Navy doing so what the hell is Ray's problem? Ray says first of all, he doesn't answer to him. He's the leader and he's the one in charge of Team 3D. Ray's problem is with Jesse is that he's a disrespectful punk and his problem with Devon is he's a disrespectful and unloyal partner. Devon says he thinks his problem is that Jesse Neal beat him in the middle of the ring. Ray says he didn't beat him and he beat him so bad he had welts for weeks. Ray asks where Devon's loyalty lies? Devon says his loyalty is to both of them. Ray says he talked to the booking committee and at Victory Road the match is Ray vs Jesse Neal vs Devon and we'll see where his loyalties lie.

* Non Title Match, Samoa Joe vs. TNA Champion Rob Van Dam. During the match the ECW crew come out. Winner after reversing the choke into a pin while the choke was still being applied, RVD. Awesome match, PPV quality. Joe slapped the referee after the match and gave him a muscle buster.

* Ladder match with the red X hanging: Jeremy Buck vs. Douglas Williams. Winner after a top rope sidekick knocking Williams off the ladder, Jeremy Buck

* Beer Money Inc. & Matt Morgan vs. The Motor City Machine Guns & Hernandez. Winner after Roode rolled through a top rope cross body and grabbing a handful of Shelley's tights, Beer Money, Inc. and Matt Morgan his brother get beat up by one of his childhood idols. It ripped his heart out so that's what he's going to do to Flair at Victory Road: rip his heart out.

* Jay Lethal is in the ring. He was overwhelmed a couple weeks ago when Hogan made the PPV match of him vs. Ric Flair. That feeling disappeared when he had to see. Right now his mind is on his mother who has been sick lately. He says he knows she's watching now and he promises to make her the proudest mother when he beats Flair. Even though she's a 1000 miles away she's always right there in his heart. Flair comes to the ring and gets in Lethal's face. He could give a rat's a-- about his mother. He says she's living vicariously through Lethal because she wants to be with Flair. Flair asks if he forgot who he's talking too. He touts his skills with the ladies and in the ring. He says Lethal doesn't belong in the same world as him. Flair tries to slap Lethal and Lethal stops him. They stare each other down. Flair says three days and then struts off and does a bunch of Woooooo's.

* Main event: Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy. Winner via Twist of Fate, Jeff Hardy. After the match, Abyss comes down with his nail board. Anderson and Hardy team up to stop him but Abyss is too strong and gives Hardy a chokeslam and Anderson a big boot. Abyss goes to use the nail board on Anderson but he moves and gets it stuck on a turnbuckle. RVD runs down to stop Abyss but he throws him out. Anderson uses the opportunity to hit Abyss with a chair and then RVD hits Abyss with a Van Terminator. RVD and Anderson have some word and Abyss runs back in but he gets a mic check and 5 Star Frog Splash for his troubles.


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