TNA Talent Enthusiastic About Impact Going On The Road

TNA Wrestling's announcement they would not be renewing their lease with Universal Studios and would be taking Impact on the road gave the locker room a big morale boost. Several workers had described the Universal crowd as "spoiled," "calloused," and even "exhausting" to try and garner a reaction from.

The feeling amongst several people was that so many of the Impact regulars had become conditioned to the point where it didn't matter how good the in-ring work was, reactions remained mundane.

The company's move to take TVs on the road has the majority of talent enthusiastic for an energy boost, making their jobs easier.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    I think maybe the reaction remains mundane as well even they on the road as Hogan, Sting and Bischoff will still took the majority of air time…

  • Big problem I always had was they didn’t charge for attending. I get it you wanna looked packed you wanna turn on new fans to the business but people that don’t I know what’s good or what’s goin on aren’t going to appreciate the work or give a reaction cause it means nothing to them. Someone who pays wants to see the show and has expectations so they react. Pro Wrestling is like the movies, we get no previews of the end result only weekly glimpses til a PPV settles a score or storyline.

  • SoulFool

    Here’s a granduous brainstorm of brainstorms…In order to be sucessfull on the road , TNA/Impact Wrestling , bring back ALL the unused roster and make sure to keep The Hogan’s and Sting in the back !!!