TNA Partnering With YouTube For New Subscription Channel

TNA Wrestling has partnered with YouTube to launch a new Subscription Channel. The press release is below:

On Thursday afternoon, YouTube announced the debut of a new Subscription Channel Service, featuring content from a select number of YouTube partners, including TNA Wrestling!

Other partners include the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Comedy TV, Jim Henson TV, National Georgraphic, Pets.TV and more! The full list of partner subscription channels can be found at:

Fans can visit our new subscription channel at:

The new channel includes the majority of our Pay-Per-View and DVD archives. Additional titles from 2012 and more premium content will be added on a weekly basis! Fans can still visit our main YouTube channel for regular weekly content.

Fans can also visit our video service for even more footage you won't find on YouTube!

You can read the official YouTube Subscription Channel announcement at:

  • Harlie Boucher

    You would think that they would want the audience there before they actually even attempted this. If you can’t get people to watch the show or buy the ppvs, why do you expect people to actually PAY for a subscription channel?