TNA Talent Given A Template To Protest Spike TV Move

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Rogers Cable in Canada plans to move Spike TV to their classic tier, meaning customers that want to keep the channel will have to pay an additional $6.05 per month plus tax. This has caused TNA to issue a template to talent to protest on Twitter.

Spike TV of course is the home of  Impact Wrestling. Below is a look at Tweets from TNA talent:



  • HazMatt23

    Just heard TNA has all of their talent saying the same thing on Twitter. That’s not cool…

  • jdl

    We certainly don’t deserve better, it’s Spike, it’s a festering pile of garbage masquerading as a TV channel.

    That said, last I checked Rogers had lost a great deal of stock in our TV market. I’m not sure if it even exists anymore in Western Canada.

  • Matt

    Stuff like this really takes away from the human side of the wrestlers. Templated tweets are atrocious.