TNA Show Canceled (Updated)

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Impact Rewind, which was scheduled to precede Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis, has been canceled by Spike TV.  I'm told the network originally planned to give the show a 6-week trial period, however, with their new run of shows and some of their repeat airings getting double the 0.21 cable rating with a 231,000 viewing audience the show did last week, the decision to cancel it was a "no-brainer."

Spike officials are still high up on TNA but felt the show in the 7 PM timeslot wasn't going to work.  My source indicated they would not be surprised if Spike gave TNA another hour of programming in a different timeslot.

TNA posted this week's show on their official YouTube channel as you can watch it at this link.

The company was already  hyping "three hours of TNA Impact Wrestling every Thursday night on Spike TV" as you can see by the following line in last week's official Impact Wrestling preview:

Don’t miss three hours of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night on SpikeTV! Get your weekly TNA recap starting at 7/6c with the new “Rewind” broadcast immediately followed by IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE at 8/7c!

  • Alex Barie

    I have to admit, I didn’t watch Impact Rewind last week. It’s way too early to tune in. I wouldn’t mind having it after I.W or at 8pm when they change back to their normal time.

  • Kleck

    A new low