TNA Sacrifice Results (5/13/12) - New Tag Team Champions, Bobby Roode Retains

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TNA Sacrifice
Sunday, May 13, 2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by Sean Hopkins of

We open the show with video of Earl Hebner heading into Bobby Roode's dressing room to get the World Title. Roode doesn't seem to happy about it, saying he doesn't have a say in the match. He asks why Hogan couldn't come get it. He gives the belt to Earl and says he'll be getting it back soon, but he tosses Earl out in a huff.

This leads to a video package highlighting the main event, as well as the 'sacrifice' theme of tonight's show.

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV. Tenay immediately begins hyping the main event that will see RVD take on Bobby Roode in a ladder match. He then throws it to the ring where the World Tag Team Championship match will open the show.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- Samoa Joe & Magnus © vs. Daniels & Kazarian

The entrances:

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are out first to a fair bit of heat from the crowd. Joe and Magnus are out next to a big pop from the crowd.

The start:

It looks like Daniels and Magnus will be kicking things off for their respective teams. We get a lock up and Daniels goes into a headlock before working over Magnus' arm. Magnus is able to turn things around, taking Daniels down to the mat with a side headlock.

Mid-match notes:

Daniels fights to his feet, but goes back down to a shoulder block and a big body slam. Daniels catches Magnus with a kick to the gut, then a couple of shoulders to the midsection in the corner before stomping away. Magnus comes back with a series of uppercuts, before hitting a crazy vertical suplex. Magnus and Joe each get in a couple of shots on Daniels before Joe heads into the ring and takes it to Daniels with a series of rights that seats him in the corner. Joe face washs Daniels in the corner, but he turns his back and Kaz pulls Daniels from the ring.

Daniels heads back into the ring and tags out to Kaz who runs right into a big running back elbow. Magnus tags back in and a double team Manhattan drop/running boot/back senton combo puts Kaz down for a two count. Magnus hits Kaz with a huge back body drop before telling him to get up. Magnus blocks a punch from Kaz but he's caught with a cheap shot from Daniels, he knocks Daniels from the apron, but Daniels trips him up and Kaz hits a leg drop to the back of the head. Kaz mounts Magnus with a series of rights before tagging in Daniels who comes in and stomps at Magnus before mocking Joe.

Quick tags as Kaz comes in with a slingshot legdrop for two, and then Daniels tags back in and hits a snap mare before grinding his forearm into Magnus' face. Kaz tags back in and Daniels hip tosses him into a prone Magnus. Kaz locks on a front face lock and Magnus is able to fight up to his feet. Daniels hits Joe to anger the big man and force a distraction, allowing Kaz to soccer kick Magnus in the ribs. Daniels tags in illegally and works over Magnus' neck.

Joseph Park is shown sitting in the crowd. Daniels puts Magnus into his own corner and tags in Kaz who comes in with a sharp kick, then a snap mare and another kick to the back. Kaz locks up Magnus' arms and rears back, putting pressure on the Brit's shoulders.

Magnus fights out of the hold and takes Kaz out with a huge clothesline and both men are down. Magnus and Kaz both crawl to their corners and make the tags. Joe comes in with a series of clotheslines on Daniels before simply walking away from an asai moonsault out of the corner from Daniels. Joe catches Kaz with a snap slam before taking Daniels down to the mat hard with a huge urunage.

The finish:

Magnus tags in and Joe eats a big boot from Daniels and a DDT from Kaz to take him out of the match. Magnus ends up being taken down neck first on the top rope by Kaz and taken to the mat with an STO to Magnus for two. Daniels misses the BME and falls victim to the Magnus/Joe combo, but the pin is broken up by Kaz. Magnus and Daniels end up in the ring, but Kaz takes out Magnus with a chop block, and a high low double team leads to a three count, and new tag team champions.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

After some serious social media shilling from Tenay and Taz, plugging their facebook and twitter, it's time to set up the next match with a video package that details the recent history between Brooke Tessmacher and Gail Kim.

TNA Women's Knockout Championship Match
- Gail Kim (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher

The entrances:

Brooke Tessmacher is the first woman to make her way out to the ring, wearing a goofy looking ring robe. She seems to have a good bit of support from the crowd. The champion Gail Kim is out next, getting a bit of heat on her way out.

The start:

Brooke and Gail get right in each other's face and Gail attacks with a big forearm. Gail takes Brooke into the corner and beats on her before taking her out with a snap mare and a kick to the chest. Kim picks Brooke up and sends her into the ropes, getting a monkey flip and hurricanrana from Brooke for her troubles.

Mid-match notes:

Brooke tries for Eat Defeat, but Kim rolls to the outside. Kim gets back to the apron and is brought into the ring the hard way and hits with a big dropkick. Kim sends Brooke into the corner and Brooke comes out with a leaping clothesline from the second. Brooke tries for Eat Defeat again, but Kim rolls to the apron and catches Brooke with a leg drop to the back of the head on the middle rope.

Gail continues to wear out Brooke with a big clothesline that's good for two. Brooke tries to fight back, but Kim stifles her again with a shot to the face. Kim sends Brooke into the corner and whips herself in afterwards. Kim gloats before choking Brooke with her boot. Kim picks up Brooke and hits her with a backbreaker, stretching her across her knee.

Brooke fights out with a couple of knees, but Kim picks her up and hits a short arm clothesline to take her right back down. Kim rubs her bottom in Brooke's face before choking her with her boot again. Kim hits Brooke with a big forearm before sending her into the ropes. Brooke comes out with a flying forearm and both women are down. Kim charges Brooke in the corner and eats a boot to the gut. Brooke hits a series of clotheslines before sending Kim into the corner and hitting a nice facebuster. Brooke heads up to the top rope, leaping off with a sort of elbow drop that's good for a two count. Both women are slow to get to their feet. Brooke tries for a suplex, but Gail fights it off. Gail tries for Eat Defeat, but Brook fights it off and hits one of her own. Gail falls to the outside.

The finish:

Brooke heads out and sends Gail right back into the ring, going for the pin, but Gail kicks out at two. Brooke charges Gail, but Gail rolls her up and puts her feet on the ropes for a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

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  • 4xking


  • AJG316

    Is it just me or Is Gail being used A HELL OF A LOT BETTER IN TNA THAN SHE WAS IN WWE

  • Terra Ryzing

    Its time for crimson to lose already. I'm bored with him and they need to take his character in a different direction. Undefeated characters usually fail cuz no one knows what to do after they lose.

    On the other hand I'm glad Roode retained.

  • Kevin

    I was really hoping RVD would get another run as champ, but I guess Roode is the man of the hour right now. Probably leading to a Storm return to defeat Roode and take his title.