TNA Releasing Kurt Angle?, Bryan As The Face Of WWE, Goldberg Rumors, TNA To Bellator

Do you see Kurt Angle being released by TNA Wrestling considering he's always injured and now in rehab?

No, TNA Wrestling is not going to release Kurt Angle. Dixie Carter and company have been behind him 100% since entering rehab earlier this month. He has one year remaining on his current TNA contract and is expected to work through it. Speaking of Angle, he is advertised for Team 3D Wrestling Academy's show on September 14 in Melbourne, Florida.

What does Daniel Bryan have to do to overtake John Cena to become the face of the WWE?

Becoming the "face of WWE" is something that happens, there's not a checklist to become it. Everything depends on popularity and how the crowd reacts. I'm a huge Daniel Bryan fan and believe he's the best in-ring worker in the company. I am also very high up on his current chase for the WWE title but I still think it is going to be very difficult to overtake Cena as the face of the company. John is still in his prime and WWE is going to ride him for as long as they can. The fact he's out for 4-6 months presents opportunities for others but I expect him to return just as popular if not more popular given that absence tends to make the heart grow fonder.

Is there any truth to rumors that Goldberg is in talks with WWE?

We're told the desire to have Goldberg at Wrestlemania XXX is there, however, no agreement has been reached. Goldberg stated as much at Legends of Wrestling Night in Miami, Florida earlier this month. Dialogue between WWE and Goldberg is open. He'll be featured in WWE 2K14 and they're releasing a DVD on him. However, these licensing and merchandising deals are different from an in-ring return. I am not holding my breath but I can tell you the desire is there.

Now that Bellator has three of their active fighters working as talent in TNA, do you see any possibility of TNA sending a couple of their wrestlers to fight for Bellator? The first name that jumps at me is Samoa Joe. I actually think he would do pretty well in the cage. What are your thoughts?

This is interesting and to be honest, something I haven't given a whole lot of thought. Viacom, the parent company of Spike TV and Bellator, loves the crossover with TNA Wrestling. While the partnership is something scorned by most of the IWC, it could be the very thing that sustains TNA in the long-term. I definitely think a TNA wrestler in Bellator is a possibility but like is the case with fighters in the ring, it would take a lot of training and preparation. I haven't heard any names that have inquired about a cross-over but it's an interesting thought.

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  • Malboja

    I find the crossover interesting if such a thing happened 5/10 years ago think of the wrestlers who have gone into mma … Lesner , lashley , Batista even del rio was once an mma fighter tho he did get ko’d by cro cop lol (good vid look it up he wore a mask )
    That would have made an easier and fluid transition and tho Brock didn’t need it it would have helped lashley and big dave

  • Brian Kerk

    Saying that Samoa Joe could go fight in Bellator just because his pro-wrestling style is inspired by MMA is a bit like saying RVD could dance the lead in a ballet at the Met.

    Sure, Samoa Joe would kick the ass of most normal humans, but against someone his weight class who lives and breathes legit fight training? He’d last twenty seconds. He’d need to train for like, a year minimum, while temporarily hanging up the wrestling boots, and seriously lose some weight as well.

    • BigD

      I agree and also point out that a loss in a real mma fight, especially a big loss could really discredit someone that might be vying for the TNA title. Or someone who has held the tna belt.

  • steve pritchard

    I think Goldberg would be a great opponent for lesnar at mania . I’m not to fond of lesnar / taker at mania. I think that would be following this years wrestlemania formula and a little to predictable which was the main issue with this years wrestlemania. As far as Bryan surpassing cena as face of the company goes . I think anything is possible in wwe but I don’t see it happening , at least not any time soon.

    • SRP

      We’ve already had Goldberg vs Lesnar. It was trash when they were in their prime. Imagine how it would be now.

      • K!NG

        it was trash cause neither man cared about it.

  • jdl

    Here’s hoping one of these MMA fighters gets hurt working at TNA, and Spike, TNA and Bellator realize that having them wrestle is moronic at best.

    • GODSENT68

      wow you’re a douche, hoping someone gets injured

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    So far Rampage and Tito have done better than I expected. Rampage is getting looser and more relaxed on the mic and Tito’s role is perfect because he’s not out shining anybody being that he has taken the role of enforcer for Bully Ray and at the same time he’s not being treated like a total joke so I’m liking the direction. Rampage is the same thing, he’s a member of MEM but he’s not the focal point of the group.

  • Vaneyscopaz

    Cm punk is the only one capable of becoming the face of the company

    • Talesgirl015

      Nope you meant to say Randy Orton lol

    • Talesgirl015

      Besides, CM Punk becoming the fact of WWE would be a mistake..He’s one of the most Hypocritical peoples on earth, I doubt he even respects our opinions remember when he had the nerve to call out a man who says he disagrees with homosexuality but happen to be his fan. Punk tells this person to kill him self and drink Bleach but CM Punk says this to a
      fan on Twitter…

      Don’t get me started with his closed minded view on drugs..

      • BIG M

        what do you mean closed minded view on drugs.
        He doesn’t use any neither do I or most people with half a brain.
        If your talking bout prescription meds for legitimate medical conditions ok but if you mean drugs in general I think you have a very closed mind to Punks point of view and the point of view of all forms of law enforcement on this planet.

        • Talesgirl015

          Talking about how CM Punk gives the straightedge lifestyle, bad impressive when it comes to drugs he comes off a bit hypocritical and judgmental towards others, like for example his recent comments about Ryan Braun telling him to get a job washing dishes, demanding he should be banned. the truth is he has no mortal ground to stand on..

          I mean with all the pro wrestlers who have died from drugs in pro wrestling nobody including Punk has mortal ground to say anything , nor should they call out another sport for it’s drug problems in public..

          CM Punk is the same judgmental person, who’s main goal in life is to tell others how to live when he should let them make their own decisions in life and learn from it. Punk needs to understand not all drugs are bad..

          • Damien Sandow

            I believe the phrase you are looking for is “moral ground.” You’re welcome.

        • Mark McGinnis

          I agree with you that no one should criticize punk for being against drugs. But for you coming out and saying that anyone with half a brain doesnt use is absolutely crazy. It all depends on the situation. I was damn near killed in a car crash which led me to taking prescription drugs and getting addicted. I fought that for a long time and finally got clean. So not everyone who gets addicted to drugs is because their stupid. Juwt realize some people have had circumstance that led to their addiction. Now I have no problem with people against drugs but have a problem with people that think anyone who abuses drugs is stupid.

          • BIG M

            People think its easy to become hooked on prescription drugs after suffering series injury.
            The reality is people don’t follow the recommended dose and overmedicate.
            Kudos to you mate for getting clean (hardest thing in the world to do) but you still took one to many in recovery and became dependent.
            Now does that make you an idiot maybe maybe not.
            Might just mean you have a very low threshold for pain and didn’t realise as your your recovery went along that you should have been trying to take less pills and just cope with the (by then) less intense pain you were in till you heeled up.
            You could have also tried alternatives to painkillers.
            Sure your doctor or physical therapist would have suggested a few things but I’m sure you just said give me more pills like a baby crying for there bottle your doctor probably thinking your a slow healer gave you 1 prescription too many before finely wising up and cut you off.
            Call me cruel if you want but drug addicts have NO ONE but themselves to blame for there addictions.
            Not everyone that gets addicted to drugs is stupid huh tell that to the smack addict hookers kid I see walking home from school on my way to work every day say its societies fault there Mum uses.
            Good luck with your sobriety sounds like your gonna need it.

      • Richard

        How dare you insult Punk, CM Punk is the GREATEST.

        • Talesgirl015

          Sorry, but Punk is a bit hypocritical, who is he to tell someone to kill them self for making a Comment about homo sexuality after he made anti gay slurs at a national level.. he’s too dangerous for WWE make him face of the company.

          • bettysteve

            l jhave this clip, if you wantch it to the end, he shows how he was just ‘fishing’ for a reaction amd how he ‘hooked’ the punter, and says ‘thats what l do’. the man earns my respect because he says, ‘ita all fake and l got you’ and he says it with a smile. rock on cm punk

      • Austin

        Judging on your comments, you do not know what hypocritical means.

      • The arbiter

        I’m not sure if you are trolling, or just stupid.

        But when your big criticism of someone is that that are self-righteous and judgmental, perhaps you should say so without sounding equally self-righteous and judgmental.

        Punks attitude to drugs is perfectly understandable. He is an abuse survivor, someone whose parent abused drugs. Not wanting to repeat his fathers life he became straight edge.

        Your comment on “closed minded attitude to drugs and not all drugs are bad” makes you sound like an over privileged teenager who has smoked pot a couple of times and never had to deal with addiction or addicts.

        In addition, the very fact many wrestlers have died from drug related illness just reinforces his position on the topic. How you an say being proudly drug free in an industry that was riddled with drugs undermines him is beyond me.

        So, before condemning a man for taking a stand against something that ruined his childhood, take a look at yourself and ask why someone drug free offends you so much.

        • TheBigKing1


  • JJ

    Other then the one about DB this is one of the worst selections of questions ever…

  • Draven

    Cena is gonna come back with a brand new rainbow shirt and all of the kids and their moms and all of the other machine lovers are gonna go crazy for him and but all of his new crappy merch that says the same thing just different color and it will from that point on be known that the face of the wwe has finally returned.

  • BigMike

    IMO they could turn Cena heel when he comes back if they played it right….. like Jericho when he came back and said NOTHING and became heel a couple weeks later………… he comes back and soaks in the pop and/or heat but they could play it as he kept going for the fans and he could play the jilted hero who felt betrayed by his “fans”

  • John

    That final question is literally the most absurd idea that i have ever heard in my life!! A TNA wrestler actually fighting in bellator?? Please don’t insult my intelligence!

    The worst part is that Richard even entertained it as a possibility !