TNA Officially Announces Willow vs. James Storm

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TNA has officially announced that Willow will face James Storm on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling.

The bout was taped on Monday night and we have complete taping results (now available to all) online at this link.

  • Paul

    This whole Willow thing makes me theorise on TNA. They’ve no idea how to elevate or create stars, possibly due to years of pandering and listening to dinosaurs like Hogan, Bischoff, Sting and Nash etc. They had potential stars like AJ and Joe and made them jobbers, they had a potential star in Austin Aries and Roode they made them mid carder tag team wrestlers. Every new champion they have they soon make them mid carders or jobbers because they have no idea how to take them to the next level. They had Jeff Hardy, although his stock is lowered, he still maintains a following and yet they think the best thing is for him to play a dumb character like Willow. TNA reminds me of the movie The Producers. They have to be doing this on purpose.