TNA Roster Updates

TNA Wrestling has officially removed the profile of Devon from the Roster page of their website. As of this writing, Ric Flair remains.

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  • PainOfDemise

    I thought there roster was a lot bigger than that.

    • jdl

      It's pretty big for only one TV show, which has long been a problem for TNA. They could cut a third of their roster, and no one would notice as the secondary performers tend to be cycled out on a regular basis.

  • jdl

    Of course Flair is still there, they're going to cling onto that failed attempt at getting ratings until they can't anymore.


      LMAO made me piss my pants….Oooochhhh!!! xD

  • Snitch

    velvet sky is still listed?

  • Dufus

    I'm surprised Velvet Sky, Crimson, Rosita, Sarita were there and I thought Gunner was gone too?