TNA Spoiler Notes, Roster Reenergized?, X-Division Star Returns, Dixie Pops The Crowd

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- While no one can say for sure whether or not TNA's tapings in New York City will reenergize the company, the energy from this week's shows has been very good. The crowds have been good and the atmosphere has translated, hopefully it'll crossover to television.

- Homicide worked the Destination X taping, losing in a triple-threat match to Samoa Joe that also included Tigre Uno.

- Al Snow, who works as a road agent backstage, teamed with Tommy Dreamer & Team 3D in a match taped for the August 7, 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling. There were a lot of "we want head" chants and TNA passed out "head" to members of the audience that were sitting ringside.

- Oh and Dixie popped the crowd.

  • Patrick

    your kidding fans actually cheered Dixie.

    • HazMatt23

      because she gave them Head…

  • Scott Davies

    Head making her TNA Debut.

  • Vic Jose

    Oh TNA is giving their fans head, no wonder they were energized! lol