TNA Swerves With Hall Of Fame Induction, Plans For AJ Styles' Title Reign

TNA Swerves with Hall of Fame

For those that didn't see Bound for Glory, Kurt Angle respectfully declined his induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. After Sting cut an induction promo and presented Angle with his Hall of Fame watch, Angle said he hasn't lived up to the Hall of Fame standard set by Sting and that he's let his fans, family and his peers down. He said he's going to accomplish more and will accept it when he deserves it. The segment ended with Sting and Angle hugging.

TNA Title Plans for AJ Styles

The plan headed into last weekend was for AJ Styles to "leave TNA Wrestling" as the company's champion, a la CM Punk, and even "accept bookings" in Japan. I haven't heard if those plans have changed but Styles will appear at this week's Impact tapings in Salt Lake City where he will address his title win and Dixie Carter's "plan that backfired." We broke the news that Styles was scheduled to win the title at the pay-per-view here on Premium.

  • Charlie

    although it would have been copying WWE, it would have been cool, and I hope they do something of the sort even though he’s on this week’s episode

  • Charles

    TNA copies WWE far too often. Why does an 11 year old company need a Hall of Fame anyway? Hogan will probably be in next year if TNA survives that long and like Sting and Angle his legacy has almost nothing to do with TNA.

    • All Hail Sabin

      Copying WWE would mean having AJ Styles win and then lose the title in a matter of 60 seconds. Then winning and having the title stripped from him. That would be copying WWE.

    • Youdontdeservemyname

      You don’t understand Pro Wrestling then. Everyone copies everyone! Even TV Shows and Movies now ala Wyatt Family.