TNA Predicts - No Surrender

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This Sunday TNA presents No Surrender from Orlando, Florida. As I didn't even realize that this PPV was coming up this weekend until this past Impact, I can't say it was the best promoted PPV TNA has put on lately. While I understand that Dixie would like to hold fewer PPVs than twelve a year, and the buy rates have been very bad, not promoting the PPVs is only going to make things worse. I know they want to push Bound For Glory, but I want to enjoy each PPV on its own merits. Even though the winner of the Royal Rumble will go on to main event WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble is still a well promoted and great PPV in its own right. Royal Rumble is also my favorite PPV the WWE puts on. I just wish TNA understood that reasoning and put all they could into these PPV, maybe their overall financial loss per PPV would be less.

On a whim I asked my youngest, Samantha, who she thought would win each match. Sam is almost nine years old and is a big fan of Cena and the Rock, but does not watch TNA. She hears Stacy and I talking a lot about what's going on in TNA, so I thought it would be interesting to see what she would come up with predicting off the cuff. I did not coach her in any way, but I will admit that she knows how I love Storm, so remember that. So, will she beat us all in the predicting? Should be interesting to see!

Ken Predicts - RVD vs Magnus

This match was built from one tiny segment on the last episode of Impact. Not the best of builds, but I have to say I'm interested in seeing what these two can do. As long as RVD is back on, not the slight off he's been lately, then this could be a great match. Magnus has looked really great, the little we've seen of him lately. He's proven to be great in the ring, and on mic, and after this Impact, it looks like he's going to be getting a push. So, after what I think should be a solid match (if RVD is on his mark), Magnus will be winning this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Magnus

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Magnus

Sam's Predicted Winner – Magnus

Ken Predicts - Knockouts Title Match – Miss Tessmacher (C) vs Tara

Even though Tara beat Tessmacher two weeks ago, I'm not sure she's going over at the PPV. TNA really seems to like Tessmacher strapped, and as great as Tara is, I'm not sure they're going to strap her. I'd love to see a huge feud for the Knockouts Title between Tara and Gail Kim, but they'd have to strap Tara to do that. So while I want to see Tara win this, I have to go with Tessmacher on this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher

Sam's Predicted Winner – Tara

Ken Predicts - BFG Semi-Finals Match – Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe

I'm thrilled about this match! If Joe and Hardy gave us what they did last week on Impact, what will they give us in a PPV match? I'm chomping at the bit to see this match. This could be the match of the night if they continue along the same route they've been going. The only worry I have is how they ended their match on Impact. Joe tapped out to one of the lamest holds we've seen in a long time. This is Samoa Joe, he's a beast, and that simple hold should have been nothing to him. It felt like a total screwing to keep Hardy in the running so he'd be competing in the BFG Series at NoSur. Hopefully Joe will be vindicated and come out with the win he deserves here – even though I am willing to bet that TNA's golden boy Hardy will be in the final match. I have to go with my heart here, and that's Joe.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Joe

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Joe

Sam's Predicted Winner – Joe

Ken Predicts - X Division Championship Match – Zema Ion (C) vs Sonjay Dutt

Please, please, please get that belt off Ion! When was the last time we saw Ion in the ring? The last time we saw him defending the Title? I think it's time to put the belt on someone who's worked hard for it, and will defend creatively and with some serious talent. I've been a Dutt fan for a very long time, but it's more than that, it's that Ion hasn't been proving himself and he's just too green to be carrying gold of any sort! This is a sore point with me, I've stated over and over about my feelings for Ion, and the X Division as a whole. Hopefully TNA pulls themselves up by their bootstraps and go back to their X Division roots. There's enough X Division guys around, now put them back in the ring!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sonjay Dutt

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Sonjay Dutt

Sam's Predicted Winner – Zema Ion

Ken Predicts - BFG Semi-Finals Match – Bully Ray vs James Storm

I'm actually really looking forward to this match and can't wait to see if A&8's get involved in some way. I really hope that they don't get involved as I think Bully and Storm could give us a really sick match. Bully has really stepped up his game the past couple months, and I blown away at what he's done. All that said and done, it's Storm who has worked his bum off and more than deserves the Title shot coming from this BFG Series. It's because of Storm's history that I have to go with him to win this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Storm

Sam's Predicted Winner – Storm

Ken Predicts - World Tag Team Championship of the World Match – Christopher Daniels & Kaz (C) vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

Normally when I start typing I know who I'm going with to win a match. Sometimes I know who I'm going with, but it completely changes as I type as other ideas come to mind. This time, I have absolutely no clue who I'm going with. I'm not sure TNA would be willing to strap Angle right now due to his 'injury', what is it, his hamstring? Or maybe they'll strap Angle to keep him around? Then again, is a Tag Title enough to hold Angle? And then there's Daniels and Kaz, they almost always have a way to cheat so they can retain somehow. Those two are quite crafty, look how they retained over Chavito and Hernandez on Impact! But will they be able to stave off AJ and Angle. Sam asked me who was stronger, physically, and I had to tell her that I really think AJ and Angle are both stronger and better in the ring, so she picked them. I know many of us would like to see Daniels and Kaz get theirs after all they did to AJ, but will they get it in this match? My gut says that AJ and Angle will take them down, then lead to a huge rematch at BFG – after we listen to a month of them whining about how it was unfair that they were beaten at NoSur.

Ken's Predicted Winner – AJ & Angle

Stacy's Predicted Winner – AJ & Angle

Sam's Predicted Winner – AJ & Angle

Ken Predicts - Austin Aries vs Aces & 8's Member (Arm Breaker?)

This could be quite the wild match! I expect a lot from Aries and the Arm Breaker – possibly Drew Hankinson (aka Luke Gallows) – in this match. My biggest hopes for this match are that the ring isn't rushed by the rest of A&8's, that we see a solid match, and that at least one member of A&8's are unmasked. Honestly, I don't care who, just as long as a recognizable wrestler is unmasked as a member of A&8's. Of course I want Aries to win, but that's just a small part of what this match is all about. It's kind of funny, I asked Sam if she wanted Aries, or the bad guy to win. She immediately went with the bad guy. Through all her love of Cena and the Rock, she was all for the bad guy going over Aries! I was actually pretty impressed. Personally, I have to go with a total mess. I think this will not end with an actual clean winner. There's just been too much going on with A&8's for me to believe that a clean ending is possible at this point.

Ken's Predicted Winner – NoContest / Screwy Ending

Stacy's Predicted Winner – A&8's wrestler

Sam's Predicted Winner – The Bad Guy

Ken Predicts - BFG Finals Match - TBD vs TBD

Whether it's Hardy or Joe who moves on, I absolutely have to go with Storm for the win here. They've been building Storm up for so long that if he doesn't go on to BFG, then what was the reason behind the build in the first place? To me this is an obvious ending, and if they go another direction, then they'd better have a darn good reason! Storm has to win it, and I can't wait to see what he and Aries do at Bound For Glory.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Storm

Sam's Predicted Winner - Storm

Now, I just ran down the list and asked Sam just before she went to bed. We hadn't talked about any of this, she just gave me answers off the cuff. I have to say I find it very interesting to see how close our picks were, even though we came from such different directions. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top at this PPV. It will also be interesting to see what the buy rate ends up being after virtually no marketing for this show. Time for TNA to step up their game, not step back and let the chips fall where they may.

Who do you think will be winning which matches, and why?

KB & Stacy & Sam

  • scott seefong

    i had no idea this ppv was sunday

  • scott seefong

    $45?! seriously?

  • Bishop

    I’m hoping for Joe to win. Aries and Joe for the TNA title…makes me want to watch their ROH title match.

  • Ignas

    I think Joe will beat Hardy and Bully Ray in the finals. Joe and Aries match earlier this year was awesome.

  • Joshua

    I’m going for bully ray to win it all.And I think by the end of the ppv it will show bobby rhode or Ray as the leader of the A&8’s.X-dev has suffered worse since Ian won the title then I have ever seen in tna history.Dutt has to win.

  • chelu671

    I agree that TNA did a subpar job promoting No Surrender. It's like they've been focusing too much on Bound for Glory, that they almost forgot they had 1 more PPV. Kendra, if you hadn't pointed out that there's a TNA PPV tonight, I wouldn't have tuned in somewhere. Nonetheless, I won't be able to watch it live.

    Here are my picks:

    Whomever answers TNA Champion Austin Aries's Open Challenge to the Aces & 8's "Arm Breaker," I'm sure will be unmasked or just about. The match result won't be clean seeing how the group is conveniently around during major events. With his lack of absence, where does Bobby Roode fit in all of this? I do see A Double winning the match due to outside interference or DQ.

    I'm sorry, but I do not see AJ Styles & Kurt Angle winning the Tag Titles from the World Tag Team Champs of the World. You also got to consider that TNA just tossed Angle alongside Styles to compete against Daniels & Kaz this past Thursday. I don't care about the history between them, but thanks for rushing this feud with no build. What does that say to the other challengers this past week whom begged for a shot later in the night? Angles is coming off a supposed "hamstring injury" which I'm sure Daniels & Kaz will exploit to retain the straps.

    Such a prestigious title the X Division once had. I thought since A Double relinquished the X Title, that Zema Ion would step up his game. Even though Zema near costed Jesse Sorreson's career via nexk injury, it added some flavor to his young, brash & cocky Dragonball Z knockoff gimmick. I have enjoyed the multiple challengers since Destination X, but Zema hasn't really done anything the last few weeks. All of a sudden, Sonjay Dutt is named the #1 Contender? Much respect to the Himalaya Playa, but this is still early for him to finally win the X Title. I do predict Zema to pick up the win through dirty means to continue the feud.

    This may come off as biased or arrogant, but I don't care too much about women's wrestling. Nowadays, TNA is shoving T&A down our throats in hopes of the viewers to stay tuned in. I'm sorry but all I care about is quality wrestling on top of common sense in the storyline feuds. I don't really like short title reigns, so once again I see the defending Champion (Ms. Tessmacher) to retain.

    Talk about an out of nowhere match up based on a backstage segment between RVD & Magnus. You know what, I like Magnus new found aggressiveness. The guy has been transitioning from Tag Team/alliances to an enhancement jobber to the higher ups on Impact & XPlosion. It's time to let the man shine. Let him prove that he has what it takes to hang in the main event. Like always RVD will put on a great match of skill like he always does. However, RVD will make 1 crucial mistake that Magnus will take advantage to pick up the win.

    As I was typing the above, it dawned on me that predicting who will win the Bound for Glory Series will be difficult. Here are the factors…

    James Storm is coming off a personal hiatus to take the BFG series by storm (pun intended) by defeating some of the best TNA Talent. He ended Crimson's undefeated streak & looks to win the TNA Championship, based on his current momentum.

    Bully Ray just signed a 2 year contract, so he'll be with TNA longer following Devon's exit. Since Ray has become the resident bully, he perhaps became the best heel in the company today. No disrespect to Bobby Roode, but he was lacking that hard edge. Bully Ray has it all & the momentum like Storm before him to challenge for the TNA Championship.

    Samoa Joe has seen an up & down spiral since the last time he was the TNA Champion. He was engaged in various feuds & alliances as he questioned if his time in TNA may be coming to an end. Maybe all it took was a proper tag team partner & later enemy in Crimson to re-ignite the fire in the Samoan submission machine. I personally never saw Joe making it to the final 4 after a poor showing at last year's series. However, this past week on Impact, he tapped out to Jeff Hardy making me question what the hell just happened.

    Jeff Hardy is the odd duck & wild card in this series. We all know that he is Hulk Hogan's choice to be the TNA Champion. Since his resurrection from that embarrassing World Title match against Sting, he has tried his best to find himself. Going with the wind, Hardy has put on some good matches during the BFG series. It hard to see where he is going at this point.

    In the end, I see Bully Ray overcoming the challengers to win the BFG Series to challenge for the TNA World Championship.

    Wow, that was longer then I've intended to type. I hope everybody enjoys the show, as I catch it later.

  • Mike Hunt

    It’s bad enough to pay so much for the WWE ppvs so anyone crazy enough to drop $45 on a TNA ppv, especially one so off the radar is insane. This ppv should have a buy rate of ZERO.

  • Ibra

    Sorry Kendra but all ur prediction were wrong beside Tess winning. Hardy vs Aries should be good but was looking forward to Aries vs joe for the strap would of been better I think