TNA Takes Legal Action Against Scott Steiner Over "Disparaging Remarks" On Twitter

The City Paper out of Nashville, Tennessee is reporting that TNA Wrestling filed a verified complaint on Monday in Chancery Court against Scott Steiner. The complaint asks a judge for an injunction to stop Steiner's "disparaging remarks" on Twitter.

TNA claims Steiner's comments, made on, violate a contract he signed in December 2010 where he is forbidden from making public statements, including Tweets, without prior approval. The report confirms TNA sent a letter to Steiner on May 15th, demanding he stop the remarks.

Not only has Steiner not stopped but he's called Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, a "whore" since the letter.

The paper reports TNA paid Steiner $2500 per pay-per-view appearance during his time with the company.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Samoa Joe should sue steiner for calling him fat.

  • smithmiester


  • spikewestphal

    tna sure love lawsuites at the moment

    • Code

      They're Gonna Lose Alot Of Money This Way…..Especially After WWE's Attorney Eats Them Alive

      • Stav

        What does WWE have to do with this???

  • Patrick_Peralta

    so much for freedom of speech lol

  • havoc525

    Pretty sad when you’re writing in contracts the people can’t speak bad about the company. Must be a lot of stuff you want to keep covered up.

  • Niall

    Not so much that you wanna cover anything up, just that former employees that are let go, tend to exaggerate details on how bad a company was. All kinds of businesses have such contracts, especially with the power and reach of social media marketing.

    • havoc525

      Have you heard of anyone leaving WWE, making any negative comments, then being sued for it? Shows a bush league mentality for TNA.

  • stoney

    TNA should harden up, Steiner's not the only one that thinks the company sucks

  • Steve l

    It was smart to put that in Stieners contract given his history of saying negative and nasty things when things dont go his way.

  • rgb5284

    be careful what you write TNA might sue you next.

    • Anand

      We don't have a contract with them mate 🙂 most importantly they ain't paying us even a penny so Freedom of Speech Rules!!!

      • bruno

        You cannot take a joke?

  • Stav

    Well a contract is a contract it’s there to protect them. Rules are for every one if your not happy don’t sign it or ask to amend it.

  • Stav

    And I’m sure other promotions have similar contracts too

  • Kevin

    NBC did the same thing with Conan O'Brien when they unceremoniousy fired him. They knew he'd tear them a new one, so they wanted to be sure some time passed before he did. He had to wait something like 6 months before he could speak out. But once he got his program on TNT, he let it fly! I watched the premiere episode and he had a blast. It's common practice for companies to make employees sign a "no disclosure" agreement, as well as a contract that bans them from talking bad about the company if they are ever released. If you don't think you can do that, or don't like being forced to sign these types of contracts, then you shouldn't work for companies that require them. Once you sign it, it's a legal and binding contract and if you violate it, you can and will be held liable.