TNA Talent Working Indies, Dixie Responds To For Sale Reports?, Styles Booked In Mexico, More

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- TNA talents are expected to start picking up more independent dates with the company cutting back on the number of live events. TNA live dates are expected to be added next year, however, look for random TNA names on indy shows throughout the rest of the year.

- Dixie Carter Tweeted the following on Tuesday:

Some believe this is Dixie's pseudo-response to reports that claim TNA is for sale. I covered what I knew here in Ask WNW.

- The Temple News has an article online featuring quotes from Christopher Daniels at this link.

- TNA Champion AJ Styles will defend the TNA Championship this weekend at AAA's television tapings in Tonalá, Mexico. The show takes place on Sunday and Styles' opponent has yet to be named. This is all part of the storyline plans we broke prior to Bound for Glory. TNA wants you to believe that Styles has left the company with their title.

  • Steve pritchard

    Lol dixie has got to be the dumbest person to be in charge of a wrestling company. Looks like she watches raw every monday before they write storylines. Lol. No wonder this company failing. Not only can they not compete with wwe. Hell wcw would even make them look bad. This woman needs to sell this company to someone that knows what theyre doing and piss off.

    • LBP365

      The storyline would be a good storylines all storylines are retreads any way from some point just updated, but her attempt to b believable is what blew up this storyline she should have hired a guy with a Vince style to do this storyline cause she came across as FAKE. Now Style defending the title around the world is a good thing but u r right WCW look better at this point.

  • BGM

    I have no problems with TNA being sold. Someone needs to get Ditzy away from the wrestling business period simply because she has no idea what to do or how to think for herself nor who to hire to help the company become a legitimate competitor to WWE.

    This is what happens when you have a mark running things. She only hired Hogan because she was a fan and because she couldn’t see beyond her own ignorance was easily manipulated (which should come to no surprise) to take supposedly take TNA to bigger and better things when in reality she only helped put them in a financial crisis while running right back to the same place she started from at Universal because it was an utter disappointment to everyone within the company that though they were movie forward. It should have showed how abysmal her choices were when they tried to the monday night ordeal only to get slaughtered in the ratings but because of her incompetence she still followed and believe anything Hogan told her while his pockets got bigger and they got driven more into debt without turning any sort of profit. For all the political bs WCW had to deal with atleast they were able to make money for the corporation that was running it but just don’t tell brad siegel’s that because no matter how much money they made, Siegel and the idiots behind him just became more and more greedy and by the time the shit hit the fan, as soon as they they made their millions they wanted nothing to do with the company.

    There are some parallels between WCW and TNA right now though and the main one is having someone who thinks they know how to run a wrestling company make atrocious decisions based on someone elses backwards perception when and instead of spending Turners money, Dixie is spending her daddy’s not realizing the choices she makes is draining the companies funds almost weekly aswell as morale but none of the wrestlers themselves will ever admit to this.

    The only thing I would worry about if say Viacom does buy is where it would be run more like a corporation alah WCW like when Turner took over but at the same time could it get any worse?

    Obviously they are seeking death and the reaper is close to giving it to them once and for all.

  • Jim Evans

    They have always done Indy dates, this is nothing new.