TNA Predicts - Final Resolution

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This Sunday, December 9th, TNA presents Final Resolution from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. I have to admit that a couple of matches on the card looks solid, though a bit beaten to death. Sadly I just don't feel as invested in the storylines or the booking in TNA, but I do expect to see some really beautiful matches with some seriously sick spots.

Ken Predicts - X Division Championship Match – RVD (c) vs Kenny King

I would absolutely love to see Kenny King win the X Division Title in this match. He's finally being allowed to show his personality and the fans are responding. That's another thing, the fans in the Impact Zone have actually been responding to what's going on in the lately, so hopefully they'll be awake and invested in Final Resolution, something that will help all involved work that much harder. All that being said, I was expecting a lot from RVD as the X Division Champ, but obviously TNA doesn't care about the X Division, even though that's a big part of what got TNA noticed in the first place. Sadly RVD has barely been seen on Impact, and has done little with the X Division Title. I have to admit I'm rather disgusted, and it's not at RVD, because he's done all he's been scripted and booked to do. TPTB in TNA needs to pull their heads out and bring back the X Division, no matter what Hogan and Bisch think about it. The fans fell in love with the X Division for a reason, maybe that's why Hogan took it away, it's smaller guys and not his idea. Honestly, I don't know, but I do think it's time for some fresh blood with the X Division gold, so I'm going with Kenny King. He's a breath of fresh air, and hopefully something will change so we see him defend, and possibly drag the X Division into a storyline or a feud! Shocking idea, I know, but it might just work.

Ken's Predicted Winner – King

Stacy's Predicted Winner – RVD

Ken Predicts - Austin Aries vs Bully Ray

This is going to be a sick match. I think we all know that Aries and Bully will leave it all out there, and they both have a lot to leave. I must admit that was worried the first time these two started facing off as their of a much different size, and such different ring styles, but it works, and works so beautifully. While we've seen these two work the ring, and feud, and I did say it was a step back eight months in the BZ this week, I do believe that they're going to give us a match to remember at FR. And even though the match was announced last minute, they did a great job of building to it the past couple weeks. I think, unless somehow Brooke causes something screwy to happen, that Bully has this one. Aries beat Bully in the past, but Aries has been struggling lately, and a big loss would be a swift kick to his ego; really rile him up to push this feud (or even a WHC shot) further.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Bully

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bully

Ken Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match – Hernandez & Chavo (c) vs Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan

This is a tough one to figure out. From what I've seen, I don't expect Ryan to help much in this match. He just hasn't shown us much for ring work. Morgan, on the other hand has been quite dominant – even though he hasn't been working the ring since his return. Morgan does have history with Hernandez, and they work the ring together so handsomely. I think that Hernandez and Chavito could do so much more with TTC, but again, it's how they're booked, or not booked, that is hurting them. Because of this, and how strong Morgan's been looking, I see him and his sleazy little friend winning gold.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ryan & Morgan

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ryan & Morgan via DQ (something dirty), Hernandez & Chavito retain

Ken Predicts - 8 Man Tag team Match – Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe & Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff vs Aces & 8's

This should be one heck of a match! The only one of these guys I'm worried about is Garett, and even he's been getting better. It will be interesting to see which A&8's guys are picked for this match. Of course there will be Devon and DOC as they've been fighting with Joe and Angle, but beyond that... Obviously the frizzy haired A&8's won't be working the match as he'll be working the match with his hair slicked into a ponytail as Wes. So, will he jump ship in this match? Let's see, Devon cheated to win this week, and DOC just cheated to end his match, so does that mean they will come out on top or just fall apart? I really have this feeling that Wes is going to jump ship this week. That still leaves D-Lo still deeply entrenched in TNA, so why not? Wes turns on his team and helps A&8's win.

Ken's Predicted Winner – A&8's

Stacy's Predicted Winner – A&8's

Ken Predicts - TNA Knockouts Championship Match – Tara (c) vs Mickie James

I really thought that Mickie had a chance to win this one, but then Velvet Sky returned to TNA. I don't see two faces going at it over the Knockouts Title, so that leaves Tara with the belt. I will say that Mickie's been looking great, and her ring work has picked up again. She looks more like the tough sexy girl who I adored in the WWE, and early in her TNA career. It's great to see, and will add so much to this match, though I think Jessie will get involved and end up costing Mickie the match in some screwy way. But honestly, this could go either way and I'd be fine with it, because I expect this to be a solid Knockouts match, and that's always good.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tara

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Mickie

Ken Predicts - AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels

In some ways I'm so annoyed that they're giving us this same bloody match, AGAIN! In other ways, I know it's going to be a good match, so I'm interested in seeing what they pull out this time. Stacy thinks that AJ will lose because he seems to be on a semi-permanent decline, but I keep thinking about how great he's been looking in the ring lately. He has a little time here and there that he's terribly off his mark (something that it takes a great wrestler to pull off), but the rest of the time he's been looking better than he ever has before. Because of how sick AJ's been looking in the ring, I know this is going to be awe inspiring, but also because of how AJ's been having issues, he really needs to win this one. I think it's about time Daniels is put in his place, no matter what Kaz does to try to help him and screw AJ. Wait, maybe Kaz will cost Daniels the match by accident? A nice feud between the two of them could be a lot of fun, especially heading toward Lockdown!

Ken's Predicted Winner – AJ

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Daniels

Ken Predicts - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bobby Roode

As great as Roode was as Champ, Hardy is TNA's golden boy, so he won't lose the strap. This should be a good match, but I really wonder what it's going to take for Hardy to end up dropping the WHC. Will he carry it longer than Roode, just so TPTB in TNA can have their golden boy hold that honor? Ugh! So yeah, Hardy will win this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Hardy

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Hardy

I think the lack of interest in the writers for predicting this PPV might say something about Final Resolution, and possibly TNA as a whole. WNW's famous Alex Barie will be posting his predictions in the comments section, so I won't be completely alone. If anyone watches Final Resolution, please let me know what you think. I'll be watching, but fear I'm going to be one of the few.


  • Ibra

    Hardy will keep the belt till lockdown. That is when he will face Aries and lose the strap then. I could bet my money on that. Mark my words

  • Mark3man

    I want to watch as I’ve not missed a live tna event in months however been in the UK and the Christmas work schedule a 4 am finish is a bit late this week for me(gonna miss raw live as well which I hate, I.dont end up watching like with smackdown) but I’m gonna watch it tomorrow and avoid coming here till I do.
    I think that there will be two title changes, not the divas title cos I think velvet(beautiful people past gimmick) and the current Hollywood power couple story could lead to good feud.

  • Mark3man

    So two of the others should change, and I think its too soon to take hardys (plus they needed a reason not to have storm fighting for it, maybe storm to win title at lockdown )
    Now the main reason I watch tna ATM is aces, and I think they need something big here to make fans come back next year, I don’t think they will reveal Wes yet, he doesn’t have enough of a back story yet for it too be a big shock. I’m hoping for a Jeff jarrett return however knowing wcw sorry tna I’m going to call something. this may sound crazy but I did call Devon before the first reveal. I’m going for sting to be revealed as a member of aces, its time for a massive heel turn to rival hogans.

  • Tom

    The only possible heel turn that could rival Hogan's would be if Cena would be revealed as the leader of the Shield…

    Sting is way too old for it to make that big of an impact, especially with how quickly TNA has turned people back and forth in the past.

  • Alex Barie

    Hey Kendra! I am trying to not miss any predictions because I have been liking the numbers I have been putting up for the show. The last WWE PPV, I think I only was off by one match. Anyway, I am here to support you and TNA so let's go:

    RVD vs. Kenny King:

    I always been a fan of Kenny King. I really like seeing him go for the gold here, but the sad thing is, I don't think it is his time. RVD is a veteran but I don't think he established himself as the X-Division Champion yet. I would love to see TNA build RVD as the unstoppable high flyer guy who keeps winning. Then they will bring someone newer to the table like Kenny or Ion or some other great athletes on the roster and beat RVD. I think that would really help that younger person's career. They need to make the X-Div worth watching. It's picking up but they need to go further. I don't see RVD's streak ending yet. Winner: RVD

    Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray:

    This might possibly be the hardest match to go because it could go either way to advance the storyline. After little thought, I made my decision. This match can't be won clean. There is no way that Ray would go over cleanly and still have Austin bad mouthing Brooke. With that being said, I think Brooke will run down to the ring and distract Bully Ray. Austin will be able to capitalize and win. I like Austin's chances on this one. Winner: Austin Aries

    Tag Team Title Match:

    There isn't a nice way to say it but Chavo and Hernandez really didn't have a great title run so far. Don't get me wrong, they had great matches as a tag team, but their title reign really hasn't been exciting. There isn't any hype around them right now. They really don't have a story, unlike Team Hell No from WWE….and Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. They have a story. They have something that they can talk about. Honestly, I think it's the end of Chavo and Hernandez's run, but I also think it is necessary for Joey and Matt to go over. They need to go to the next level. Joey couldn't when he faced RVD for the X-Division Title, so it is now or never. They are great heels and it's time to really push them. Winner: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

    8 Man Tag Match:

    I like the Aces and 8s opponents. It's a greatly built time. On the contrary, Aces and 8s need to win this. This is their second biggest match…their first was at Bound for Glory. Four men from the faction will be teaming up. I don't know how many members there are, but there are more than 4. In order for Aces and 8s to move on, I have to see them winning….but I also have to see a member be unmasked. It's time for another. TNA will be taping two weeks worth of shows, so they need to have some excitement and something new for them. They need to do it live too and not on a taped show. This match can greatly excel this story. Winner: Aces and 8s.

    Tara vs. Mickie James:

    I really don't know who to pick here. Both have their advantages. Mickie could get the title because she came back from injury, but Tara has Jesse and they need to keep that love story going. The thing that seals the deal is Velvet Sky. Since she came back, I see a face vs. heel match between her and Tara. It would make a lot more sense than Sky vs. James. I love Tara in the ring and feel like she can bring everything. I want her title reign to last for quite awhile. Winner: Tara

    AJ Styles vs. Daniels

    I don't know what to say about this match. First off, AJ really can't go anywhere after this. He can't go for the World Title and I don't see who the next person to fight against would be. Daniels can take this win and it would elevate him to the main event spot or he could go with Kaz for the tag titles. I honestly would love to see AJ win this match since he has been losing everything this year, but I don't think that is the case. A Daniels win could really jump start the character and put him over the next level. I wouldn't mind seeing Daniels fight for the World Title. He deserves it. Great heel and great athlete. I am basing this off of what should be done….not what will be done. Something that isn't smart but I need to. Winner: Daniels

    Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode:

    I absolutely think this is the easiest match to call. I like Roode. He's a great character. He stacked the odds, aka Aces and 8s, but I don't think that is enough. Jeff needs to continue his reign. TNA will continue to have him with the belt so he can resign, if he didn't already. They are making this Jeff's time and ending that would completely end everything they built for him. It's not going to happen yet, but it should be an excellent match. Winner: Jeff Hardy