TNA Star Hurt, No Live Events, Daniels Talks Parallels Between Comics & Wrestling

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- James Storm is currently working with torn cartilage between his two lower ribs.

- There are no TNA live events this weekend before Sunday's Final Resolution pay-per-view on Sunday. Alex posted several videos previews to get you ready for the pay-per-view at this link.

- Christopher Daniels discussed the parallels between comic books and pro wrestling in an interview with Ain't It Cool News. You can read their article at this link.

  • _JIM_

    I've had that injury myself and it is a very painful thing to deal with. You can't even breathe without it hurting like crazy. It just goes to show just how tough Storm is and how much he doesn't want to lose the roll that he's been on as of late. That's quite commendable, but the bad thing is that him working with this injury is not going to let it heal properly. So it will take longer for him to heal than it normally would if he were to take it easy until it healed up.