TNA Predicts – Lockdown

Sunday, March 10th, TNA presents Lockdown from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. This could be a great PPV for TNA as they’re outside of the Impact Zone and starting on the road next week. They’re taking some big steps forward, and this could really set the tone for the future of the company.

We’re really shaking things up this month! On top of our regular predictors, some of the new writers from, and WNW’s newest Smackdown blogger, have thrown their hats into the ring. Kyle Schimanski, Jesse Sherwood, Bradley Drysdale, Elto Alexandrov! Please be kind, but don’t hesitate to tell us who you think will win and why.


I had very high hopes for Lockdown after Genesis, as we were going to get two months of build for it, but TNA has pulled their usual stunts and waited until the last 2-3 Impacts to do any significant building to the PPV! When you look at the card, there isn’t a single match on it that has been booked more than three weeks ago. In fact, most of them were added on last week’s show. TNA needs more long range creative planning, as these impulsive matches and changes make them look very minor league in comparison to other companies. And I’m not just meaning WWE, but ROH as well.

Ken Predicts – Three-Way X Division Championship Match – Kenny King (c) vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

As much as I love Christian York, I highly doubt he will be winning the X Division Title so early in his time in TNA, even though he was there at the start of it all, and should have been on wrestling TV for the past so many years. I just don’t see them strapping him yet as he hasn’t developed much of a character yet, even though I feel he’s the best of the three right now, and that’s because the X Division needs a heel Champ for a bit after RVD was so wishy-washy for so long. I’ve not been quiet about my feelings for Ion and Kenny, so as long as no one isn’t terribly injured, I might call this a solid match. No, I doubt even that. Kenny will retain, but I really don’t expect much from the X Division right now.

Ken’s Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Alex Predicts – Three-Way X Division Championship Match – Kenny King (c) vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

I didn’t see this match coming either.  Where is TNA making these matches at?  We seen Kenny King in one segment this past Impact Wrestling and now he has a match?  Where is the build?  TNA has 4 PPVs and they add a match last minute?  This is not like them at all.  Before I get too angry, I do think this match will be worth watching.  I like Kenny.  He has shown some impressive stuff since he has been on TNA.  Zema Ion is one of my favorites.  Not only can he play his character well, but he is good in the ring.  Christian York is good and Kurt Angle agreed with me.  I mean, why did TNA let him go in the first place?  These three could put on a show and I am glad I am not writing this match move by move.  I see Kenny winning as why would he lose it so quickly?  Also, where is Rob Van Dam!  Yikes!

Alex’s Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Jesse Predicts – Three-Way X Division Championship Match – Kenny King (c) vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

UGH!!! King was the second-to-last person I wanted to be X Division Champion, behind Ion. Kenny King is bland all the way around, and needs to step up his game if he is going to have the Title for a long time. Speaking of Ion, he and York both have not been on TV in quite some time. While I’m not complaining for Ion, as I have hated his work, especially after the Jesse Sorenson and Chris Sabin incidents, York is incredibly talented and should be featured more. But this is more infuriating of a match, as this should be the customary former Champion’s rematch. I know they set this up on Impact this week, but it screams of last minute booking. King has recently won the Title, so he will go over here. Hopefully, this will either be a gateway to a reinvigoration of the X Division, or a way to set up a feud between King and York.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Brad Predicts – Three-Way X Division Championship Match – Kenny King (c) vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

Wow, who actually cares? It’s another case of fantastic TNA booking, and your options are out of, well not much. It’s sad that this once great division has now dwindled down to three competitors. Now I actually like King, I think he’s exciting in the ring. Give this guy the ball and let him run with it!

Brad’s Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Elto Predicts – Three-Way X Division Championship Match – Kenny King (c) vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

This is a rather obvious one. Kenny King is the only one of these three who even had TV time on the most recent Impact Wrestling episode. There don’t seem to be any plans in store for York and Ion in the near future, so Kenny’s X Division title is safe for now.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Ken Predicts – Rob Terry vs Robbie E

Terry is going to destroy Robbie E. Robbie is going to be smeared all over that ring. There is the possibility that Robbie could cheat in a huge way and get the win, but after getting the upper hand by breaking his picture over Terry’s head, I really think Terry has this one. Robbie might end up being a little chihuahua snapping at the heels of the big bulldog after Lockdown, but Robbie’s no match for Terry – with Terry’s ring skills, that’s really bad for Robbie!

Ken’s Predicted Winner – Terry

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – Terry

Alex Predicts – Rob Terry vs Robbie E

This match actually makes sense.  This match should actually happen, unlike Ryan vs. Park.  Robbie E really never had a great time here in TNA.  First he had Cookie leading him to be somewhat successful.  Then he took Robbie T under his wing.  I liked the Robbie team.  They fit together, but Mr. T needed to go his own way.  He has too much talent.  The bros were funny.  The fist pumping was good and the dance-offs… and let’s not forget The List.  It is time for Robbie T to spread his wings.  I see him being a big fan favorite.

Alex’s Predicted Winner – Robbie T

Jesse Predicts – Rob Terry vs Robbie E

I have to say, it is about time they split Rob Terry from the mindless ignorance that is Robbie E. Robbie E is very unimpressive in the ring, and honestly makes me want to change the channel anytime he is on. Rob Terry, on the other hand, has improved considerably over time. While he does look like The Incredible Hulk, he has shown that he can move very well around the ring. Here’s hoping that Rob Terry squashes Robbie E into obscurity, so Terry can move on to better things, such as going after Devon’s TV Title.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – Rob Terry

Brad Predicts – Rob Terry vs Robbie E

I’m actually really looking forward to this match- but not for the wrestling. I wanna see Big Bigger Rob Terry squash Little Rob into hamster meat! At least this story has had a build, albeit a very inconsistent one.

Brad’s Predicted Winner – Rob Terry

Elto Predicts – Rob Terry vs Robbie E

Big Rob has been a victim of inconsistent booking for some time now. He has lost a fair amount of credibility since his time in The British Invasion and he needs this win in order to be considered a force to be reckoned with.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Rob Terry

Ken Predicts – Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan

This is easy, somehow Joseph will take down sleazy. I’m not sure what’s going on between Ryan and Morgan these days, but that seems to have fizzled. Actually, a lot seems to have fizzled for Ryan. Sorry, I couldn’t pass up that little dig at his manhood. But Joseph is on the rise and Ryan is losing all his push. Joseph will be shocked, but he will get the three and continue on undefeated.

I do have to note that Jesse pointed out that the most recent Before The Bell had Tenay talking about what a big role Joseph would be playing a huge role in the Lethal Lockdown match. Obviously there’s some serious creative changes, and someone didn’t tell Tenay and the production crew. That’s crap work coming from the company taking it to the next level by going on the road. I’m really not impressed.

Ken’s Predicted Winner – Joseph

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – Joseph

Alex Predicts – Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan

This is one thing that I can’t stand TNA doing… or any wrestling company doing.  Why in the world is this match happening?  Where was the build for this?  Did we even see these two on the last Impact Wrestling?  I am sorry, but this is one reason why I hate bookings.  They could use the time for this match for the main event or for Lethal Lockdown or for Kurt Angle or the Knockout match.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Joey Ryan, I am a fan of his, but this match shouldn’t happen.  I can see the difference with TNA and WWE though.  WWE would add this in without advertising.  At least TNA is advertising this, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that it shouldn’t happen.  I can’t even care about this match.  Sadly, I have to pick a winner.  I can’t see Parks losing.

Alex’s Predicted Winner – Joseph Park

Jesse Predicts – Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan

Wait, where did this come from? Xplosion, maybe? Anyways, we have a match pitting Ryan, who has yet to show me he can hold a match and Joesph Park acts like he can’t hold one. I see a train wreck coming a mile away on this one, and hope that it is the first match of the night, as to not kill what is sure to be a white-hot crowd.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – Joseph Park

Brad Predicts – Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan

Uh, what? Did I miss something or did this really come out of the blue? This makeshift matches are just not on, especially given the reduced PPV schedule TNA has adopted. Let’s hope management gets their act together come Slammiversary, instead of throwing together meaningless matches like this. In saying that, I’m guessing Matt Morgan is going to Carbon Footprint Joe… Ryan, that is, giving Park(s) the win.

Brad’s Predicted Winner – via Carbon Footprint, Joseph Park

Elto Predicts – Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan

Are these guys feuding? Have I missed something? Since there has been absolutely no build-up for this match, it is safe to say the win goes to Joseph Park, simply because TNA have been doing next to nothing with Ryan. Unfortunately.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Joseph Park

Ken Predicts – Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match – Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kaz) vs Hernandez & Chavo vs Austin Aries & Bobby Roode (c)

This could really be a fun match. I do wonder where Roode has been hiding out these past couple weeks, and wonder how they’re going to handle his return. I see all six of these guys pulling out all the stops for this match, really giving a jaw dropping show, but Roode and Aries will pull it out somehow. I know they’re going to cheat to win, but they will win it. There’s really not much I can say about this match because these six guys are such great wrestlers that only creative or booking could ruin this, and that might cause a riot!

Ken’s Predicted Winner – Roode & Aries

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – Roode & Aries

Alex Predicts – Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match – Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kaz) (c) vs Hernandez & Chavo vs Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

I was quite surprised how fast TNA made ground work out of the tag team division.  Just 2 months ago, we barely had a division.  Now we have 3 teams.  While Chavo and Hernandez were there, and i still think they haven’t been a big deal, Daniels and Kaz slipped into the mix and they deserve it.  They also deserve main event spots.  So do Aries and Roode.  Really, we have main eventers in the tag division.  Why?  TNA just doesn’t have anything for them.  It one of those times where you put Cena in the tag division because we wrestled for the title too many times and now he needs a rest.  This match should be good.  Two teams have excellent chemistry while Roode and Austin have their own way.  Their own way isn’t bad at all.  By the way, where is Roode?  We haven’t seen him this past episode.  I surely thought we would.  At any rate, I can’t see Chavo and Hernandez winning it.  I sure hope they don’t.  Now it is down to two.  I want Daniels and Kaz to win, but I want them pushed further.  It is a difficult choice, but I have to keep the titles on Roode and Aries.

Alex’s Predicted Winner – Aries & Roode

Jesse Predicts – Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match – Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kaz) (c) vs Hernandez & Chavo vs Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

I know that’s a horrible name for Chavo and Hernandez, but I couldn’t help myself! I know I said that a quick change would tarnish the Title in the Knockouts Title match, but the Titles on Greatness Factor are not doing them any favors. Both Aries and Roode are far above the Tag Team Titles, and TNA could definitely use both of them in the main event scene. TNA also did a great job of teasing Aries return to the main event the last two weeks. Speaking of which, where has Roode been? He is a Champion, and should be on TV, not in a little phone-in backstage segment! That leaves us with Bad Influence and The MexiCANs. Considering the fact that The MexiCans just dropped the Belts, I see Bad Influence finding a great way to steal this one.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – Bad Influence

Brad Predicts – Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match – Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kaz) (c) vs Hernandez & Chavo vs Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

These three teams are going to put on match of the night, and I know this purely because of the talent that will be present at the same time together. While the other two teams are very strong, you can’t go past Roode and Aries, especially when they are only at the very beginning of a stellar run, and hopefully will collect all TNA gold.

Brad’s Predicted Winner – Aries & Roode

Elto Predicts – Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match – Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kaz) (c) vs Hernandez & Chavo vs Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

I see no reason why Aries and Roode should be dropping the tag team titles at this point. This tag team is to me the most exciting thing in TNA right now and seems like it still has a bit more fuel in the tank, so they might as well use it, before the duo has gotten stale and the two resume their singles careers.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Aries & Roode

Ken Predicts – Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco

I think this one will be a really hard hitting fight, but Angle will come out on top of this one. The only way that might not happen is the terrible possibility of D-Lo, or whoever else, from A&8′s getting involved and causing a mess. Then again, that is the only way Wes has a chance in that ring against Angle. I know that they’re supposed to be in a cage – I think – but that’s never stopped A&8′s! So, I’m giving this one to Angle, but I don’t think A&8′s is above trying their dirty tactics to help Wes pull this one out.

Ken’s Predicted Winner – Angle

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – Wes

Alex Predicts – Cage Match – Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco

Okay, here comes the fun.  The X-Division match could be fun.  So can the Knockouts… but this will be a wrestling match.  This is what I am waiting for.  I need to forget my anger with Parks vs. Ryan and need to get ready for this match.  Kurt is a machine.  He still wrestles like he is in his 20s.  He is truly the best in the ring.  Wes, on the other hand, is going to have a big challenge.  I don’t think Wes can even keep up.  I liked his Gut Check match, but that is not what Kurt is about.  Kurt will rip his gut out.  The problem is… will Aces & 8s interfere?  They absolutely can.  They probably will.  I sure hope not.  It will ruin a great match.  Whose there to say that they won’t interfere more matches?  Wes needs to be Wes and that’s it.  I want one-on-one.  On the flip side, Kurt said in an interview he did a week or so ago that he is in line for a push.  A loss can’t help a push.  It’s tricky here, but I really do think Kurt will get his revenge… finally!

Alex’s Predicted Winner – Kurt Angle

Jesse Predicts – Cage Match – Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco

Wes has had very few matches on Impact, so I can’t really gauge this match the way I would like. However, Kurt Angle could be in the ring with a broomstick and put on a quality match. I see A’s and 8’s getting involved in this, at least by attacking Angle before the match. Wes going over here, though, would make little sense as he has not been built up for a big win like this.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – Kurt Angle

Brad Predicts – Cage Match – Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco

I think I read somewhere on WNW or TNA news that Brisco needs to go over Kurt, because it will help Wes’ credibility skyrocket, and A&8s will be taken more seriously…among more pathetic reasons. Wes Brisco beat Kurt Angle? I know nepotism runs rampant in this company, but really? Really? The guy can barely beat Garrett Bischoff, and quite frankly since his heel turn, has been horrible to watch. Absolutely terrible. I liked him before his turn, but that’s because he never got on mic. His promos stink! Ok, ok, enough of me tearing down Wes, but this one’s a no brainer.

Brad’s Predicted Winner – Kurt Angle

Elto Predicts – Cage Match – Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco

TNA certainly wouldn’t want Wes Brisco to look weak, but let’s face it, he’s entering the Steel Cage in a match against Kurt Angle. A win for Brisco would simply be out of touch with reality. I do hope that we get to see a lengthy match for the newcomer to showcase his skills, but Angle would be the only reasonable winner.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Kurt Angle

Ken Predicts – Knockouts Championship Match – Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

I really hope they book this match to be what it deserves to be. These two can really go in the ring, and should be allowed to do so. We know just how great Kim is, and Velvet has grown and become a really strong wrestler, so they should be allowed to show just what they can do in that ring. All that being said, Velvet just won the strap, and really should be given the time to run with it and prove herself as more than just a Knockout, but as the Knockouts Champ! She has it, and now’s the time to let her shine.

Ken’s Predicted Winner – Velvet Sky

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – Velvet Sky

Alex Predicts – Knockouts Championship Match – Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky are probably the two best Knockouts in TNA and they are probably two of the best ones in wrestling right now.  There are certainly contenders, but these two give it their all no matter what.  Gail, I think, can still be the leader in that ring while Sky has proved herself why she is more of a wrestler than a show girl.  I would honestly love to see this match in a Steel Cage, but from what I am getting out of it, it is not going to be.  It’s a shame.  These two would destroy each other in there.  I will always remember the Steel Cage women match on WWE Raw years ago.  Anyone else remember that?  Anyway, I liked Gail’s title reign a few months ago, but I don’t see her getting it back.  She is off of the show for a couple weeks and now gets a shot?  Just doesn’t make sense.  Sky is here to stay.

Alex’s Predicted Winner – Velvet Sky

Jesse Predicts – Knockouts Championship Match – Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

The Knockouts have been all over the board here lately. We had the excellent 4-Way Elimination match that resulted in the Title change, and this match, but we also have had the tepid matches the last two weeks. We know that both Velvet and Gail can work the ring very well, and hopefully we can get that at Lockdown. However, there is little chance of a Title change here, as TNA just strapped Velvet two weeks ago on Impact, and a quick change would dilute the Title’s prestige.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – Velvet Sky

Brad Predicts – Knockouts Championship Match – Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

This could be a really great match, although I have my suspicions about Taryn and Velvet being in cahoots… Basically I think Gail’s right on the money, and I see a new alliance on the horizon, maybe even a brand new Beautiful People…

Brad’s Predicted Winner – Velvet Sky in screwy fashion

Elto Predicts – Knockouts Championship Match – Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

Now that Velvet Sky has returned to TNA, she has been pushed hard as the face of the division. I am sure Velvet Sky’s title reign will be a lengthy one and this match against Gail Kim will be one of her many successful defenses.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Velvet Sky

Ken Predicts – Lethal Lockdown Match – Team TNA (Sting & Magnus & Samoa Joe & James Storm & Eric Young) vs Aces & 8′s (Devon & Mr. Anderson & Mike Knox & DOC & Garett Bischoff)

This could be the show stopper. With all the ways that A&8′s came out on top on Thursday night, you’d think that maybe Team TNA would win this one, but I’m not quite sure about that. I have a sinking feeling that we’re going to see a shocker in this match. Sting called EY the wild card, but I’m wondering if he’s the wild card for A&8′s. They said A&8′s ‘shattered EY’s ankle,’ but we’ve seen that rubber hammer! Who is to say that the whole thing wasn’t a setup to lure Sting in? Just a thought. We saw EY being a lot more serious this past week, but why not have him go back to that really great bad guy he was when he led World Elite? EY might be a great comedian, but he sure proved what a heel he can be, so why not swerve in such a huge way. Not sure where that would leave ODB, but that’s never stopped them from messing with EY in the past!

Because of EY turning on Team TNA, I really think that A&8′s are going to pull this out. Besides, A&8′s needs to continue to look strong as they go on the road, so they need to win this match. With Garett in there, they need all the help they can get – they were chanting “You can’t wrestle!” at him this past Thursday – so having EY jump ship and help them with the win feels right to me.

Ken’s Predicted Winner – A&8′s

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – A&8′s

Alex Predicts – Lethal Lockdown Match – Team TNA (Sting & Magnus & Samoa Joe & James Storm & Eric Young) vs Aces & 8′s (Devon & Mr. Anderson & Mike Knox & DOC & Garett Bischoff)

Here comes the baby mama of the matches.  Lethal Lockdown.  I like this concept type of matches.  It reminds me of the King of the Mountain match.  Oh, how I miss that!  Lethal Lockdown is a cage turned into a caged roof with weapons.  How can it get any better?  Now onto the teams.  Team TNA vs. Aces & 8s.  If you just look at the past, you can guess who will win.  Aces & 8s barely won matches since they were created.  They won probably about 10-14 matches… whether that would be in tag team or single matches.  Yes, it’s true and side.  Team TNA… well these people won quite a few big matches in their day.  That’s not how booking works though.  You have to look in the future.  Looking in the future gives it to… Aces & 8s.  Face it, we learned the VP but we still need the President.  Right?  That’s what I am reading.  So, they have to be around a bit longer.  While I surely thought this would be the end of them at the PPV… it won’t be.  I am so surprised TNA made the group last this long.  I actually give them credit.  I can’t see Aces & 8s lose here and move forward in their story.  It would make the group look so weak.  It would destroy their characters.  I have to go through with this.

Alex’s Predicted Winner – A&8′s

Jesse Predicts – Lethal Lockdown Match – Team TNA (Sting & Magnus & Samoa Joe & James Storm & Eric Young) vs Aces & 8′s (Devon & Mr. Anderson & Mike Knox & DOC & Garett Bischoff)

First, I have to say TNA has been really sloppy with the booking and presentation with this match. In TNA’s Before the Bell, they show the graphics for the match, with the correct members for the match on it, but then go on to talk about how the weak link in Team TNA is Joesph Park. He isn’t even in the match! So that tells me one of two things, either they filmed the Before the Bell and made yet another last minute creative change to add EY to the match, or they are going to swerve EY out of the match at the start. I personally think that it was just laziness on the part of the production crew and last minute booking changes. With A’s and 8’s having the man advantage going into the match, I see Team TNA taking quite a beating until the top is lowered. Lethal Lockdown is always a brutal match, and I imagine this one will be no different. I do think that we will see someone on Team TNA defect to A’s and 8’s, and with the sudden return of EY, it could very well be him. This could finally give him a return to being taken seriously, which hasn’t happened since World Elite. Team TNA has been getting the short end of the stick lately, and it only will get worse as TNA needs to keep A’s and 8’s strong with the start of their Road Trip.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – A&8′s

Brad Predicts – Lethal Lockdown Match – Team TNA (Sting & Magnus & Samoa Joe & James Storm & Eric Young) vs Aces & 8′s (Devon & Mr. Anderson & Mike Knox & DOC & Garett Bischoff)

Last year’s match really bored me, so I have high expectations in this one. A&8s have the man advantage, so naturally Sting or EY will be the last man to enter, beat the gang members within an inch of their lives, then it’s time to DROP THE CAGE!! I love weapons!! I’m guessing TNA will get the pinfall, because the match itself doesn’t mean a whole lot. I think it’s time to reveal the leader, and I’ve gone through a myriad of people to be the ‘higher power’, but haven’t reached anywhere definitive. Last week they teased AJ with the motorcycle segment, but it is someone high up. I’m thinking JJ is back, but I’ve even gone as far as Dixie Carter. Hogan’s taken a lot of her power, and maybe she wants to make him pay…who knows.

Brad’s Predicted Winner – Team TNA, and Dixie revealed to be in charge of A&8s

Elto Predicts – Lethal Lockdown Match – Team TNA (Sting & Magnus & Samoa Joe & James Storm & Eric Young) vs Aces & 8′s (Devon & Mr. Anderson & Mike Knox & DOC & Garett Bischoff)

If the Aces & Eights storyline is headed where I think it is, with Bully Ray eventually being revealed as a member, the stable can afford to lose to Team TNA at Lockdown. A loss at a major Pay-Per-View would hurt the likes of Eric Young and Magnus far more than it would the Aces & Eights, who can have their moment of triumph at a later stage.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Team TNA

Ken Predicts – Steel Cage TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray

To me this match seems very obvious. It’s more than time that Hardy drop the strap, and Bully is the man right now. Further, I’m still calling for Bully and Brooke to be the leaders of A&8′s, and this is the next step for them. I will admit that there’s one niggling little issue that bothers me about all this, and that’s Matt Morgan. He came out and went after Hardy, and it appears that he will be going after the TNA WHC pretty quickly. That’s all well and good, but Morgan is a heel, and if Bully finally reveals himself as the leader of A&8′s, then he will also be a heel. Something there doesn’t jive well. Beyond all that, and while I really think Bully as the leader of A&8′s still makes a lot of sense, I have to admit that I would miss the Bully we’ve seen recently. He’s taken his character to a level that I didn’t think Bully had in him. After over 20 years in the industry, I feel he has a fully rounded character. Maybe the leader of A&8′s will be Jarrett, but right now I’m sticking to Bully beating Hardy in what could be an absolutely stellar match from two men who have been part of some of the biggest battles in the past 20 years, and then revealing that he and Brooke are the leaders of A&8′s. I’m not saying they will reveal right off the bat, but I feel that it will happen.

Ken’s Predicted Winner – Bully

Stacy’s Predicted Winner – Hardy

Alex Predicts – Steel Cage TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray

This is another match that I can’t wait for.  TNA has some good matches lined up… besides the cluster of nonsense at the beginning.  I wrote about this on Alex’s Assumptions after my Impact Wrestling coverage.  I see Jeff Hardy putting on a match that he usually puts on.  You know, the stuff he does with Aries and so forth… Hardy will do what he is told but I think Bully Ray will really show who he is in this match.  Ray wants to show everyone that he can be in the main event… that he can be champion.  Ray is championship material and I think he is going to give everything he has to make people see that.  I see blood.  I see big bumps.  I am proud of Ray for what he accomplished in TNA.  I didn’t think he had it in himself.  He does.  Kudos, Bully!  I am also proud of Jeff for taking care of his demons.  I am proud of Jeff for being clean.  Both are really high on my respect list right now.  They are good to go.  The problem is… the finish!  Who will win?  Will Bully Ray turn and be part of Aces & 8s?  There has to be something happening here.  We just can’t have a clean win.  With only 4 PPVs a year, something big needs to happen in each.  I like Ray as face and like where he is at, but I loved when he was the bully Bully Ray.  I want to see that again.  I know most people will probably agree with this.  I see Ray turning and winning.  Why build Ray up and then not let him win?  It is almost like Ryback.  Ray needs to get over here.  Not only that, he deserves it.  I see some good stuff happening and I am excited.

Alex’s Predicted Winner – Bully Ray

Jesse Predicts – Steel Cage TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray

This should be an excellent match, as Ray and Hardy’s storied history and matches have made for a must see experience. While I completely disagree with the logic of the booking of the match, no one can deny that Bully deserves to be in the main event. He has evolved so much in the past two years and has truly impressed me with how he has transitioned from being a tag team competitor to singles. And Jeff Hardy has seemingly conquered his demons, which has helped him regain my respect. I know that they will both put everything they have for this match, and we the fans will reap the benefits. But there is one thing that I cannot shake from this week’s Impact. Hogan Stated that they are looking for a leader at Lockdown. As Champion, isn’t Hardy already the leader? It probably is just me, but could this be an indicator of a Title change? Only time will tell, but I am calling it for Ray.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner – Bully Ray

Brad Predicts – Steel Cage TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray

I want Bully to win. I really do. But I think it’s either stay face, and lose to Hardy…or turn heel with A&8s and win the title-which wouldn’t be a bad thing! I’m just worried because I know TNA do what they want to do, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hardy hangs on to the title. Nothing against Jeff, I just think his best work is done as a challenger, or not in the world title picture at all.

Brad’s Predicted Winner – Bully Ray (Hopefully!)

Elto Predicts – Steel Cage TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray

TNA have been investing a lot of screen time and major angles in Bully Ray, so I expect Lockdown to be the culmination of his push. Hardy, on the other hand, has lost a lot of moment with the whole Aces & Eights storyline going as well. A win for Bully Ray also opens the doors for a potential heel turn, which would progress the stable’s gradual takeover.

Elto’s Predicted Winner – Bully Ray

Brooks Predicts

Three-Way X Division Championship Match > Kenny King

Rob Terry vs Robbie E > Robbie T

Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan > Joseph Park

Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match > Aries & Roode

Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco > Kurt Angle

Knockouts Championship Match > Velvet Sky

Lethal Lockdown Match > Team TNA

TNA WHC Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray > Bully Ray

Guy Predicts

Three-Way X Division Championship Match > King

Rob Terry vs Robbie E > Rob Terry

Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan > Joseph Park (No way is he losing so quickly. Perhaps a bleeding Abyss comes out of him).

Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match > Aries & Roode (This team is too hot to have them drop the titles so soon.)

Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco > Angle

Knockouts Championship Match > Velvet Sky (too early in her reign to loose

Lethal Lockdown Match > A&8′s (EY turns and joins A&8′s)

TNA WHC Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray > Bully Ray turns & joins A&8′s

Kyle Predicts

Three-Way X Division Championship Match > Kenny King

Rob Terry vs Robbie E > Robbie T

Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan > Joseph Park

Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match > Aries & Roode

Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco > Kurt Angle

Knockouts Championship Match > Velvet Sky

Lethal Lockdown Match > Team TNA

TNA WHC Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray > Bully Ray

Gesus Predicts

Three-Way X Division Championship Match > King

Rob Terry vs Robbie E > Robbie E

Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan > Joseph Park

Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match > Aries & Roode

Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco > Angle

Knockouts Championship Match > Velvet Sky

Lethal Lockdown Match > A&8′s

TNA WHC Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray > Bully Ray


I am really looking forward the crowd for Lockdown, as I have lived in San Antonio, and the crowds get extremely loud there. As long as TNA puts on a quality product, they could not have picked a better location to start going on the road from. My only worry is that TNA has been pulling a Russo lately and just throwing whatever they can find at the audience to see what sticks. San Antonio will not put up with it, and will be VERY vocal about it. The card itself looks very solid from a wrestling perspective; we just need the booking to back it up.


After assembling and reading all these predictions, I have to wonder if TNA might be more predictable than I had thought. Most of us went the same direction on most of the matches, which means either TNA has become that predictable, or they’re going to go against common sense booking and pull out some crazy storylines at at Lockdown. I’m actually really looking forward to watching Lockdown, and hope that it’s a solid show and that the buy rate is up, because TNA sure needs both right now!

KB, Alex, Jesse, Brad, Elto, Brooks, Guy, Kyle, Gesus & Stacy

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  • Ibra

    Good prediction by everyone
    I have king winning the three way dance cause they just strap him.
    Same goes for velvet, roode and Aries.
    Parks will beat Ryan
    Just like Robbie t will beat Robbie e
    Angle beats brisco
    Aces and eights beat team tna with either EY, storm or the return Aj styles turn on tna.
    Bully ray beats hardy
    Hardy will take some time off for his art and music
    This will give ray some new feuds Matt Morgan, storm if he turns on tna, Aries and roode, daniels and kaz the possibility are high for some really good matches.
    That’s my prediction tell me what you guys think

  • The Breaker

    I don’t know which is in worse shape right now– the X Division in TNA, or the tag division in WWE!

    This PPV will no doubt feature solid in-ring action top to bottom, but I’m personally finding it difficult to be excited for any of it, excluding the TNA WHC match (based solely on the two men in the ring). There just hasn’t been a solid build for much of the card, which is very disappointing considering all the time TNA had to put it all together. Instead, we saw everything booked last minute as has been the case so many times before.

  • Scott Davies

    I really wish TNA would bring back Abyss. The Joseph Park gimmck sucks really bad.

  • Its Mario

    Was reading that roodes contract expired that’s why he’s not on tv does any one know if it’s true