Former TNA Star Works WWE Dark Match, Evan Bourne Update, Video Of Sheamus' Speech

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- Xavier Woods, formerly Consequences Creed, continues to impress WWE officials as he worked a dark match at last night's Smackdown taping in Uncasville, Connecticut. In it, he went over Hunico. Woods was on the road with the Raw crew last weekend.

- Evan Bourne, who is eligible to return from suspension in just under two weeks, is featured in the opening Raw video performing the Shooting Star Press. When Bourne was suspended for a second time in January many thought he would get cut from the company.

- Below is video of Sheamus' speech yesterday at Leonard J. Tyl Middle School:

  • John

    I hope Creed can make it on the main roster and possible have a feud right away he’s really talented. TNA pissed him away, shame! While on the subject, I wish wwe would sign Jay Lethal and have these two team up, they were awesome together!

  • Joe

    Good for Evan Bourne. I’d like to see him have his last chance. It’s not two strikes and you’re out, it’s three. The man has a lot to work on personally but needs a social support to back him.

    • havoc525

      Turn it into a gimmick. Go ahead and bring back RVD to mentor him and “get him off that synthetic stuff.”

  • Logan_Walker

    Im Saying it Right Now By Then End Of This Year There Will Be No More Evan Bourne In WWE. TNA Maybe

  • kbunyon

    I am kicking myself! I saw Woods/Creed in Bangor, Maine and he really impressed me. I feel like such an idiot for not recognizing him!

    He really did look great when he beat Hawkins. Hopefully he'll be called up because he is good.


  • Ryder

    I enjoyed watching Creed in TNA and when he was tagging up with Lethal as well hopefully he continues to impress the WWE and get on the main roster soon I can see him fitting well in the mid to upper mid card easily

  • Mark

    personally i think there alot of stars in TNA that would make WWE great and there quite a lot of WWE stars that need to go…..