TNA Releasing New Mobile Video Game; Screen Grab From Trailer

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TNA Wrestling will be releasing another mobile video game, which will be a sequel to the 2012 release of TNA iMPACT! Dixie Carter has also noted the company is working on releasing a new video game.

Wrestling News World reader Jorge Romero Tweeted a screen grab from the trailer and noted a possible Daniel Bryan cameo? You can view the screen capture below:

  • Mattie

    Am I the only one who thinks that it’s funny they can do this but can’t afford to keep their best talent at a reasonable contest and keep them?

    • Devansh Kotak

      games don’t cost that much to make and is a sure way to make money since there arent many wrestling games on cell phones. this can’t fail unless they intentionally plan to

  • TheD33j

    I hope that Daniel Bryan’s image is a Photoshop rib from a fan. If it isn’t, it just speaks to how poorly the product from TNA is. How can you NOT put your own talent into the images on your own game?!

    • Gerr Bear

      If not i smell a law suit from wwe

      • Zach Watson

        I highly doubt they would even give the slightest care.