TNA Releases New #August1Warning - Name Drop Dave Batista

TNA Wrestling posted a second #August1Warning video that you can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

The "mystery man" says that he is "not Dave Batista" because he's a big movie star now. The company is playing it up with a new article on their official website where they cite Tweets from Boby Holly and Adam Pearce. Click here to read it.

  • LBP365

    If it’s Shelton B then it’s worth the lay offs. Him and Batisa is the only two worth that!!!!!

  • John

    I honestly think that it will end up being DOC.

    • LBP365

      If it is, I will cry TNA always make one good move two bad ones this b the worst thing yet keep DOC and let Matt and Madison Rayne go. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

      • Patrick

        Madison Rayne is currently pregnant she is not going to be in the ring anytime soon plus I heared her contract expired. she can allways return at a later date after having her baby and spending time with her as should any new mother to be.

        • D.O.C.

          You ‘heared’ it, did you?

  • david24248

    prob bobby lashley

  • Batman

    Low Ki.

  • Chris

    TNA is pathetic!

    • John

      Care to elaborate….

      • Matt

        Is it not obvious. They’ve signed a guy that’s clearly Bob Holly. Jesse down below is talking like his realisation is a revelation. No offence, Jesse. I don’t even watch TNA and I worked it out. But back to my point, they’ve signed Bob Holly and are now name dropping a MUCH bigger name in order to get attention. It’s pathetic. Bet it makes Holly feel good. “We got you but we really wanted a star”.

    • Robert Olley

      beginning to feel that way aswell first they would debut people with the lights going out now it seems to be these videos for a few weeks or a week in this case. But i think its tna trying to recreate the matt organ fake release and its jesse sorenson

  • dunlap84

    I’m guessing its Randy Coture.

  • Chris

    With the Batista comment, it COULD be JoMo. Remember, Batista got with Melina back in WWE. Then again, so did 3/4 of the locker room, from what I’ve read. Still going with my gut, D.O.C.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    After watching these two videos multiple times, I have to say I think I know who it is based on speech patterns and head shape and movements, It has to be Bob Holly. The blurred head is identical in shape to Holly’s and the speech patterns fit his. However, considering everything we know of him from his WWE days, I hope it isn’t. He will not be a good fit for TNA.

    • John

      Bob Holly teased it on his twitter.. Which tells me that its not him.

  • Matt

    Had anyone actually guessed it was Batista? It sounds bloody pathetic Nd incredibly small league to name drop a guy you couldn’t ever get.

  • sdunne87

    I would just like to rule myself out of the running. As a father and family man I need to make sure I get paid each month.

  • Kevin S Lehman

    I know who it isn’t Scott Steiner or Scott Hall