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TNA Bound For Glory Results

Written by Richard Gray on Oct 12, 2008 - 10:58:43 PM

TNA Bound For Glory Results - 10/12/2008
Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Report by: Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

We're live from the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois as Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome to the show. They're starting with the Steel Asylum Match.

The Return Of The Steel Asylum Match
X Division workers will battle inside the steel dome structure
Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, Curry Man, Chris Sabin, Johnny Devine, Petey Williams, Shark Boy, and Super Eric are all announced out for the match. I hope that I didn't miss any, they came out awful quick. The bell rings and there is madness in the ring. Sonjay Dutt works over Jimmy Rave, Curry Man works with Sabin. Williams starts to work with Sonjay. Johnny Devine gets worked over by Super Eric, who ends up getting double teamed by the Motor City Machineguns. Shark Boy works over Shelley while Curry Man goes after Sabin. The Motor City Machineguns appear confident as everyone teams up against Shark Boy. Curry Man connects on a hip attack on Johnny Devine, followed by Shark Boy taking out Devine. The Guns work over Curry Man. Petey Williams is trying to escape the Asylum. Williams tries to get out by Jimmy Rave takes him out, followed by The Guns taking them both out.

Curry Man nearly escapes but Alex Shelley comes over to stop him. They fight on the top turnbuckle but Sabin connects with a drop kick. Sabin starts to climb the structure, Shark Boy gets up and leg sweeps him off. Devine is working with Curry Man on the turnbuckle, Super Eric is involved. Super Eric brings Johnny Devine down to the mat. Curry Man just hit a Tokyo Dangerous back breaker on Super Eric. Jimmy Rave sets Alex Shelley up on the top turnbuckle. Jay Lethal gets involved and climbs to the top. Lethal is using Alex Shelley as a step ladder to escape. Lethal just hit a huge hurricanrana on Jimmy Rave. Super Eric puts Devine and Dutt on his back and gives them a Double Death Valley Driver. Super Eric is now working with the Guns. Lethal gets involved but he's taken out, the Guns take care of Super Eric. Everyone is back to the mat.

The Guns work on Shark Boy, while everyone else seems to be resting. Sabin works over Jimmy Rave. The Guns have cleaned house and are the only men on their feet. Petey Williams gets up and tries to take them out, he succeeds on a brief counter but the momentum goes back and forth. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Alex Shelley. Williams makes his way up the side of the structure but he's caught by Chris Sabin then Shark Boy. Jimmy Rave gets on the top turnbuckle but Johnny Devine throws him off and hits Devine Intervention. Devine hits another one on Jay Lethal. Devine hits a moonsault on Lethal. Devine climbs the structure. Sonjay Dutt meets him in the corner, here comes Curry Man. They three work up top, Dutt is the only one left as Curry Man hits a Spice Rack on Devine in the ring. Curry Man throws Dutt off the top turnbuckle. Curry Man gets up to the top of the structure. He nearly escapes, but Dutt is behind him. Curry Man falls from the top down to the mat. Lethal is now at the top with Dutt. Lethal and Dutt exchange blows at the top of the structure in some insane spots. Lethal escapes to win the match.

Winner - Jay Lethal to become the number one contender for the X Division Championship

Richard Reacts: Fine for an opener to get everyone that deserved a spot on the pay-per-view on the pay-per-view. There was nothing spectacular but enough good spots to get the crowd going early. The best was the go-home sequence with Lethal escaping away from Sonjay Dutt.

We're backstage with Jeremy Borash and Jim Cornette. Cornette puts over Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle for tonight. Mick Foley walks in, Cornette hugs him. Cornette tells Foley that tonight is going to be awesome and partially because he's here. Foley tells an old road story about Cornette in which he interrupts. Cornette plugs the upcoming live Impact in HD from Las Vegas. Cornette tells Foley that his office is Foley's office and for JB to get him whatever he wants. The Beautiful People come in and say that they told Cornette that they specifically wanted blue M&Ms, they start throwing M&Ms at Foley. They insult the way Foley is dressed as Angelina Love tells Foley to get the M&M situation straight.

Rhino, Rhaka Khan & ODB vs. Beautiful People & Cute Kip
Knockout Bimbo Brawl
Special Referee: Traci Brooks

The special referee Traci Brooks is announced first. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Cute Kip come out next. Rhaka Khan is introduced first for the other team. ODB comes out next with her flask and all. Rhino is out last. Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers is shown in the audience. Cute Kip walks up to him and says something to him. We're starting with Angelina Love and ODB. ODB tries a fall-away slam but Love blocks it. Velvet Sky tags in, tries to push Rhino off the apron but he doesn't budge. Rhino tries to get in the ring but Traci Brooks holds him back. ODB tags in Rhino who goes to work on Velvet Sky. Rhino throws her down with a hip toss.

Rhino teases Gore but Cut Kip gets in and moves Velvet Sky to the outside. Rhino chases Kip around the ring. Velvet Sky goes for a clothesline on Rhino in the ring. Rhaka Khan tags herself in as Kip is tagged in to face her. Khan stares him down. Kip grabs her by the throat, she does the same. Kip chokes Khan but she grabs his crotch. He tags Angelina Love in. Rhaka Khan hits a spin kick on Angelina Love and tags in ODB who slams Love down with a scoop slam. Kip comes in and hits ODB with a make-up box. Angelina Love gets a two count on ODB. Traci Brooks tries to maintain order in the ring, meanwhile Love works with ODB in the ring. The crowd is behind ODB as she gets to her feet with a sleeper hold applied. ODB hits a back drop suplex as she smacks her butt to fire up the crowd. ODB tags in Rhino, Kip is tagged in. Back-and-forth, Rhino dominates Kip with a shoulder block then a belly-to-belly suplex. Kip starts to counter. He hits a splash on The War Machine. Out of nowhere Rhino hits Gore on Kip and gets the three count.

Winners - Rhino, Rhaka Khan, & ODB

Richard Reacts: Not very good from a work perspective. I do not like when male workers strike female workers in wrestling as it sends the wrong message to younger viewers. The go-home sequence was out of the blue but predictable.

Backstage with Lauren and Consequences Creed. Creed puts himself over for his match tonight against Sheik Abdul Bashir for the X Division Championship.

Sheik Abdul Bashir (c) vs. Consequences Creed
TNA X-Division Championship Match
The champion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, comes out first. The following match is for the TNA X Division Champion. Tenay and West really push him as the anti-American villain. They introduce an injured Iraqi war veteran to the ring... Sgt. Daniel Casara who has a microphone in his hand. He gets in the ring with the microphone. The crowd pops for him.

Casara introduces the challenger, Consequences Creed, to the ring. Sheik Abdul Bashir gets on the mic who speaks in another language. Creed hits the ring and gives Bashir a clothesline. Creed flips Bashir over the top rope and points at him on the outside. Creed flips over the top rope and hits Bashir on the outside. He high fives West and Tenay and the announce table. Creed gets back in the ring and hits a cross-body off the top rope onto Bashir. He gets a two count on the champion. Bashir battles back with right hands and back hand chops in the corner. Creed counters with a basement clothesline on Bashir who was sitting on the mat. Creed gets Bashir in the corner and chops away. Knife edge chops from Creed onto Bashir. Bashir builds a counter and ends up knocking Creed off the apron onto the outside. Creed hits his head on the steel rail. Bashir taunts the fans before getting out of the ring. He grabs Consequences Creed on the outside and drops him on the security rail. Bashir roles him back in and covers him for a two count. Bashir trips Creed and puts an elbow in-between Creed's shoulders. Bashir gets a near fall and follows with a submission hold. Creed gets to his feet, tries to land some offense, but is derailed with a knee. Bashir gets another two count. Bashir sends Creed face first into the turnbuckles. Crowd is very much for Creed.

Chops are exchanged in the ring but Bashir comes out on top and gets two consecutive two counts. Bashir locks a submission hold on the challenger. The referee checks for submission. Creed gets back to his feet and counters out. He ends up rolling Bashir up for a two count. Side headlock from Creed onto Bashir. Bashir counters and applies a sleeper hold on the challenger. Bashir takes Creed down to the mat in the hold, he wrenches back on the sleeper. Referee Andrew Thomas checks for a knockout. Creed's hand won't go down for three. He gets back to his feet and counters out of the sleeper. Bashir counters but Creed connects flush with a kick. Both men are down in the ring. Bashir and Creed exchange blows once again. Creed hits a big two armed clothesline on the champion. Creed whips Bashir off the ropes, hits a back body drop, and gets another near fall. Consequences Creed hits a huge press slam with his knees in Bashir's gut. Two count from the referee. Spin kick from Consequences Creed, Bashir is down. He points up and heads to the top turnbuckle. Creed is taking forever as he finally makes it to the top. Bashir makes it to the ropes and hits a hurricanrana off the top and gets a two count on the challenger. Bashir roles Creed up out of nowhere, grabbing the ropes without the referee seeing for leverage.

Winner & still X Division Champion - Sheik Abdul Bashir

Backstage with JB and Mick Foley. Foley is telling him some story about Jim Ross. Awesome King and Raisha Saeed enter the office. Saeed asks Foley why he is here... she says it doesn't matter why he's here. Foley tells her that's gimmick infringement on The Rock. Saeed tells Cornette that Kong is not responsible for what happens tonight. Saeed tells Foley to tell Cornette that she wants to talk to him. Foley tells JB that Saeed needs a visit from his clown friend.

Richard Reacts: I really liked the match, it was a lot of fun. It had the correct outcome as there is way too much heat on Bashir to end his run this early.

Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Awesome Kong vs. Roxxi
TNA Knockout Women's Championship Match
The following match is for the TNA Knockout Women's Championship. Awesome Kong comes out first with Raisha Saeed. Roxxi and Taylor Wilde team up on Kong and end up taking her down to the mat first. Wilde and Roxxi argue in the ring about how they are going to take Kong out. They end up getting her to the outside. Now it's Roxxi and Taylor Wilde. Taylor hits a heel kick on Roxxi, sending her to the mat. Kong gets in and throws Wilde around inside the ring. Saeed drags Roxxi to the outside and works her over briefly. Kong dominates Wilde in the ring.

Roxxi gets back in and ends up throwing Wilde to the outside. Roxxi backs right into Kong. Kong takes Roxxi to the mat. Kong lands a strong chop to the chest of Roxxi. Roxxi tries to start a counter by chopping away at Kong in the corner. Roxxi hits a neck breaker and a back splash off the ropes. The crowd is behind Roxxi. Roxxi goes to the top and lands on Kong. Makes a cover but Wilde makes the save. Wilde picks Roxxi up, Awesome Kong knocks them both over. The crowd eats it up as Roxxi hits a jawbreaker on Kong. Kong hits a huge cross-body block maneuver on Kong. Kong hits the Implant Buster on Roxxi, she gets a two count that is broke up by Taylor Wilde. Wilde is clotheslined to the mat by Kong. Kong goes to the top, Taylor Wilde follows. Wilde ends up getting thrown off, Kong falls to the outside. Meanwhile, Roxxi ends up getting a two count on Wilde in the ring. Roxxi attempts her finisher, Wilde hits a bridging suplex to win the match and retain the belt.

Winner & still TNA Knockout Women's Champion - Taylor Wilde

Richard Reacts: Decent match but not even close to the stellar matches between Kong and Gail Kim. This really shows just how much momentum the Knockouts have lost since Kim left the company. I was surprised at the outcome as I felt that Kong should have gone over.

AJ Styles tells Mick Foley backstage that he's glad that he's in TNA, unlike some of the other guys that come in from the 'other company'. Team 3D barge in and call AJ a huge mark for marking to Foley. Foley separates them. Foley tells AJ to go get ready for his match. Foley asks Brother Ray why he stole his wardrobe. Ray calls him Cactus and tells him that he looks better in flannel than him. Ray says just like in ECW and WWE, they do what they want in TNA. Brother Ray tells Mick to stay out of their way and they'll stay out of his. Foley tells them that he's got to get ready to be the Special Enforcer for Jarrett vs. Angle.

Cornette walks in and asks Foley what he misses. Foley tells him he hasn't missed much. Foley walks out.

Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. LAX vs. Team 3D vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan
Monster's Ball Tag Team Match For The TNA Tag Team Championship
Special Guest Referee: Steve "Mongo" McMichael

Steve 'Mongo' McMichael comes out first, he is the special guest referee for this match. The TNA Tag Team Champions, Beer Money, Inc., come out next with Jacqueline. James Storm has a beer drinking helmet on, with two bottles of beer hooked to it. Abyss is out next, Matt Morgan follows him. Team 3D comes out next. LAX is the last team to come to ringside. The bell rings and it's pure chaos. Devon is working over Abyss, Brother Ray is working on the outside with Matt Morgan. Devon is on the outside with Abyss. Homicide and Hernandez takes out James Storm in the ring. The crowd already wants tables. Homicide lands a sweet double team on Storm. Roode gets involved and works with Hernandez. Hernandez hits Roode with a shoulder block. Homicide flips outside of the ring and connects on both Storm and Roode. Hernandez goes next, flips to the outside, onto Roode & Storm.

Brother Ray levels Hernandez on the ramp. Devon is working with Homicide in the ring. He hits Devon with a crutch. Homicide has a fork in his hand. He hits Devon in the face with it. Homicide continues to stab Devon in the face with the fork. Abyss is working with Brother Ray on the outside. Devon is busted open after the fork shots. Abyss gets in the ring and connects with shock treatment. Brother Ray hits Abyss 'right in the nuts' to quote Don West with a cheese grater. Brother Ray licks the side of the cheese grater. Abyss is busted open as Brother Ray runs it across his face. Brother Ray shows the grater to the crowd. Hernandez gets in the ring to work with Brother Ray. Big superplex from Ray off the top rope on Hernandez. Roode gets in and goes to work with Brother Ray. Storm kicks Ray and Roode connects on him. Ray kicks out. Matt Morgan gets in the ring and is double teamed by Beer Money. Morgan reverses a suplex and hits a double suplex on both members of Beer Money.

Morgan used Undertaker's rope walk on Roode in which he was booed for. Roode breaks up Morgan's count and Devon gets in and starts landing trash can lid shots. Devon takes Roode down. Abyss gets in a chokeslams Devon. He goes for a chokeslam on Roode. Storm gets in with a bag of tacks. Mongo takes it away from him. Beer Money is not happy with McMichael. Storm puts his beer helmet on as he squares of with McMichael. McMichael takes out Roode after Storm gets out of the way. Homicide gets a two count on Roode. Matt Morgan cleans house. The crowd chants loudly for tables. LAX works over Beer Money on the outside. Morgan goes to the top rope and off to the outside with a cross-body block onto everyone. Devon fights with Abyss, who is very bloody, up the ramp. Ray gets involved and has a chair. Devon hits him with a trash can lid. Ray connects with a garbage can. Brother Ray has a staple gun, he staples Abyss' bloody face. Devon misses Abyss on a double team and hits Ray in the face. Abyss takes out Team 3D but Johnny Devine comes out and hits him with a kendo stick. Devine comes back out with a table.

Brother Ray and Devon have lighter fluid. They douse the table brought out by Devine in the fluid. Johnny Devine lights his kendo stick. He sets the fire on table as they throw Abyss through it. A staffer comes out and extinguishes Abyss. Morgan fights with Roode up the ramp. Storm takes out Morgan. Hernandez lands huge kendo stick blows on James Storm on the outside. Hernandez roles Storm in the ring. Homicide goes to the top rope, Roode stops him. Homicide backs him off and hits a dual drop kick on both members of Beer Money. Roode works with Homicide on the top turnbuckle. Homicide comes off the top with a DDT. Mongo counts the two count. Hernandez catches James Storm in mid-air and delivers a powerbomb. He only gets a two count. Homicide goes off the top rope onto Roode, he gets a two count. LAX argues with Mongo about the slow counts (he really is doing a bad job counting, making the near falls pointless). Hernandez lands a blow on Storm as Jacqueline comes in and gets on the back of McMichael. Mongo spanks Jackie out of the ring. Morgan is back in as he takes out LAX.

Morgan is in the ring working with LAX as he hits a slam on Hernandez. Morgan sets Homicide up on the top turnbuckle. Brother Ray puts a table in the ring. Hernandez lands a border toss on Morgan, sending him to the outside. Brother Ray takes out Homicide as Devon goes up top. It's the What's Up executed perfectly. Hernandez barges in with a double clothesline on both members of Team 3D. Hernandez sets a table up in the ring. He can't get the bag of tacks open. McMichael helps him get it opened and spread it across the top of the table. Team 3D gets in position as they give Hernandez 3D through the table with the tacks on it. Roode sneaks in and pins Hernandez for the three count.

Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions - Beer Money, Inc.

Richard Reacts: I'm not a big fan of gimmick matches but that was a lot of fun and the crowd loved it. There was one really random spot with McMichael squaring off in the 3 point football stance against Beer Money but overall the match was very entertaining. Age hasn't done Mongo well as he looks really bad compared to his days in WCW. The spot where Abyss was put through the table on fire was awesome, there just aren't words to describe how insane that was.

AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage vs. Booker T
Triple-Threat Match
Booker T comes to the ring first with Sharmell. Christian Cage is out next. Styles it out last. The bell rings and AJ Styles and Booker T start things out. Styles hits a back breaker on Booker. Christian Cage is on the outside. Booker builds a counter on AJ while Christian gets in the ring. Christian gives Booker an inverted DDT after Booker asks him is he's with him. Styles and Christian start battling. Christian hits a backslide on Styles for a two count. Styles tries to springboard off the ropes but Cage knocks him off. Christian lands a knee to the face of Styles. Booker and Christian have an exchange in the ring that results in Cage going to the outside. Styles hits a moonsault off the top rope onto Cage which did not completely connect. Booker comes to the outside, he and AJ exchange blows.

Christian and Booker are in the ring trading blows. Vicious uppercut from Christian onto Booker. Christian off the top rope into a blow from Booker. Booker gets a two count. Booker T applies a submission move on Christian. The referee checks for submission. Christian gets to his feet and battles out of the hold. Christian goes off the ropes only to get hit with a heel kick from Booker. Booker hits Christian in the face. AJ gets on the apron but is met by blows from Booker T. Booker hits a back hand chop on Christian and works on him in the corner. Christian counters with three chops of his own. Booker blocks a fourth as each land a clothesline on each other... sending them both down to the mat for the double count out. AJ goes off the top rope, over Christian, onto Booker. Styles works over Booker with right hands. Christian is resting in the corner. AJ splashes Christian in the corner.

Christian sends Booker to the outside with a clothesline. Styles lands a dropkick on Christian. Styles tries Styles Clash but Christian blocks with an Unprettier attempt which is unsuccessful. Styles ends up hitting an inverted DDT on Christian after several standing switches. Christian works over AJ but Booker T gets up and hits a double clothesline on his opponents. Booker utilizes his power to take out Christian. Now Booker works on AJ in the ring with hard chops. AJ Styles locks Booker in a mat submission hold. Christian gets in and breaks it up. AJ kicks Christian in the head and goes to work on him. Booker hits a Book End on Styles, Sharmell tells him to for the pin. Booker gets a two count on AJ. Spin-A-Rooni attempt by Booker, Christian breaks it up. Christian mocks Booker as Styles steps over him and lands a hit on Booker. Christian serves Styles a DDT for a two count. Christian puts AJ Styles on the top turnbuckle. Booker grabs Christian's legs from behind. AJ punches Booker through Christian's legs. Styles sends Christian off the turnbuckle and misses the spiral tap on Christian. Booker lands a double axe kick on both his opponents. Booker gets two separate pin attempts on his opponents. Booker goes to the top rope, AJ takes him off. Christian gets a two count on AJ Styles. Booker is on the ropes, AJ is catapulted onto the ropes. All three men are working in one corner on the middle rope. Christian hit the Unprettier from the middle rope on AJ. Booker goes off the ropes with an axe kick on Christian Cage. Booker makes the cover on Christian for the win.

Winner - Booker T

Richard Reacts: Good match, not as spectacular as it could have been but it was still a lot of fun. AJ Styles really shined in the match and Booker got the win as I expected.

Backstage with Lauren and Kurt Angle. She tells him that he has what he wanted... what he demanded. Angle questions her about her statement that this is what he wants. Angle claims that Mick Foley is the special enforcer to protect Jeff Jarrett. Angle says he doesn't give a damn if Jarrett owns the company or hasn't wrestled in 2 years, but he's going to make an example out of him. Angle speaks indirectly to Jarrett's little girls saying that 'daddy will stop bleeding... eventually'

Backstage with JB and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has a very solemn look on his face. Borash asks Jarrett if something were to happen to him what would happen to all of them. Jarrett is choked up and talks about the pain and agony of the past two years. He says through it all there were three beautiful girls that kept him going and tonight he'll do it for them.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle
TNA Grudge Match
Special Enforcer: Mick Foley

Mick Foley comes out first, he is the special enforcer for the upcoming match. Mike Tenay teases that it's his only contractual commitment with TNA Wrestling. Here comes Kurt Angle. Jeff Jarrett is the final participant to ringside. He comes out with his guitar. Kurt Angle flips off Mick Foley in the ring. The referee calls for the bell and we're underway. Jarrett stretches in one of the corners. Loud 'thank you Jeff' chants from the crowd. The two lock up as Angle connects with a side headlock takeover. Angle wrenches back on the hold on the mat. Jarrett is able to get back to a vertical base and eventually breaks the hold. Angle hits another side headlock takeover right back into the mat headlock. Jeff gets back to his feet. He tries to break the hold and eventually does it. Jarrett connects a hip toss on Angle and applies a side headlock of his own. Angle finally counters out of the hold but Jarrett hits another side headlock takeover and re-applies the hold on the mat. Angle counters with a back drop type maneuver but Jarrett still has the side headlock applied.

Angle finally breaks the hold and works over Jarrett in the corner. Vicious uppercut from Angle onto Jarrett. Jarrett hits a drop kick on Angle off the ropes. Jarrett sends Angle down to the rail off a clothesline. Jarrett hits a cross body block to the outside. Jarrett throws Angle into the security rail on the outside. Jarrett goes off the apron, but misses Angle. Foley instructs them to get in the ring. Angle grabs Jeff by the hair and roles him back into the ring. Angle works Jarrett over with uppercuts inside the ring. Jarrett hits an inverted atomic drop on Angle. Angle is setup in the ropes, he takes a kick from Jeff. Jarrett struts but runs right into an Angle clothesline. The referee starts a double count out but Angle gets to his feet first. He hits a backbreaker on Jarrett for a couple of two counts. Angle has a side headlock applied on Jarrett on the mat. The referee checks for submission.

Jarrett starts to get to his feet, Kurt just tries to keep hanging on. Jarrett breaks the hold with elbows, but Kurt lands an uppercut. Kurt hits a clothesline and gets a near fall on Jarrett. Snap suplex from Angle on Jarrett. He locks a sleeper on Jarrett on the mat. The crowd seems to be split now. Jarrett fights Angle off with right hands and a boot. Angle lands a rake to the eyes of Jarrett and drives his shoulder into his midsection. Angle charges into Jarrett, but he moves. Jarrett hits a DDT on Angle. Both men are down, double countout starts. Kurt and Jeff exchange right hands. Jarrett hits a clothesline and a lariat and gets another near fall on Angle. Angle walks into a boot from Jarrett. Angle connects on a belly-to-belly release suplex followed by a two count. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but Jarrett counters out and hits a DDT. Jarrett gets a two count but he just had his arm draped across his chest. Jeff sets Kurt up on the top turnbuckle. Jarrett attempts a suplex, Angle fights him off. Angle's got him belly-to-belly but Jarrett is able to hit a superplex down to the mat. Jarrett gets another near fall. Jarrett counters a manevuer from Angle, locking in the Figure Four leg lock. Angle grimaces in pain in the middle of the ring. Jarrett continues to wrench back, applying pressure.

Angle's shoulders keep touching the mat but finally he makes it to the ropes. Angle screams at referee Rudy Charles to get him off. Kurt gets a German suplex on Jarrett, he hits a second. Angle gets a third one. Kurt goes for the pin... two count. Angle misses an Angle Slam attempt. Jarrett tries a piledriver but it's reversed. Angle applies his ankle lock. Jarrett reaches for the ropes but Kurt keeps pulling him back. Jarrett finally breaks the hold by rolling Kurt over. Angle Slam from Kurt, two count on Jarrett. Jarrett is down in the ring. Kurt climbs to the top for a moonsault attempt. Kurt goes off... nobody home! Jarrett jumps up Undertaker style. Angle accidentally knocks out the referee. Jarrett drives Angle down face first as Mick Foley gets in the ring and counts the two count. Angle connects a low blow on Jarrett. Angle grabs a chair, Mick Foley won't allow it in the ring. Angle levels Foley with the chair. Angle crushes Jarrett with the chair in the ring. Angle pulls Jarrett to the center of the ring. Angle makes the cover, Foley pulls the referee out after a two count. Foley goes face-to-face with Angle as he drops him with a right. Mr. Socko in the ring, he connects the Mandible claw. Jarrett hits the guitar shot on Angle and makes the three count (which is done by Foley) for the win.

Winner - Jeff Jarrett

Richard Reacts: It was a very good match with a tremendous amount of overbooking at the end. Foley was a special enforcer, a referee, a special enforcer, then he's helping Jarrett win the match after an Angle chair shot. The match was good enough that the overbooked finish did not kill it but I thought that it was unnecessary. Jarrett did not appear to have much ring rust which is phenomenal.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Sting
TNA Championship Match
The upcoming match is for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Sting, the challenger, makes his way to the ring first. The camera shows Samoa Joe coming out of his locker room before they cut to a Joe promo video. Samoa Joe comes to the ring with a towel around his neck and the TNA title in his left hand. Borash is in the ring for the formal in-ring introductions.

The bell rings and we start with Sting coming out like a house of fire, throwing blows. Samoa Joe flips Sting to the outside. Joe goes off the ropes and through them with a suicide div onto Sting on the outside. Joe chops away on Sting on the outside. The fight spills out to the crowd. Joe is high-fiving fans after every blow. They fight in tight spaces, up stairs, etc. No one has established control as it goes back and forth up stairs. Samoa Joe jumps off a luxury box onto Sting on the steel steps. Joe leads Sting down the stairs through the crowd. Sting starts to go momentum in the crowd. Sting drags Joe through a row of fans, pulling his face across the rail. Sting connects a stiff right hand followed by a cross-body block in the seats. The crowd starts the 'TNA' chants. Joe's nose is busted. Sting falls on the rail, Joe knocks him off with a boot. Joe leads Sting back into the crowd. Joe tosses Sting back over the security gate back to the ringside area. Joe rolls Sting back into the ring. Joe connects with his MMA style punches on Sting. Joe hits his big spinning kick to the face of Sting. Mixed crowd reactions for Joe.

Joe chops away at Sting on the top turnbuckle. Sting counters with right hands. Sting jumps off the turnbuckle and hits his version of a DDT. Sting goes off the top with a Sting Splash into a two count. Joe powerbombs Sting and gets a two count for himself. Joe has Sting in a crossface. He wrenches back on the hold as referee Earl Hebner checks for submission. Sting gets a foot on the ropes which causes the hold to be broken. Sting walks right into a snap slam that puts him down for a two count. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Samoa Joe. Sting hit a Muscle Buster on Joe off the top but Joe pops right back up and starts chopping away on Sting. Joe hits an inverted DDT on Sting. They have an exchange in the ring as Sting connects a couple of Stinger splashes. Sting goes for a third but Joe counters, sending the Stinger to the mat. Joe drives knees to the face of Sting, finally taking him down on the mat. Joe raises his hands to a mixed crowd reaction. Sting gets up as Hebner is at 7 with his count. Joe kicks away at the legs of Sting. Joe levels Sting with a huge boot to the face. Hebner starts another count out on the challenger.

Sting is barely moving as he tries to use the ring ropes to get up. Joe doesn't let Hebner finish the count as he goes after Sting. Kevin Nash makes his way down the ramp as Joe argues with Hebner in the ring. Joe teases violence on Hebner as the argument continues. Joe goes back to work on Sting with right hands and chops. Sting curses as he grabs his head in pain. Joe goes back to his argument with Hebner. Sting reaches for his baseball bat. Kevin Nash rips the bat out of his hands. Joe hits a huge clothesline on Sting. Samoa Joe gets a two count on Sting. Joe goes back to work on Sting. Kevin Nash hits Samoa Joe with the baseball bat from the outside. Scorpion Death Drop and they've put Sting over Joe.

Winner & new TNA World Heavyweight Champion - Sting

Richard Reacts: The match became a No DQ match kind of on the fly but I didn't mind the action spilling out into the crowd. Joe and Sting worked a decent match but I disagree with the decision to put Sting over Joe. I feel like Joe needed the big win to legitimize his title reign and it didn't happen. It looks like Kevin Nash has signed his new contract so I guess we'll finally get a Nash vs. Joe feud. I just can't see Sting holding the TNA title for any length of time. Thanks for joining us everyone - goodnight!


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