TNA Running First Scaled Back Live Events This Weekend

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TNA Wrestling is on the road this weekend for their first shows of 2014. Below is this weekend's schedule:

Live Events::

  • Friday from Southside High School in Batesville, AR (more info)
  • Saturday from the Earl Bell Community Center in Jonesboro, AR (more info)
  • Sunday from Jackson Northside High School in Jackson, TN (more info)

These are TNA's first shows in high schools and community centers so we're interested to hear how the smaller venues play out for a mainstream wrestling promotion. If you attend, please send your thoughts and analysis in a live report at this link.

Next week's episode of Impact Wrestling, featuring the No DQ TNA title unification match between AJ Styles & Magnus, was taped earlier last month. You can read complete taping results at this link.

Have a great weekend!

  • _JIM_

    Running shows in small venues like this really gives off the impression that TNA is a bush league promotion. I understand that they are unable to even come close to filling arenas at this point, but running in these small buildings isn’t helping to elevate people’s perception or opinion of TNA Wrestling. It is confusing to me how they have to turn people away because there isn’t enough seating in large arenas in the U.K., but they’ll have trouble filling the Earl Bell Community Center in Arkansas here in their home country. What are they doing different in Europe, and around the world, to be so popular with people than they are here at home? European and American fans can not have such different tastes that what TNA does will only appeal to foreign fans, and not the fans here in the states. I really don’t get it, but I wish I could fugure out why. Panda Energy or Viacom would pay me a ton of cash to tell them. Because they sure as hell can’t seem to figure it out for themselves.

    • D-Bag

      WWE in the UK is on live TV at around 2 or 3AM and it’s on a channel that you have to pay for. TNA is on free TV at a decent hour so they get more views over there.

      It sucks that they have had to go to smaller venues, but I would rather see a house show in a packed venue rather than an empty arena. I attended a house show here in St. Joseph, MO in a 3000 seat “arena” and it was quite barren and killed the vibe of the show for me.

      • dean

        It is really time for the internet wrestling fans to get it through their skulls that tna WILL NEVER compete with wwe in any manner.
        wwe is valued at 1.25 BILLION DOLLARS. when wwe goes to the U.K., its shows bring in more attendance than tna every time.

    • Norv Fernum TNA HOF

      You really don’t know anything about wrestling to call TNA a bush league promotion. Open your eyes, and take a good long look at the indy scene, and then look at TNA. Hundreds and hundreds of promotions out there, and only two have national and worldwide TV deals: WWE and TNA.