TNA Talent Given A Template To Protest Spike TV Move

Rogers Cable in Canada plans to move Spike TV to their classic tier, meaning customers that want to keep the channel will have to pay an additional $6.05 per month plus tax. This has caused TNA to issue a template to talent to protest on Twitter.

Spike TV of course is the home of  Impact Wrestling. Below is a look at Tweets from TNA talent:



  • HazMatt23

    Just heard TNA has all of their talent saying the same thing on Twitter. That’s not cool…

  • jdl

    We certainly don’t deserve better, it’s Spike, it’s a festering pile of garbage masquerading as a TV channel.

    That said, last I checked Rogers had lost a great deal of stock in our TV market. I’m not sure if it even exists anymore in Western Canada.

  • Matt

    Stuff like this really takes away from the human side of the wrestlers. Templated tweets are atrocious.