TNA Running Live Events In High Schools & Community Centers

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TNA Wrestling is moving in a different direction with live events next year. The company is running in high schools and community centers with shows in Arkansas and Tennessee.

The January 3, 2014 show in Batesville, Arkansas will emanate from Southside High School.

The following night, TNA will run from the Earl Bell Community Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The night after that, on Sunday, January 5, 2014, TNA will run from Jackson Northside High School in Jackson, Tennessee.

The new wrinkles are part of TNA's new creative direction and attempt to drastically cut spending.

  • Night Owl

    This is smart for them, it has to be more profitable for them to pay for a smaller facility and not pay for electricity for an 8,000 seat venue.

  • Jerry

    Yeah, they are definitely nothing more than an indy promotion with a tv deal at this point

  • Mushroom

    There’s no shame in this. It’s something they should’ve done from the start. Go where you know you can fill up places instead of barely, and seeing disgusting fan photos…

  • Scott Davies

    This is smart. Going to high schools might get the high school demographic talking. That would expand their awareness.