TNA Promotes Bully Ray Putting Dixie Carter Through A Table On This Week's Impact

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TNA Wrestling is going all out in promoting the fact that Bully Ray will put Dixie Carter through a table on this week's episode of Impact. After announcing it on TV last week, they've release a video on YouTube you can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

Additionally, the company has declared August 7 "National Put Your Boss Through A Table Day." You can read more at this link.

The angle was taped in June, with video leaking out immediately. Dixie Carter was legitimately injured in the spot and Bully Ray will discuss it with the pro wrestling media on Tuesday.

  • Smark Twain

    Ahh reminds me of the good ol Dudley Boyz days, when the women taking bumps through tables was business as usual.

  • Patrick

    kind of stupid to put the video out before being show on TV…Yeah they taped over a month or two ago but still not to bright,

    • CJ Blaze

      They did it to get attention and garner more viewers! Makes perfect sense.

      • John

        Exactly! Why hide something that would generate interest? It’s no different to WWE spoiling title changes on taped editions of SmackDown or even announcing a big return weeks in advance.